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Hello from France ! Congrats for a great theme and mobile friendly ! i have set many things and almost finished the work but i have questions :

1/ MENUBAR: how to hide the “Home” word in the menubar ? ( i mean the left logo is already clickable so i don’t need to see the “Home” button in the menu. it is really important to me to be able to hide it.

2/ SERVICES BLOCK: when i added a long title, i would like to be able to force the linebreaks even if the first word is a short one. i want it to be on 2 lines

3/ SOCIAL ICONS : the social icons on the desktop version are on the right side.. is there any possibility to change their position and see them on th etop or the bottom of the page ?

4/ SEPARATOR LINES between blocks : under the header and between each section on the homepage for example, the is lines. it is possible to make their thinner like 1 or 2 pixels ? i checked the topics before and found you posted ths code : .site-header-section { border-bottom: 10px solid #292929; } can i use it ?

many many thanks for our answer and wish you a great day ! Charles

Please try the below custom css:

.site-footer-section .row { 
    border-width: 1px;

it works fine ! many many thanks ! bye



Toinou Purchased

Hello Matt,

I would like to know if it’s possible to add a side-menu on the left of the pages. I tried many times but couldn’t find a solution with the widgets or adding a new menu.

Have a nice day !

Which page?


b3nd Purchased


i like the blog without a sidebar. i have change the “kunden” site (blog) to “Full Width Page” but it isn´t a Full Page. I hope you have a easy why for a full width blog for me :)

sorry for my englisch

in: dano/index/php


class="eight column" 


class="twelve column" 

Then delete:

<?php mm_sidebar('blog'); ?>

seanji Purchased

Please could you tell me if SHAREPRINTS Photo gallery by freakplugins is compatible with Dano theme – as i am planning to buy it? Thanks.

Hi, sorry I don’t test the plugin with my theme.


I love the theme and I’ve been using it for some time. However I would like to make change on the homepage. I created a new static block but when I add it to the home page block section under Theme Options>Reading it doesnt show.

Thought I might have an old version but it seem to be 3.8?

Also, I can not fint the reorder feature as mentioned in the documentation.

Cheers, Johan

Hi, thanks. I will update the issue ASAP, then please update the theme.

Hi, I have tested the issue you said, but can’t see the issue, please disabled all of your plugins, then test the issue. If you still have the issue, please let me know.


sandr1 Purchased

Hello Matt, I have purchased the theme “Dano” because it is responsive, the site is perfectly visible on the different mobile devices, but because when I search my site with smartphone on the SERP Google does not say “mobile-friendly”? thanks.


sandr1 Purchased

Hi Matt! Yes, I did the test with the theme demo, me too. The problem is this: the two reasons because Homepage, Blog and Portfolio of my site are not optimized for mobile devices are:

1) Contents larger than the screen

2) Link too close to each other

I deleted any changes to css.

I also deleted and reinstalled the theme.

The content on my site have dimensions and format equal to that of the theme demo.

The links in pages as Homepage and Portfolio are already pre-defined and I have not changed anything. My theme is still not mobile friendly for Google? You have a few more tips to help me solve the problem? Thanks


sandr1 Purchased

Good morning Matt! I solved. Forgive me if I’ve wasted your time, the problem was only in the configuration of the robots.txt file. Thanks again. Have a good day!


Hi there, Im having trouble with the portfolio side.

I have the link, the short code works great but when I click on an item it says ‘404, the page your looking for does not exist.’

I have created portfolios for each one and they are published….not sure what to do? I have had to link up a yucky portfolio layout in the mean time but can you help?


Nope all good now. Cheers.



sandr1 Purchased

Hi Matt! I updated the theme to the new version. The Font of the slogan has remained the same, that of the tagline has changed (as you can see http://digitalads.it), how to reset the font of the theme demo (http://themeforest.net/item/dano-multipurpose-responsive-wordpress-theme-/full_screen_preview/3676334)? Thanks Regards

Hi, if you want to change the font, please go to: Dashboard => Appearance => Theme Options => Typography

Hi! Is it possible to make the header (logo + menu bar) as a sticky header. Thanks

Thanks for your advice, will think about the feature.

Hello, I am not receiving email through the contact page. Could you please assist?


Hi, please make sure that your hosting support the “Send Mail”, and you have set the email option in the theme options.

Hello from Spain! I,m very happy with the template and all it,s ok. Only one question: I want to translate the text: “proyect description” and “proyect details” from individual portfolio. It,s posible? Thank you very much!

Hi, please find it in the file: dano/include/php/portfolio-single.php

about lines 158 and 226

Hi there! I have just downloaded your theme but I can’t seem to make it look like the preview version. It seems old and there’s no slideshow (even though I installed the plugin). There’s not a personalized menu within the wordpress panel. Everything seems to be very difficult with this theme :(

I just wish to have my money back and get rid of the theme asap. Can we agree on that? Thanks a lot.

Hi, for the slider, I think you don’t know how to set it, if you need, I can help you. But if you need to refund, please contact with Envato, as I don’t have the access to do it.

Hi there, I have been trying to resize the font, change the colour and placement of the text boxes on the slider. I have had a go at changing this in the master css but with no luck. Please advice? Many thanks in advance.

Hi, where is the slider are you talking about?

@themepunch Revolution Slider 4.6.93. To edit WP DANO theme, I have to deactivate RS plugin. I think it’s Bad. HOW TO FIX?

Thanks, Bastiaan

Hi, what’s your mean? Do you need the latest version of plugin? If you need now, please send email me via my profile page contact form

I’ve got Dano Multi-purpose & Responsive WordPress Theme. Happy! Included Revolution Slider. But! Doesn’t work well. Had to deactivate RS several times to edit in WP. Now updated WP and all. Can’t delete, add or change sliders and slides. site: www.beng.nl

How to make it work well?

Hi, sorry for the later reply. I think you may missed some files of the slider plugin, please download the latest version of theme, and then upload the slider plugin again. Make sure you don’t miss any files.

Hi there, As you replied we downloaded the latest version of DANO theme and replaced it on the server: wordpress > wp-content > themes. Slider Revolution: wordpress > wp-content > plugins as well. And now… still can not change settings, create new and delete slides and sliders. How can we solve this?


Thanks, Bastiaan

Hi, please send your WP and FTP login details me via my profile page contact form, I will check it for you.


Katri Purchased

Hi! I´ve made a fresh installation with latest Dano release. Everything else works fine but Revolution slider wont go on the right place. I´ve set it in reading settings so that it would go underneath the slogan, but it goes under recent works. What can be the reason for that?

Please go to Blocks, Reorder it.

Hey Matt, I’ve a problem with including a video into a blogpost. Youtube and Vimeo both come up with an error.


ID youtube:https://youtu.be/27Gk1UY5fgg

Thank you

Ok, I saw the solution!! thanks


smalex Purchased

Hi there

I wondered whether there is a way to allow the header to expand when using a slightly taller image for a logo?

Thanks, Alex.

Please go to: WP admin => Appearance => Theme Options => Header => Header Height, set the value.


cmclean Purchased

Hi, I have had your Dano site installed for a couple of years and recently am getting this error when i try to log into the wp-admin.

Warning: require_once(/misc/32/000/115/583/0/user/web/clintmclean.com/wp-admin/admin.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /misc/32/000/115/583/0/user/web/clintmclean.com/wp-admin/index.php on line 10

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/misc/32/000/115/583/0/user/web/clintmclean.com/wp-admin/admin.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear’) in /misc/32/000/115/583/0/user/web/clintmclean.com/wp-admin/index.php on line 10

I am not able to login to the dashboard at all. I’ve uploaded the Dano folder again from a fresh download in Themeforest but I still get the same error.

This is the text in line 10 on the specified index.php require_once( dirname( FILE ) . ’/admin.php’ );

Any ideas? Could it be from an update of either Dano or WP? I’ve not logged in for a long time and I don’t code so haven’t messed with anything in the index.


Hi, from the message you show me above, it seems the issue is from you Wordpress. Please check it as below:

1). Switch the theme to wordpress default theme, if the issue still there. Go step2.

2). Updated your WP to the latest version, then test the issue.

We just applied a hotfix to your theme for one of our clients. /wp-content/themes/dano/include/lib/tinymce/get_wp.php needs a way to handle cases in which wp-load.php is in a subfolder like /wp. We fixed this by falling back to ABSPATH, but would like to see an update proof solution.

Hi, you can try to use the below code:

$current_url = dirname(__FILE__);
$wp_content_pos = strpos($current_url, 'wp-content');
$wp_content = substr($current_url, 0, $wp_content_pos);

require_once($wp_content . 'wp-load.php');