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Nice register form and color combinations!

Clean work! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thx for nice words :)

Beautiful theme! Any plans for a version in WordPress?

Thank you. We have plan to develop WP version, but not at this time. For few months it will be available for sure :)

Can I use this a the home page for wordpress? Thanks

Hey. THx for question. Wordpress version is not available, but there is full functional HTML5/CSS3 version of template. If you know how to create Wordpress page, you can use it for sure ;)

Hi, yes I know how to create a new wordpress page. Do I take your code and just embed it into the new page for your template? Maybe you have a link to a tut on it. I would like to learn about it. Thanks

Can you tell me how to add an external link to the nav? Currently when I do I get a jquery error and the menu stops working.

Hey. Thx for question. Please, can you send us your link so we can see problem? You can send us at and we’ll help you asap.

Hi I would like to order this template. But is it fully done/finished? I mean can is there any database behind. Is it working like any other dating site?


Hi Talbader. This is the pure HTML5/CSS3 single page website. You have only working contact form. There is no any CMS behind it. It’s most for people who already have dating websites and this can be useful landing page.

I like; can I change and customize this template for my own database? Please let me know.

Thank you so much!

Sorry for late answer. As you know this is pure HTML/CSS template (landing page) so you can customize it for your own CMS for sure :)

How do I get to implement the SEARCH RESULTS if I already have a database?

Hi. Sorry for late response. This is simple landing page (one page), but maybe you can combine your database results with our section in slider to combine search results? Please, drop me a line at with your URL so we can help you. Thanks.

I have just sent you an email to see if you indicate how to customize the contact form

Need to adjust some of the jscript variables, can you help with that?

Hi. Sure. we’ll answer on your email tomorrow on both questions with detailed explanation ;-)

I just sent you email with all answers :) Cheers. Please let me know if we can help somehow more.


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Wordpress Update?

Hi. We are preparing one dating social wordpress theme, but this dating paradise theme we don’t have as WP version still.

is it available for wordpress now?

Hi. We are preparing one dating social wordpress theme, but this dating paradise theme we don’t have as WP version still.

cant it still be installed via ftp dream host?

Dating Paradise is only HTML version. Yes, you can upload over FTP on any web hosting company (server) you want. But again, it’s not Wordpress version :)