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Quick question. I’m an independent archivist trying to build a basic personal website, but I want my portfolio to include pdf files such as my thesis and other academic publications. Is there a way to add pdf files here? So far, no theme can do that for me, and I’m a bit out of luck…

Hi Rebecca,

Actually most themes can do that for you, it just takes a bit more work to do it. So for example you would upload the PDF file either directly to your ftp server, or through the WP Media upload, and then you would grab that link and actually send somebody to that link when clicking an image.

With Dash you won’t be able to do that with the actual “Portfolio” shortcode (the one with the images and the page links), but you’ll be able to fit it in right below.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Right below as in where?

Hi Rebecca,

Right below as in right under the page numbers (1,2,3)

If you need help let us know.


Hey, I just want to say thanks for making this theme. This theme is awesome, and it works perfectly with what I’m doing. I have 5 major website sections, as well as the blogging area on the main URL, but I’m using this theme for episodes, movies, and series listings.

I was wondering though if you planned on upgrading it too Wordpress 3.9.1. I uploaded an archived file of Wordpress 3.7 via FTP, and successfully installed your theme, but I decided to go ahead and try upgrading my core files to the most recent version of It still works great, although I’m still a little worried about hackers being able to do something, etc.

I regularly make back-ups of my databases, so this isn’t a huge concern for me, but I was just wondering. The other issue of course is compatibility issues.

Hi Sethlayton,

There was a reason why we haven’t issued an update for Dash when WP 3.9.1 went out, and that’s because it came with nothing new, so the theme’s as compatible with it as it was with any WP. You’ve certainly got nothing to worry about, and worry not, we haven’t dropped support for Dash and will issue updates as soon as any bug is found or as soon as any new software is launched which needs additional code.


Hi, just thought you’d like to know the live preview is failing for your DASH card. shows up as:

Not Found

The requested URL /Dash_HTML/index-blur.html was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Hope you get it fixed

Hi Katw,

Thanks so much for the notice. We’re moving hosts and due to the lack of professionalism Hostgator is showing, we’re encountering a few problems, but it should be fixed in the next few hours.


Hi! there are some things i need to know before install wpml plugin or all will be full compatible?

Thank you!

Everything is fully compatible PonzioPilato, nothing to worry about.


Great! thank you. why, in description, the theme hasn’t the compatibility with wp3.9?

Hi PonzioPilato,

The theme does have compatibility with WP3.9. The last wp update didn’t come with anything groundbreaking so there was basically nothing to update in order to make it compatible. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back covered and will issue a new update whenever it’s needed.


Hi, I’ve a question about Portfolio section. I’ve just created a few Portfolio Items with some description and featured image. Then I created the main Portfolio Page.

It works but on the homepage when I click on the featured image of a project (in the Portfolio section) the website just pops out with the larger image. How can I read the description of a particular project?

Thank you

Hi Tosky,

Thanks for contacting us. Please send over your url to and if you can share login details that would be even better.


just sent you the email thanks

Hi Tosky,

It’s not there, could you please resend?


Hi, i´m looking for a new theme for my personal website and I find this so beautiful, but I have some questions before to buy it:

1- The theme is updated to wordpress 4.0? 2-Do you have a support forum or other ways if I have problems developing the web? 3- Is there a way to put the post of my actual blog in the BLOG section?

Thank you very much for your kind reply.



1. Yes. 2. We offer 1 on 1 support to all clients through a platform called Zendesk. Simply email us at and we’ll help you out asap. 3. If you are actually asking whether the current posts will get updated to the new theme, then yes. If the old theme wasn’t created badly, they should definitely update.


Hi, no I mean that I want my blog outside of my personal website. So, can I put only the link in the blog section without change the blog to my personal directory. I don´t know if I explain well.


I’m not sure what you mean, but basically you can pretty much do anything. So you probably have a different blog and don’t want to change it, but you just want to link to it. Correctly?

hi i want to purchase a them where user can choose theme and create there resume and share it print it and if possible all user resume will be shown in website as their resume name eg.
if you have any theme then let me know Thanks @yogesh


Unfortunately this theme doesn’t have that functionality. Thanks for asking.



how may i hide the left menu’ on mobile device??? it goes (the menu) on the site content while on mobile.

it works on wp4?

Thank you! Great theme! i advise to customers to buy it!

email arrived.. i answered to you now. i hope to resolve all issue in this week (for both websites). i’m in truble with your support from 4 or more months.. i hope you will help me before others. thank you.

sent an update. Cheers

I answered you now. no changes..


I’ve purchased this template and I was only able to use it now and I’ve found some issue.

First on the documentation, the images aren’t displaying and no alternative text instruction so it’s hard to follow.

second, no matter how I reorder the pages, it doesn’t display the exact order that I wanted it to. For example, the pages have different order than what your demo is showing. Your demo is showing the order: Profile, Resume, Portfolio, Blog, Contact us. Whereas on my local it’s showing Contact us, Portofolio, Profile, Resume, Blog.

Lastly, how should I edit the menu color, on your demo you have multiple colors on the menu/pages on my local site, I only have one red color on all menu/pages.

Hoping for your quick response as I have applied for a refund for this product, but if things are solved, I won’t continue the refund application.



Sorry for the delayed reply. To solve your ordering and color issues you need to go to Appearance-> Menus. There you will be able to edit both the order the items are in, and the color of each menu entry.If you still need help email us at with your url and login details.


Hi everybody! I’m waiting for your e-mail answer. Please, I’ve written several emails asking for your help, but do not receive any response . I’m stuck!! without your advice I can not finish the page. So, please, help me so complete it!!



Could you please send us your Ticket Id? I’m not seeing any of them which is strange.


Hi there i want to buy your theme for my portfolio. I am confused is it 100 % responsive or not ? and is there any demo content .xml file included ? and is it 100 n% working ? if everything OK I will buy one. I hope I am hearing from you very shortly. Thanks


Thanks for contacting us. It is 100% responsive, you can check that on our demo page as well and it’s 100% working of course. Let us know if you need any help with it. On the live demo use the header mobile / tablet buttons to see how it looks on those devices.


may i upgrade at wp 4.1 or there are problems?

Thank you.


You can update.


I can update at WP 4.2 ? :)

Hi Ponzio,

Yes you may upload. The changelog is on the product’s themeforest page at the bottom. Cheers

Where exactly? i see the “V2.1 – Sept 25th, 2014”. Where is the last one?

Sorry for that, the form was not correctly filled, now it is.

Hi, i have a problem : I bought the Dash theme and I created a child theme to be able to change some things in my style so the child theme style.css I put the line ”@import url ( ” ../ Dash / style.css ” ) but when I change things in it that does not change so thank you to tell me how to be able to change the style.css without touching the parent theme?


Apparently you’ve done thing right. Please send us an email at and let’s look into this. Send over your login details please.


mail sent, i await your news.


Hello, I would like to translate the Dash theme in French, but I can not find the wp-config.php file in order to change the base language. Thanks.


Unfortunately that’s not an option anymore (to have the backend in a lang and the frontend in another). It’s a bummer, but it’s just how things are.

You can find the wp-config.php file in the root of your Wordpress installation on your ftp server, but it won’t do you any good, the area where you were supposed to set the lang in is not there anymore.

You can find a free plugin to allow you to use the two langs, but short of that, there are no other options atm.


suddenly agree how to put the French in contact section for “name”, “subjet” and “send”?


Please open up your theme, and in SnoopyIndustries/includes/shortcodes.php please find:

<div class="contact-form <?php echo $size ?> columns alpha">
            <form action="send_message" method="post">
                <input type="text" name="name" placeholder="Name"/>
                <input type="text" name="subject" placeholder="Subject"/>
                <textarea name="message" placeholder="Message" rows="7"></textarea>
                <input type="submit" name="submit" value="<?php echo esc_attr($send_button) ?>"/>

and replace the “placeholder” values.


Hi, how to include my newsfeed twitter in a theme section? I tried the widget [DASH] Recent Tweets but it appears completely to the left and it is cut, how to put it in a section correctly? Thank You.


Please send this request to our support at


hello, I would like to achievements on my page, so I created a portfolio section with a picture on the front but I want when clicked it refers to a specific link for my achievements are among other web site, how to do? Thank you.

Hi, no i didn’t log a ticket for this, i just put my question here.

Hi, so do i log a ticket for this?


Thanks for your patience. Ideally yes, please log a ticket with your url and login details so we can have a quick look.



WalidFF Purchased


I sent you a mail but I got no answer. My question was: Is it possible to place a video in the portfolio section?


Have you sent it to ? I can’t find the ticket. Please send me your ticket number.


it works with 4.4wp ?

I found the reason: now, when cloudflare is active all buttons stops to works.

...i found the problem. there is a conflict with Rocket Loader™ feature in Cloudflare. Then, i disabled that and all started again to work :) (the option is in the cloudflare admin panel, under “speed” menu.

Sorry for SPAM, i hope it will help someone.


Unfortunately we can’t help you with issues caused by third party apps/plugins. The RocketLoader minifies js and css and that’s probably the issue here, but there’s no other workaround except letting it closed.