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Our home page layout (newspaper format – with 3 articles across and three rows of articles down) is suddenly appearing with huge horizontal gaps of white space between the rows. It is happening in 3 different browsers. And there doesn’t appear to be any updates needed to our Wordpress site. Any idea what might be causing this?

This issue has something to do with the sizing. If you zoom in or zoom out it snaps into position, but when it first loads on Safari, Chrome or Firefox, it displays large white gaps/spaces. Even when I load it on my iPhone, the home pages show the abbreviated posts with large gaps between the articles. Please let us know when you can what the problem might me. Thank you.


I received your email with the link to your page and didn’t see the gaps at all. Maybe it’s browser related.

However, I recommend to disable the sharing plugin that outputs the sharing links below your excerpts to see if this plugin might be the cause of the issue.

Hello. Thank you for the great theme. I install it, but can’t find plugin “Ruven Toolkit” on official Wordpress site. Where can i install it?

Thank you very much!


are there any guidelines I should follow regarding the logo? A size or file type? I have a couple of issues with it. Any image I upload won’t scale to fit and the image quality seems to decrease and get slightly blurry. Do you know what might be the problem?


The Image will be taken as it is uploaded. If you didn’t size your logo prior to uploading it, you can do it by editing the image in the media library and scale it to the size you need it to be.

Once you set the image as logo via customizer, you can use the fields “Header Top Padding (in px)” and “Image Logo Top Padding (in px)” to position the logo vertically.

For example, you could give the whole header more space:

Header Top Padding (in px): 100

And then position your logo more to the top with a negative value:

Image Logo Top Padding (in px): -50

Let me know if you need more help :)