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Clean design, i like it! Congrats and good luck to you :P

Thank you so much!

Hi, I tried to install the theme following the instructions in your documentation. Somehow it doesn’t show up in the themes list.

My mistake. Fixed.

Hello, I’m happy you solved the problem! Please, don’t hesitate to ask if need help. Happy Dalloway-ing!

Great, thank you! -

Thanks to you!

nice job my friend;


Great theme. Bought it today for my website.

Quick question: In individual album view, is there any chance to change the behavior to open up lightbox to show the images, instead of opening the individual image page? I’d like to have it for two reasons: 1) it’s a lot easier to navigate in lightbox, and 2) the individual image page is totally broken in my website, for some reason.

Best regards,

eduardo amaro


Hello, I’m happy you like my theme. To have the album images open up in lightbox, just download and put this file https://www.dropbox.com/s/fysdeqhyrzzcv8r/album.lens?dl=0 in the theme folder via FTP, overwriting the old one.

If you need help or have other requests, just write me a comment. Ciao!

Hi, when I select the month, category or tag from the drop down menu I get an error 404. In the demo site have the same problem.

Sorry for my English.


Try it yourself

Hello irostik, I’m sorry you found these problems. We’re investigating about it and we’ll report to you asap.

I found the bug and submitted again the theme for an update. You’ll be notified when the new download is available.

Thank you for reporting this issue!

how long the update will be uploaded to the site? can you upload it to my email? spb-life(a)yandex.ru

Hello, can I change the color on the theme ?

Thank you! How can I install the theme? I’m new in this business and koken is in english so some things are hard for me to unterstand because that’s not my native language

And can I make some undersides/bottomsides? I hope you understand. For example I have a ’’About’’ page and under this About there should be 3 topics for example ’’My Life’’ ’’My Family’’ ..

Hello, to install the theme just put the Dalloway folder in the “themes” folder (inside the “storage” folder). Here http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/koken/installing-koken-themes you will find a good tutorial.

Koken doesn’t give the nested pages functionality, but you could achieve that using HTML and CSS.

If you are talking about categories and taxonomy, yes, Koken gives those (categories and tags).

How about adding a slideshow feature in the album view. Perhaps you could add open graph tag support to the theme and for me there is a problem on the homepage. In the full size section there is always the latest featured content, but it would be better to show it below too. At the moment I am using a dummy set to show images in the section so all featured albums are shown.

ah sry, og tags exist, but not on sets…

Hello eeeAAAkkk, thank you for your suggestions, I’ll think about them (I’m thinking about a theme update any time soon).

I can’t understand the problem you’re having in the homepage, could you please explain?


YUHUU Purchased

Hi, i just purchased your theme, but am unable to upload it via FTP to my token folder, I hope you can help me.

Purchase Code: aec0e72d-f625-4f16-bd9e-8ba6e99d099f

I tried to put the folder (dalloway) into: koken/storage/themes. I set all the permissions to 777, but still I always get the code 550 (data not found).

Do you have a tip for me?

Thank you, Martin


YUHUU Purchased

Hi, thank you for your reply.

Yes, I did unzip the theme folder. Then I opened my FTP-program (Filezilla), went to the koken-folder and set the folder-attributes to 777. Then I went to koken/storage/themes and put the new theme-folder via drag and drop into that folder. Then many files are being uploaded but almost every second file gets the error 550 (operation not allowed).

Later on the 550-error even occurred with every file when I set the folder-attributes to 777. So there is no way for me to change the files to 777 or to upload the themes-folder into koken/storage/themes.

What am I doing wrong? I hope you have a simple for my problem! ;-) Thanks!


YUHUU Purchased

Problem solved: I didn’t set the “storage”-folder to 777. Now it works.

Happy it’s working now. Please don’t hesitate to ask for anything else. Ciao!


YUHUU Purchased

Hi, another question: I want certain images to appear in the slideshow at top of the starting page. How do I do that?

Hello Yuhuu, right now the slideshow shows the cover images of the fist Featured Album. If you need help or maybe a different way to choose the photos, just tell us and we’ll try to help.


YUHUU Purchased

Hi, I want to publish my site now. At the moment the site is placed under: www.mysite.com/koken; to publish it under: www.mysite.com do I only have to change the URL in Settings > Site publishing? By the way: your theme and your support are both great!

Hello Yuhuu, yes you can use the Site publishing Setting (read here: http://help.koken.me/customer/portal/articles/1523076-edit-site-url).

Thank you for your compliments, happy customer = happy LongBraid!