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Great template. Looks very good.

looks cool.

gr8 Purchased

i bought it!

wow this is very nice… great job

A question I have is, does the blog actually work? How does it work? What if I have a wordpress blog?



The blog does not work dynamically. The HTML is laid out in a way that allows someone to easily add a dynamic backend if they wanted to. We are considering a Wordpress version, but are unsure as of yet if we will build one.

Thanks for all the compliments!

Awesome! Sell Sell Sell Sell!!! :)

This is an amazing template! Great job!

I would like to buy it. How can i use it with wordpress?

Note: I like your template because it doesn’t look like the other zillion templates out there that have that WP look.

I would to find a template that i can use with wordpress. I plan on having ten sections, with only two being blog-like,... News and Events. But i have not been able to find such a template.

Beautiful template. Convert it to wordpress and I reckon you will easily have a best-seller

hey mate

this looks good

very good

one question

do i get the splash page to choose the colour ,




Sure thing! Once you buy it we can provide that for you. Go ahead and message us on our profile page once you buy and we’ll get you all squared away! Thanks!

hi mate one question and i will buy

do you get the splash page ,

i a need that too



sorry double post , had it on PURCHASED ONLY

Can I easily change out the floor bg with a custom made one that follows the idea of the site?


Should be pretty easy to do. Just make sure the background pattern is tall enough to compensate for the jQuery scroller on the home page. (* index and all the other pages use the same background image, it is just covered up partially on the other pages.) Also note that the highlighted section that is around the navigation is also part of the background, so if you change it you will loose this part. The mockups are included so it should be easy to apply to your own background. Hope this helps!

sexy. WP template please!!

I love it…will purchase when I get back from the gym

Nice work -

One question:

If you supply the splash screen, does each colour scheme need to be amended for content independently or will it automatically use the chossen colour scheme?

A WP version would be so cute ! Congrats !