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duncand Purchased

Hi, Nice theme, I’ve redone my entire website with it at the weekend. Nice.

Three things.

Galleries. (Most important error) Last night the galleries died, I’m getting the spinning loading icon and nothing else. Any thoughts as to what could have suddenly made it all stop working? I’m a newb so please be gently.

Logo. Any tips on making the logo larger and crisper?

Static Header image. I’d realy lke to have an option to have the static header image on more then the home page.

Site here. http://www.louisadettmerweddingphotography.co.uk/

Thank you.



I’m glad you like the theme :)

Regarding the galleries – this is very likely to be caused by a plugin you have installed, so you can disable temporarily your installed plugins just to check if this is caused by one of them.

In terms of the logo – if you have a PSD file of your logo, you can just save it in a bigger size and after that upload it to the theme and set the new logo size in the Styles section of the Options page.

Regarding setting a static image to different pages – actually you have this option – for each page, when you open it in edit mode, below the main content area you can select to show on the header between the 3 sliders, static image and just a subtitle. When you select “Static image” then you can set the header image by setting the image as Featured image (this is explained in the documentation in each page template section).

duncand Purchased

Thanks, it was the Widget Flickr Gallery killing my galleries. Removed it and all is well.

Nice one.


I’m glad it’s fine now :)

I can’t seem to find any instructions on how to include multiple preview images in portfolio items content like it is in the demo.

For instance, when you click on any of the images here: http://pexeto.com/dandelion_wp/two-columns-2/ you get a gallery with multiple images.

Any advice on how to do this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Dan



The images you see are the preview images from the other portfolio items, they aren’t all set to one item – this is how lightbox galleries usually work. If you need to insert more than one preview images you can consider doing it into the content of each item, so that when the user clicks on the title of the item, the content that contains more images will be displayed.


2 questions

- it’s possible to have the menu under the slideshow (over the content-container ) - Is it possible to have a different sidebar on each page?(for some pages in the left , for some in the right side)




1. You can replace the menu just by moving the menu section below the slider, but I guess you will need to add some additional styles in order to make it look better on its new location.

2. Yes, it is possible – for each page you can select between a left sidebar, right sidebar and full width layout and additionally, as the theme supports unlimited number of sidebars, you can set a different sidebar for each page (if you want to).

Love your templates! Is it possible to use different fonts in any of your WordPress templates? Also can I upload my own custom background pattern in any of them?


Thanks :)

It really depends on which template you are asking about and which fonts you would like to include. Some of my themes use Cufon, another- @font-face and the rest (like this one) use web safe fonts. If you are asking about Dandelion – it will be very easy to change the font if you would like to use a web safe font. Also, if you would like to include Cufon fonts-it wouldn’t be hard to accomplish, however I am planning to add such a functionality in one of my updates.

Regarding uploading another background- the easiest way for you will be to replace one of the existing background images (that you are not going to use) with yours- it will get automatically changed into the admin panel and you will be able to select it.

5imon Purchased


Purchased the theme and really like it however ….

I have tried and tried, read and re-read the documentation bus still am unable to:

1 – Remove the Dandelion Logo, and replace it with my own.

2 – Change the theme colours

All instructions have been followed in Dandeleion settings and saved the changes and republished but these two items refuse to change!

Any ideas?




I’m glad you like it :)

This is a bit strange, can you please send me some login details (via a private message) so I can have a look?

5imon Purchased

Hi Again

Forgive my ignorance – how do I PM you?



On my profile page you will see a contact form on the right. This is where you can send me a pm :)

Your work is legendary!

The design, features, documentation are awesome. I was going to go with Headway and then came across your theme where all the hard work is already done.

My biggest concern now is how fast the theme is selling. Soon everyone will have one, yet it is pleasing how different the theme looks when you add your own content and images :)

One small question, is it possible to change the colour of the radio buttons below a gallery which show there are more pages? It’s easy to miss the buttons because of the subtle tone used but I don’t want to mess with the rest of the colour scheme.

Thanks JohnW


Thank you very much for the nice words, I really appreciate your feedback :)

Can you please send me a private message so I can send you back the PSD file for the buttons? From there you will be able to change their color in the way you like it :)

I am looking to purchase, but am very interested in waiting out for the new Pexeto Panel…...

Do you have a launch date in mind yet?



Thank you for the interest :)

I am currently working on the pannel, but cannot say for sure a launch date – the pannel is almost ready but I will need some more time to test everything. I just would like to let you know that updating the theme will be easy and if you have set your theme with the older version, the changes will be saved when you update it to the newer one.

Hi Pexeto,

Added some pictures to my gallery here: http://caspergraaf.nl/wordpress/gallery-project-50/

But they won’t show up. The links are okay (check: http://caspergraaf.nl/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/dag7h.jpg )

The size is 1000×1000x pixels, so that should be fine. Size is around 500kb for each photo. I added the link to the Preview Image Box in the portfolio post.



It is possible that this happens because your theme’s functions/cache directory doesn’t have rights set to be editable (777), so can you please check this and if it is not editable- change this?

Never mind, I added the images from the thumbnail slider instead of the media library. The links are the same, but for some reason they wouldn’t load. Removed them now and added them through the library.


I have replied to the comment above :)

Flawless. Great documentation as well! This made my day.


Thank you very much for the nice words, I really appreciate it :)

Hello Pexeto,

Your theme is great, but have some problems with this plugins:

  • Contact Form 7
  • Google Analytics for WordPress
  • Twitter Tools
  • Google Analyticator

When these plugins are enabled, the Portfolio Gallery doesn’t work. Any idea?



You can try this: you have to open the theme’s header.php file and move line 84:

<?php wp_head(); //leave for plugins ?>

somewhere around line 39 (before the calling of the theme’s script files)

I will add this fix in the next update.

I had the same issue, but the suggested fix got everything rolling again.

I will try. Thanx.

Hi pexeto!

I absolutely love this theme and I’m thinking of purchasing for my photography website. I’m not very experienced in web design though it looks as though this theme is great for a newbie like myself! I have a couple of questions though…

1. Is it possible to upload my own photographs for the homepage slideshow rather than having the photographs pulled from blog posts? I want the home page to display some of my favourite photographs and I would like to be able to select them myself rather than having to import from blog posts.

2. Is it very hard to change the font (menu, headings) to my favourite font in the whole entire world (beatnik SF)??

3. And finally, is it possible to hide the grey subtitle bar from each page?

I am so in love with this theme!



I am very happy you find the theme easy to use – that was one of my main goals when creating it :)

If you would like to use another background, the easier way to set it would be to replace your image with one of the existing ones (that you are not going to use for sure) by using an FTP client (such as FileZilla for example). The pattern images are located within the images/patterns folder. If you replace it, it automatically will get displayed in your admin panel and you will be able to select it.

If you would like to remove the >> on the menu, you have to open the script/script.js file and remove line 62:

jQuery(this).find('a:first').append('<span class="drop-arrow">&raquo;</span>');

Regarding creating a non clickable parent- you have to add a Custom Link and in the link field insert just a #.


You’re the best!! Thanks so much for all your help – so happy with my website now and it’s only taken a couple of hours to get it how I want it!

Now to finish customising my pages =)

Thanks so much!



Thanks so much for the nice words, I really appreciate it :) I’m very happy you are satisfied with the theme :)

Hi Pexeto!

The theme is lovely!

I am just now getting the theme installed and toying around with it. I made a few pages, but noticed that in order for the menu to show up I have to select one of the slider options… Is this correct, or is there another way to get the menu to show up on a page without a slider?

Thanks in advance! Tasha



Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

You don’t need to have a slider activated in order to display the menu. You can see for example on my demo that there are lots of pages that don’t have a slider, but contain a menu. The menu is the same on all the pages regardless what heading they have and you should see it everywhere. Have you selected the custom menu you have created in the Main Menu section for the theme?

Just purchased the template and loving it! Question though, I want to keep my primary areas of photography on the first level menu. I’d love to be able to add a second menu that has just the about me and contact me in the upper right corner of the header with the WP site search.

Is this possible?

carpenterimages.com/blog (just starting to play with it).


Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

Just had a look at your site and as I can see you have successfully inserted the elements you needed into the header. I guess you will have to apply some additional stylings now, maybe set the links a display:inline; property so they get displayed on one line.

helmar Purchased

Hi Pexeto,

1. please check if the Nivo Slider has problems with URLS that have a “space” in the filename. They are not shown in my browser (Opera 10).

2. apostrophes in the image description are not getting “stripslashed”





1. Using images with empty space in the name is not a good practice and I would recommend you to avoid them, because they behave differently in different situations and on different servers.

2. Actually they do – all the fields here get slishes added to them, but there is something else – when you insert your data for the slider it gets automatically inserted into hidden fields like this:

(inserting the text Your description goes here)
<input value="Your description goes here" type="hidden" />

so that the form gets submitted and the data gets saved. But when you insert a quotation mark the field code looks like this:

(inserting the text Your description "goes" here)
<input type="hidden" value="Your description "goes" here" />

so when the field sees the first quotation mark (of the part “goes”) it assumes that this is the end of the value attribute and it saves only the content that is before the first quotation mark. I would advise you just to use double apostrophe ( ’’ ) instead of quotation marks – I have tested it with the theme and I think double apostrophe looks pretty much like quotation marks.

I am having some problems when I imported your demo file. My blog address is http://wp.peggysphotos.com/. I am getting the following errors and the site looks nothing like your demo site.

Warning: include(/home3/peggysph/public_html/wp-content/themes/Dandelion_v1.1/includes/big-thum-slider.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home3/peggysph/public_html/wp-content/themes/Dandelion_v1.1/includes/page-header.php on line 3

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ’/home3/peggysph/public_html/wp-content/themes/Dandelion_v1.1/includes/big-thum-slider.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib64/php:/usr/lib/php’) in /home3/peggysph/public_html/wp-content/themes/Dandelion_v1.1/includes/page-header.php on line 3



I have just opened your site and I think everything looks normal – did you manage to fix it?

If such an error occurs, it means that it cannot find one of the required theme files, so if it still gets displayed to you, please make sure that the whole theme (with all of its files) is uploaded to the server.

The theme doesn’t work.

Please help me out with this problem:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in /home/d23296/public_html/blogg/wp-content/themes/Dandelion_v1.1/functions/general.php on line 41



Do you have the latest version of WordPress installed? This theme is WordPress version 3.0 and higher compatible so please make sure you have updated your installation to the latest version.

helmar Purchased

One thing that annoys me about timthumb is that it creates PNG images, which are HUGE compared to JPGs, without an apparent option not to do that. A 2 .5mb page loads much slower than one that is just 400k, and when you live in Africa, this still matters. :)

What is the best way to get the slider to use ONLY the original JPGs I specified in the Dandelion options?

Suggestion: What would also be cool, is to have image sets that you can specifiy for the sliders, because the way it is right now, you are limited to one set per slider as specified in the Dandelion options.


All the sections where timthumb is used (sliders, portfolios) provide an option for disabling it. If you want your slider images to be displayed in their original size, you just have to select the “Disabled” option in the field “Automatic Thumbnail Resizing” of the relevant slider section.