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Hello from France ! Congrats for a great theme and mobile friendly ! i have set many things and almost finished the work but i have questions :

1/ MENUBAR: how to hide the “Home” word in the menubar ? ( i mean the left logo is already clickable so i don’t need to see the “Home” button in the menu. it is really important to me to be able to hide it.

2/ SERVICES BLOCK: when i added a long title, i would like to be able to force the linebreaks even if the first word is a short one. i want it to be on 2 lines

3/ SOCIAL ICONS : the social icons on the desktop version are on the right side.. is there any possibility to change their position and see them on th etop or the bottom of the page ?

4/ SEPARATOR LINES between blocks : under the header and between each section on the homepage for example, the is lines. it is possible to make their thinner like 1 or 2 pixels ? i checked the topics before and found you posted ths code : .site-header-section { border-bottom: 10px solid #292929; } can i use it ?

many many thanks for our answer and wish you a great day ! Charles


Please try the below custom css:

.site-footer-section .row { 
    border-width: 1px;

it works fine ! many many thanks ! bye



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Hello Matt,

I would like to know if it’s possible to add a side-menu on the left of the pages. I tried many times but couldn’t find a solution with the widgets or adding a new menu.

Have a nice day !


Which page?

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i like the blog without a sidebar. i have change the “kunden” site (blog) to “Full Width Page” but it isnĀ“t a Full Page. I hope you have a easy why for a full width blog for me :)

sorry for my englisch


in: dano/index/php


class="eight column" 


class="twelve column" 

Then delete:

<?php mm_sidebar('blog'); ?>
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Please could you tell me if SHAREPRINTS Photo gallery by freakplugins is compatible with Dano theme – as i am planning to buy it? Thanks.


I love the theme and I’ve been using it for some time. However I would like to make change on the homepage. I created a new static block but when I add it to the home page block section under Theme Options>Reading it doesnt show.

Thought I might have an old version but it seem to be 3.8?

Also, I can not fint the reorder feature as mentioned in the documentation.

Cheers, Johan

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Hello Matt, I have purchased the theme “Dano” because it is responsive, the site is perfectly visible on the different mobile devices, but because when I search my site with smartphone on the SERP Google does not say “mobile-friendly”? thanks.

Hi there, Im having trouble with the portfolio side.

I have the link, the short code works great but when I click on an item it says ‘404, the page your looking for does not exist.’

I have created portfolios for each one and they are published….not sure what to do? I have had to link up a yucky portfolio layout in the mean time but can you help?


Nope all good now. Cheers.

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Hi Matt! I updated the theme to the new version. The Font of the slogan has remained the same, that of the tagline has changed (as you can see http://digitalads.it), how to reset the font of the theme demo (http://themeforest.net/item/dano-multipurpose-responsive-wordpress-theme-/full_screen_preview/3676334)? Thanks Regards