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Three quick questions

I am considering buying this theme but have three quick questions

1. Is there a option to instal a Opt in box to capture someone’s email address on each page ?

2. Can I enable Facebook comments on the right side of every page and or post ?

3. I really like your theme btw thanks for your help.



Hello Jon! Thanks for your interest in Daphne!

1) The theme doesn’t have that feature, but maybe you can find a plugin that does that.

2) Unfortunately no. You can enable Facebook comments on post, but they are displayed at the bottom of the post (example)

3) Thanks, nice to hear that! Please let me know if you have further questions. :)

Hi, I am working on something for a client. Can I safely update this to WP 4.0.

I would assume so.. just making sure.




I’m not aware of any compatibility issues with WP 4.0, it should be ok.

Hi Author,

I have purchased your theme like an year ago, and I am very happy with it! Now I have notice that 50% of my visitors access my blog by using mobile or tablet, then I want to make my web more responsive to those.

I’ve also notice that when I enter on my website using my phone, the theme is NOTHING alike to when I use my computer, not even the colors or background, it looks like a totally different website.

Also, some times when I enter on my website by clicking on a Facebook post (on my computer) the website seems just like if I have access it by using a mobile. On this totally different way I told you.

Could you please help me to make my web more responsible to mobiles and also correct this second issue?


Hi, I did it! I found it… thank you!

However when I access my website on my phone it loads a full version of it. Is there a option to make my site responsive to mobiles? I mean i.e. a option that activate a theme version for mobiles?

Thank you again…


Hi, great to hear you found the problem!

From the Theme Options Panel -> Style tab, check the “Responsive Design” option, this will enable the responsive layout (you can test it by resizing your browser window).


Now I got it… thank you!

Hi, is it possible to add more (4) posts into “Featured Block” ? Or is it possible to add second “Featured Block” with different posts to another place on the website (for example to Home Page sidebar? Thanks… btw, very nice theme, thanks.



Hi, thanks for purchasing Daphne! I’m glad you like it :)

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. You can edit the featured-area.php file to show more “featured blocks”, but they will be displayed at the bottom of the featured slider.