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hallo Flow where i find Layer Slider and Visual Composer Plug In. I find them online but not for free.

thks Dario

i fix it…sorry :)

They can be installed in [Appearance > Install Plugins].

Is it possible to change the background colour of the portfolio pages without changing the global background colour?



Please use .page-id-1234 { background-color: green; } in [Daisho > Styling > Custom CSS Code].

hallo Flow i try to upgrade WPBakery Visual Composer plug in but i dont find the correct license code. can i upgrade for free? thks Dario

Unfortunately, bundled plugins don’t have their license code for each user. You can only update that and other plugins when it’s updated in the theme.

In the future Envato may come up with some “developer license” which would allow bundling CodeCanyon plugins in ThemeForest themes on better terms but so far there’s no such option.

hi is there update for WPBakery Visual Composer in theme? Do you update it regularly? Thanks

It’s updated every few weeks. You can find its 4.5.3 version in the development version of the theme. ThemeForest contains 4.5.1 version.


Does this theme include the “one click” function?

Once you activate it you can import the demo data with one click.

What it does:
  • Removes all current pages and posts. It doesn’t remove media library items and custom post type posts (like WooCommerce products).
  • Imports the demo XML file in [Tools > Import].
  • Creates and attaches menus in [Appearance > Menus].
  • Creates and attaches widgets in [Appearance > Widgets].
  • Updates front page in [Settings > Reading] and other [Daisho > General] options with the default theme settings.

You can only use this feature on fresh WordPress 4.2+ installations or otherwise it’ll remove your existing posts and pages and it’ll replace them with the demo content.

Hello, I’m interested in using this theme in a rather unconventional way, and so before I purchase I would like to know if it would be possible to insert adsense into the grid loop of portfolio posts. For example, every 5th box would always be an ad. If this is unclear, the image on this site is a good visual of kind of what I mean http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27984357/adsense-between-a-grid-loop-of-posts

I’m aware this would be custom work, I don’t know php and so I would hire a developer to modify the theme.

I have googled it and there are many forums with people adding adsense in between grid loops of posts, but I understand this theme uses portfolio type posts on the homepage, so just want to make sure it would still be possible.

Another question, when you click on a portfolio piece is it possible to have no title, no description, have it simply open the image enlarged?

Lastly, the 5 logos at the bottom, is that a widget area? So I could potentially take them out and replace with something else? Or is just the copyright and social media icons a widget area?

Thanks, Jess

1) Yes, with custom modification you can put anything there. This is the library: http://isotope.metafizzy.co/ Most developers will be able to easily do that. It’s easy but time-consuming.

2) Currently clicking on a thumbnail opens the project page (which is a standard WordPress page from the “portfolio” post type). You can replace action of what happens on thumbnail click in /js/portfolio.js. It’s easy and not very time-consuming to do that. Someone needs to install some lightbox solution and just launch it there.

3) Yes, the logos and the whole footer are widgets. You can create your own footer layout in [Daisho > General] in the admin panel and then add widgets in [Appearance > Widgets]. http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/#footer

Hi there, one question before buying: Is it posible to put video muted loop and autoplayed in some of this boxes?


Flow Author

There used to be such option but it’s been removed. It wasn’t working well with mobile devices (iOS for example doesn’t autoplay videos) and in some other situations.

Please consider using GIF or SVG animations instead.

hey the theme is real good. I have a question that how can add slider in portfolio page


Flow Author

Thank you, we’re glad that you like it!

Firstly, you need a slideshow solution (probably some plugin, it can be the included LayerSlider plugin or a slideshow module in the included Visual Composer plugin). You can use its shortcode in [Portfolio > (any project)].

Secondly, you need to enable page reloads to be able to use anything that uses JavaScript.

Great Mate it’s worked thanks to you. just one more thing is that how to change Sidebar’s headline and Tags Color and the color of blog page main headlines..

I am using child theme

Thanks advance for your help


Flow Author

I think that [Appearance > Customize] has “accent color”. The theme uses only one color besides black, white and one or two shades of gray and it’s #00A4A7. You can run “Find/Replace” in Notepad++ or similar code/text editor to find and update the desired instances. Style.css has table of contents to make it easier to find proper elements.

You can also check some forum tickets like http://support.forcg.com/topic/change-text-color to find out more about that.