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Hi guys can you tell me if this ‘edge to edge’ style would be possible/easy with your theme? http://zct.co.uk/pp-tester/ Thanks, Nick

We use http://isotope.metafizzy.co/

Using this library it’s possible to set up “edge to edge” layout with CSS or JavaScript which would be dynamically calculating tile sizes.

There may be some anomalies like when your screen width is for example 1000px and you want to fit three 333px wide tiles then you’ll have 1px gap to the right unless you make one tile 334px (and height would have to be adapted as well).

By default the theme uses fixed sized tiles but it also comes with [ns-isotope] shortcode which you can insert on a page and make that page’s main container 100% wide and you’ll have it working like you want. This shortcode dynamically calculates the tile sizes to fit the parent container.

What you can use in [Daisho > Styling > Custom CSS Code]:

.page-id-1234 .site-content { max-width: none; width: 100%; }

Thank you – much appreciated :)

What is the easiest way to setup a site using the “Thumbnail Grid” as template?

You can create a portfolio page in [Pages > Add New] where you’ll find “Portfolio template” and then add projects in [Projects > Add New].

There’s also a shortcode available which has fluid tiles and can be used on standard pages: [ns-isotope]

Thanks a lot, Flow. Is it even easier to use the “install demo” option and if so, how do I chose the “Thumbnail Grid” version of the demo mode and not the classic mode?

By clicking the “install demo” button you import all the demo posts, pages and projects. If you wanted to recreate the demo look manually it would take you 30-60 minutes.

You still need to create your own content manually and it’ll take you probably 1 to 8 hours anyway.

So, “install demo” button will speed up your work a little bit but still you need to replace the demo content with your own.

Your portfolio page is in [Pages > Portfolio]. You can set it to be your front page in [Settings > Reading]. You can either hide or remove [Pages > Homepage] altogether if you don’t need the classic layout.

Hi Flow, I would like to create multiple Portfolio pages, each of them displaying certain categories (using excluding or including). But when I create a new page, even if I select the “Portfolio Thumbnail Grid”, in the “Page Option” section there isn’t the exclude/include option, nor the category list, nor anything else. Practically it loads the “normal” Page Option. Any help? Thanks in advance.

The page must be published with portfolio template and then additional options will appear in [Pages > (that page)].

Currently there is no mechanism that would show custom fields dynamically. We’ll be probably switching to https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/ to handle that and if that plugin has such option then I’ll make it work dynamically in the future.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply!

Hey, I just downloaded and installed your theme. Unfortunately, it didnt come with the LayerSlider plugin you promised it comes with. How do we solve this problem, please?

It’s in /core/plugins/ folder.

It’s included with TGM Plugin Activation class (which is also used by other themes on ThemeForest that bundle plugins): http://tgmpluginactivation.com/

See [Appearance > Install Plugins].

Hi, once again, it’s not there. It wont let me install it. See the screenshot for the error I’m getting – http://prntscr.com/8qvda0

You’re right, the theme package has been recently updated (last Wednesday) and there’s a mistake for which I apologize.

In /core/plugins/init.php please find ”/core/plugins/layersliderwp-5.3.2.installable.zip” on line 60 and change that to ”/core/plugins/layersliderwp-5.6.2.installable.zip”.

I’ve just reuploaded the package to ThemeForest and it should be approved and available shortly.

You can also simply download that plugin package to your computer and install it in [Plugins > Add New]. You won’t have to change anything in init.php file then. This file is used only once to install this plugin.


andage Purchased

Hi, great theme, thanks!

With the “recent posts” there is only text displaying, but we would like to display a thumbnail image. Is this possible?

Right now it is only displaying the title in large ugly text…


andage Purchased

Hi, I’ve added that code next to where the date/title of rbp is, but the site keeps crashing with syntax/parse errors. Come on guys I need some actual support here, can you please give me the entire set of code that is going to make this work?

Item customization is not included in the support service of any item on ThemeForest: http://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy

Envato created a website where you can hire third party developers to customize themes and plugins beyond what is shown on their demo websites: http://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-customization

A price tag of a theme (typically $35-$100) is not enough to cover the customization time (whose worldwide average price is about $55/h).

Furthermore, the modification that you’re asking for can’t be easily described in the comments because someone would have to code that and then reload your page many times (like 50) and adjust the styling, mobile mode etc. It’s probably an hour of trial and error work.

If you predict that these modifications are a good investment of time and money then I would recommend that you list all your modifications and outsource them all at once to have it done in the shortest time and with the lowest price.


andage Purchased

That’s interesting, so you’ve changed your story from “just need to add one line of code” to “jeez this is a major job that you need a professional developer to do a lot of work”. lol

Hi, How would I change the themes text colour from black to white


1. Create a child theme.

2. Make sure that its style.css is loaded after the original one and not instead of it.

3. If you update only body { color: #505050; } and h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { color: #000; } then you’ll have most of the text white already but some places like the top navigation have separate styles and would need to be updated as well .nav-menu li a { color: #000; }.

Generally, you’d do everything the same way in any theme. Our theme is based on the default WordPress framework called Underscores.

In the future versions we’re planning to add text color settings for at least body text and headings in [Appearance > Customize]. Other non-general elements will have to be updated manually.


JayNor Purchased

Hi Flow

When will you update all the premium plugin to the latest version?

Thanks Jay

LayerSlider is updated and Visual Composer is only slightly behind. You can download the newest development version of your theme with the newest plugins here: http://support.forcg.com/bb-templates/kakumei-flow/updates/download.php

We generally aim to update themes 2-3 times a year (to match updates of WordPress). In practice it’s more like 5-7 times due to minor updates in between. We update plugins in each minor and major update.

I am planning to purchase this theme. Before that, How long will this theme get updates?

This theme (and many other themes on ThemeForest) is based on the default WordPress framework which means that it has an up-to-date code and if you download it today then you’ll be able to use it up to year 2020 and beyond.

Code (such as HTML, PHP, CSS, JS) and devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers) won’t be significantly updated in such short time so updates to the theme are generally superfluous as it won’t get outdated anytime soon.

We always provide compatibility updates with various 3rd party plugins and libraries and when new WordPress versions are available though (that’s 2-3 times a year).

As for new features we generally don’t share information on what and when will be available but customer requests and issues guide our development.


Please how do I change the font for the entire website? And can I use google font? If so, what do I do?

You can modify loaded Google Fonts in your child theme’s functions.php using the code from /core/fonts.php.

You can then overwrite the desired fonts in child theme’s style.css by copying, pasting and modifying the lines of CSS of your choice from the parent style.css.

Currently there are no tools in [Appearance > Customize] that would allow you to change the fonts globally but it’s on our list of things to do in the upcoming updates. Built-in styling options will be only for general and global styles but to style individual places a child theme is required anyway so it’s a good idea to have one.


Can a testimonial widget be placed on the portfolio homepage like this: http://postimg.org/image/ukuwuhywb/

Yes, you can do one of the following:

1. Put its code in template-portfolio.php next to ”// Page content (optional)”. (Please remember to use a child theme.)

2. Put it in [Pages > (that portfolio page)] as a shortcode. Static content will be displayed in the place you marked. template-portfolio.php prints it.


Would you like to get your theme because I found it very beautiful and practical.

By studying “Documentation | Support Forum | FAQ” I came across a future problem.

I wonder if you can change the slug “news” for my tongue is Brazilian Portuguese as “not í cia” ai would look like (www.meusite.com/noticia / ...)

Before purchasing I wonder if you can make this change

News archive has permanent /news/ slug. You can edit that slug in /core/post-type-news.php which uses https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/register_post_type

News page can have any URL which you can set in [Pages > Add New]. /noticia/ is ok for it.


I will try to study a way to change the slug “news” into my language. Once I get, I get your theme, because I magnificent.

Because my problem is in (http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/news), I would use the slug “news” but in my language, sampling the news (http://themes.devatic.com / daisho / uncategorized / unreasonably-long post-title)

The uncategorized would become “news” in my language

You just have to open /core/post-type-news.php and edit `’rewrite’ => array(‘slug’ => ‘news’)`. That’s it.

Also plugins for translating themes often allow renaming that.


I just bought this theme and wonder if there is any possibility to change the portfolio thumbnail grid sizes?

I would like to just have 3 columns with thumbnails.

These sizes are fixed and you’d have to calculate new values and update the styles and the script manually. Please see “Thumbnail – change default sizes” in the FAQ.

Please also note that [ns-isotope] shortcode has fluid thumbnails and they will adapt to any container size.

Hello there. Is that possible to remove footer widgets only for some specific pages? Thx

Thank you flow. This removes all the footer from the specified pages. What I need is remove specific footer parts (widgets) from specific pages.. Any guidance?

I haven’t tried that but if you download https://wordpress.org/plugins/woosidebars/ then you should be able to replace any footer widget area (column = widget area) with some other widget area for separate pages.

The only problem I see is that if you replace a widget area with a completely empty widget area then probably the column will disappear. Therefore, you may need to place there some empty “Text” widget to make an empty column exist.

Worked perfect! (I tried :) ) Thank you!

Great Theme! How do I get rid of the horizontal gray lines?

There are many horizontal gray lines everywhere: on the homepage, on the portfolio page, on normal pages, on the blog, in the footer etc.

Most are located in style files. Some (e.g. the footer lines) can be edited in the admin panel in [Daisho > General > Footer Layout] and [Appearance > Widgets] where you can edit footer widgets and get rid of “hr” tags.

If you list the lines that you’d like to modify I can tell you where are they located. You can right-click on such line yourself too and pick “Inspect” in Chrome and in the inspector you’re likely to see which place of style.css sets that style.

Figured it out! Thank you!

Hello! I really love this peculiar theme! Just a pre-sale question: I’m already managing a website online with many pages/posts. I’d like to use the grid homepage with them, but the url should be changed to ex. www.mywebsite.com/portfolio/page and this will be a disaster for my seo. How can I avoid this? I know I can use an external link, but I really love the loadig/fast effect of portfolio pages. How can I get rid of this?

1) Indeed, you can disable “no page reloads” mode for portfolio and make the portfolio projects load in an ordinary/default way with page reload. (Instructions in the FAQ.)

2) You can also set each thumbnail to link to an external place instead of opening a project by going to [Portfolio > (any project) > External link (optional)].

3) You can edit the URL to the extent https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/register_post_type permits in /core/post-type-portfolio.php.

4) The page.php doesn’t load the “featured image”. The blog (index.php) does. The posts (single.php, content.php) don’t. Such image is displayed above the post title on the blog page which you can see on the demo website.

As for pages and posts in Daisho v2.x you can insert such image as a part of the content only.

Thank you for your reply. Maybe I’ll need to implement also the shop . How can I do? No mentions about it into the documentation/faqs.

It has basic support for WooCommerce. You can simply install WooCommerce and add your products. If you go to [Pages > Shop] and preview your shop page (which is created by WooCommerce) you’ll see something like this: http://themes.devatic.com/daisho-woocommerce

There are on additional steps, all configuration happens inside WooCommerce settings.

Hello, your theme looks great, and I would like to purchase it! But I would like to know if there is a way to include the portfolio grid presentation as a Visual Composer part, to have a homepage with the portfolio as a part of the page, but also other elements integrated with Visual Composer. Thanks!

The portfolio grid is available as page template which doesn’t allow static content but it’s also available as [ns-isotope] shortcode (with fluid thumbnails) which you can insert on normal pages. I think this shortcode is added to Visual Composer in “custom shortcodes” section. If it isn’t then you can still add it as a text block. More: http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/#recentPortfolioProjects

how would the gravity forms looks on daisho theme? similar to contact form 7? do you have a demo of gravity forms on daisho?

Contact Form 7 is styled using default styles from normalize.css (with our minor modifications) + a few special lines which mainly reduce spacing between fields.

Gravity Forms doesn’t have any special styles in our style.css and its forms will be displayed with default styles that come from normalize.css and from Gravity Forms.

This means that spacing between fields will increase, fields will not be forced to be 100% wide, the submit button will be an actual button with flat background and not a text and besides it’ll look and work like a form. Differences in look will be minor.

Changelog please?

You can find it here: http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-changelog

This update was mainly to update Visual Composer because previous versions of it weren’t compatible with WordPress 4.5.

Hello Flow, I’d like to use this theme in a Multisite installation with 20+ non profit sites. Do I have to pay for one license or for multiple ones?


Flow Author

It’s for “single application” so it’s probably one license but to get a definitive answer please contact Envato support instead: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us – they are the creators of the licenses and they’ll provide you the exact answer.


edi_mex Purchased

Hi. I was trying to update my daisho theme because the Slide Management isn’t working. I deactivated all of the plugins but still broken. I then followed the steps to update the theme from here: http://support.forcg.com/topic/how-to-update-a-theme I then download the envato-market.zip but can’t find a envato-market file. I find the envato-market.php but when I try to upload that one I get an error. I can’t do the manual one because I can’t find my purchase code anymore. Please Help!


Flow Author

Since you’re using version 1.0.4 of the theme (one of the very first versions) it would be advisable that you re-upload images using the new media library. Our slides editor is from 2012, it’s no longer necessary (because the new media library has all the features it had), it’s been removed in 2013 and it’s unlikely to work in 2016.

The images that are missing won’t come back. They seem to not exist on the server or they aren’t accessible for some reason.

Since you’re using a very early version here’s an additional step that you’ll have to do to to retain all your existing images on the server: when you install updated theme please also copy /includes/uploadify/uploads/ folder from the old theme directory to the new one (or to your desktop and drag them to the media library).

In a couple of first weeks uploads were mistakenly stored in the theme folder. This has been corrected quickly and this issue affects only early 1.x versions.

The newest version of this theme uses the default media library and the portfolio pages are technically not much different from normal pages. After you update to this version there shouldn’t be any issues again. It will work the same way the demo website does for a long time. It uses a very good Underscores framework now (it’s the default one created by WordPress developers).


edi_mex Purchased

So the easiest thing would be to buy the newest version, upload that to the server and the follow the step of copy /includes/uploadify/uploads/ folder from the old theme directory to the new one (or to your desktop and drag them to the media library)? I really appreciate your help!


Flow Author


It’s best that you download current /wp-content/themes/daisho/ to your desktop and upload the newest theme to a new “daisho” folder in /wp-content/themes/.

Normally copying /includes/uploadify/uploads/ wouldn’t be necessary and this is only necessary for Jul/Aug/Sep 2012 versions of the theme.

After you have your previous data on your computer you can drag and drop it into media library in WordPress and this time these images will be uploaded to /wp-content/uploads/ instead.