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Good job! I like it… but… what’s the point in adding a countdown to a 404 page? Overall it’s awesome!

If you’re using the template as Maintenance page or Launch page, then countdown is useful – but you can turn it off whenever you want, it doesn’t have to be in use on 404 page ;).

Nice, but there is a big white patch bottom-right on Chrome.

Can’t be responsible for still-in-beta browser ;).

its not loading…. the live link is broken

Why is the countdown in this format:

45 Seconds, 17 Minutes, 2 Hours, and 396 Days

Shouldn’t it be in the reverse order? ie days, hours, minutes, seconds..?

@FabioK Live preview is working correctly.

@Dracano Nope, that’s the “artistic expression” friend ;).

I would have bought this, But reading your attitude toward some of the questions in here i think ill pass. Yes you are responsible has a coder for a beta browser, you should be ready for it, Chrome already has a large number of users and its not that hard to code for. Also yes you did format their date and time wrong, no one uses this format because its hard to read and it doesn’t make any since. I can see already that your going to ignore every support question with some lazy excuse.


nice work, you really work hard for it.. great job

Nice work – love the simple, yet well gridded approach to this one.

I’ve made a quick update – now you can turn off the menu box (so it won’t be displayed) and (because of some complains) you can easily change the countdown format from the configuration section, so no more problems with artistic expressions :).

Buyers, please download the template once again.

Wow, only 4 bucks… only 3 purchases! I love this! I’m buying as soon as I can.