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It could be a bit hard to read the text under the slider when the slider makes the page height to change all the time. Just a tip ;)

There is an option to disable the auto-height in the slider. :)

Nice theme, good luck with the sales..

Thanks! :)

Nice theme.

Few quick notes

1. Would be great if the button short codes created buttons that were flexible width as you can only use short amount of words

2. What is the code to set the base of the home page up like you have yours?

nice theme though :-)

1. You’re right. I’ll work on an update.

2. Email me through my profile and I’ll send it to you.

Glad you like it. :)

Hey Genem,

Having trouble getting some of the content to show on actual site. For instance, entered a subtitle for the blog and filled out the blurbs and none are appearing once I hit update. Any suggestions?

Can you send me the wp login details so that I can take a look?

Thanks for the quick response, I just sent an email your way.

Hmmm. I haven’t received anything. Did you send it via my profile page here?

Yes I sent it through your profile. It’s actually the second message I sent as I sent one earlier in the week. I will try another method.

I sent the latest email to the address found on your website. I believe it is Can you take a look at the slider also?

I’ve replied to your email.

Thanks for all the help. I love the theme. :-)

I sent you an email through themeforest. I just wanted to let you know as last time it didn’t seem to go through. Thanks!


I love this theme. I wanted to ask you a question.. can I run this theme “only” for my blog? I do not need the front-corporate-page to appear. Is that possible?

Another question: do you plan to make this theme responsive? I am juggling between this and one other theme. I like this one a lot more, but the lack of responsive behavior is pulling me to the other side.

To answer your first question, you can use this theme only as a blog if want. And no, I will not be updating this theme to be responsive.