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Beautiful and nice job. Good luck !

Thank you very much!

We have fixed the issues with an update. ‘Dahenar’ is up-to-date now.

Nice design and great execution! Well done! ;)

Thanks mate, appreciated :)

Hopefully would have good sales volume…!!!

Thank you Again Maria!

Looks nice :) Good luck with sales!

Thank you mate, very appreciated :)

I dont know if you did check your demo but there a several issues with this demo a lot of them are position issues(not the same values on each side).

For the rest well GLWS!

ready about an update…I would re-check your theme asw most content is still not centerd, so the space on both sides is not the same ;-) Good luck

Thank You Again For Your attention and for your kindly words . Our New Update Was about Background Coverage and Some Apparent Spaces and bad positions. We didn’t send you notification about update yet, because your mentioned issue (some positions and spaces in responsive layout) that are in High precision domain are still under construction and we are working on it, We Want to UPDATE it in two or three next day, that have no position Issue (even 1 MilliMeter)... Thank You Again and again Dear CREATIVEMILK

We Will Notify Buyers About Update Also. Don’t Worry About This…

Great Template. Good luck.

Thank You Dear ;)

As CreativeMilk said a lot of things have position issues, home background image don’t cover screen…

Rest, well done!

Thanks For Feedback

We have fixed the issues with an update. ‘Dahenar’ is up-to-date now. And Now Bg Cover The Screen

nice work :) if you are a wepdeveloper visit this item

We have fixed the issues with an update. ‘Dahenar’ is up-to-date now.

Best of luck!

Best of Appreciation!

Woohoo.. windows8 template! Awesome! Good luck! :)

Thanks mate, appreciated :)

looks nice ! GLWS :)

Looks great.. GLWS ;)

Thanks mate, appreciated :)

Hi ThemeCafe,

I’m looking up for a bluish style for this template. Would you be interested adding a color option in blue ? I really liked your template :)


And blue is added! Thanks! :D

Hi synopsis,

Regardless of buying or not, We Respect Your useful suggestions ‘Dahenar’ is up-to-date. Thank you for your kindly suggestion …

Hi ThemeCafe,

We’ve purchased your theme today. Very nice looking theme.

There’s some issues with the centered elements, though. Please take it for a scroll and check it out. While you’re at it, you should also try clicking the arrows below the text “Are you ready to start a conversation?” and watch centering of the text shifting.

It would be nice with a swift fix ;)

Hi Dear in2design_dk !

Thanks for Purchasing item, We Are Pending issue, and We’ll Notify and send you email when issue solved…

We respect your request ! but we are very very busy now and it It may take several days …

Hi in2design_dk ,

We have fixed shifting issue with an update. (The issue with arrows below the text that centering of the text were shifting…)

about the others, we are working and we’ll Update it in near future …


Hi ThemeCafe,

Any progress in fixing the errors?


An Unique Design! Its looks awesome. Great work

Thanks Mate ;):D

Good job! Goes straight into my bookmarks.

FYI, public collections for METRO and 1PAGE/PARALLAX http://themeforest.net/collections/2604821-metro http://themeforest.net/collections/1888154-one-page-parallax

BTW, I see an issue in portfolio on webkit browser: portfolio-nav is not centered, only 300px wide. Resulting in visual line break.


Thanks For Kindness and Feedback…