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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we have a dedicated support site here :
If you have any support questions, can you please use our support site to post your questions – we will do our best to assist :)

Hey there pexeto,

I’m helping a client of mine who had a previous technical support person / website designer purchase the Dandelion theme for her a couple of years ago.

I’m hoping to update the theme [currently she’s got version 2.6.3] and there are some issues that I am hoping will be resolved simply by having it up to date.

She’s lost communication with the guy who bought and installed this theme for her… do I need to purchase the license again or is it possible to work around another way to get a license to update this theme?

Her website is: www.beccapronchick.com

Thanks in advance for all the of the support you’ve provided for this theme, and for continuing to update it!


Hi there,

The only way to download an update (or get access to the automatic updates in the admin) of the theme for free is by using the account that has been used to purchase the theme – once a theme is purchased, its updates can be always downloaded for free from the Downloads section of that account. If you don’t have access to the account that has been used to purchase the theme, unfortunately there is no other way to download the update for free, as the account used is the only link to the purchase. If you want, you can try to contact the Envato Support to see if they will be able to help you in some way, as they have access to the purchase information.

Thanks for your reply… I will contact Envato support and see what they can do.

Cheers! Scott