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Nice details, congrats :)



Excellent theme, well done. :)

I just have 2 questions. How can I change the height of the logo area? I uploaded a logo that it is bit higher but it just overlapped the menu bar.

Also, how can I change the “About Us” text at the bottom of the page?

Thanks in advance


To increase the height of the logo you would have to make the header bigger and stretch down the body image. It is easier just to make the logo image smaller.
To edit the “About us” text edit footer.tpl located at catalog\view\theme\DarkCart\template\common

Legitti Purchased

Very good theme, however product page’s look kinda empty when descreption is not that long. Also i cant get share buttons work, where do i enable them


Hello, You don’t need to enable the buttons, the buttons are working fine, I just used to tweet a product and it worked fine.

Really nice. If you’d make it responsive, I’d buy it.

xcentriq Purchased

This theme is love at first sight!

How can I remove the “Featured Product” on the slide show?

Edit: Never mind, figured it out.

Edited DarkCart/stylesheet.css

Under “div#featured” Added CSS comment marks to disable it.

/* background: url(”../image/featured.png”) no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;*/


Remove this: <div id="featured" /> from slideshow.tpl located at catalog\view\theme\DarkCart\template\module

I bought the theme and when I try to install it through Wordpress, it fails saying it’s missing the style.css file? I’ve tried downloading the theme again and the it does the same thing. Am I doing something wrong?


Hello, This theme is for OpenCart not for Wordpress.


Thank you, I’m still very new. +)

I’m confused. Step 1: I dont have a path catalog/view so I just dropped it in wp-content/themes folder

1. DarkCart folder
  • DarkCart folder is located at catalog/view/theme in the extracted folder
  • Now upload DarkCart folder to catalog/view/theme/ in you web hosting.

Step 2: I dont have a catalog/controller so I just dropped it in wp-content/themes/darkcart/template/module folder. This folder is full of .tpl files.

2. Controller files – This file is for the product description in featured products
  • Find featured.php located at catalog/controller/module/ in the extracted folder
  • Now upload featured.php in catalog/controller/module/ in you web hosting.
Step 3: I dont have a catalog/language/english folder path so I just dropped it in wp-content/themes/darkcart/template/commons folder. this folder is full of .tpl files. 3. Language files
  • Now upload footer.php into catalog/language/english/common/ in your web hosting.


I really want this theme but it needs to work properly in ie7.

I know it’s annoying but I really need it done.

Can you make it work correctly in ie7? I will buy it immediately if you do.

Legitti Purchased

If you can, make WorldPress version of this theme! :)

Its awesome tho.

serif134 Purchased

Hi Festus

Im having problem with this theme, by showing my Categories and currensi, on the shop side.

What can be the problem?

Regards Adam Taxim@live.dk
serif134 Purchased

Could you please send me an demo content, ore an backup file to restore the files, the way you have it on themforrest, that will a lot helpfull.

Thanks adam

The demo is installed on a clean version of opencart, that’s how it comes the default opencart, I didn’t changed anything. For the categories and menu, first I need to see your website to check what the problem is.

How do I change the logo?


Just upload your logo.png to the image folder located at catalog/view/theme/DarkCart/image/

Congratulations The theme is good.

I’m just not able to change the color of the button to buy. He is white screen and screen unicial product is blue, where dumb?



Do you want to change the white button that is in the front page for a blue button, or you want to change the blue button in the product page to white? I didn’t understood clearly which button is that you want to change.

Hello, just want to know the way I should go to make the change. is in public_html?


You have to make the changes in stylesheet.css which is located at catalog/view/theme/DarkCart/stylesheet/

Hello, When I create the categories they appear in one column too large, how do I appear so divided like the category “MP3 Players” in templante test?

Hello elvis_lion,
Just go to the options of the category you have created and in the tab called “Data” there’s a checkbox that says: “Columns: Number of columns to use for the bottom 3 categories. Only works for the top parent categories.” there you choose how many columns you want to display in the categorory

Hello friend,

Thank you.

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