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danyno45 Purchased

Wow!!! this is what i was waiting for a long time. Thanks :)


Thanks, I’m glad you like it! If you could, giving the theme a rating would be much appreciated :)

danyno45 Purchased

Done, after installing & playing whit it, is a 5 stars. great doc and options. Again thanks a lot :)

Really nice theme. Just wondering, since the site im building is not so much blog focused, the area under the slideshow with recent posts, featured posts, news in pictures…are those widget areas? or can i easily put something else there? thanks.


Thanks for your comments :)

Right now, these sections are not widgets but they are optional includes. If you wanted to replace them, you would need to either disable them from the theme options or delete the includes in the code, then insert you own content. Inserting your own content/deleting includes would require you to alter .index.php and so be familiar with PHP /HTML/CSS

Hope that helps!

Super Theme! Good Luck..


Thanks, appreciate the comments!

this is quality man. i like the typo, the grid and the global clean layout. you rock.


wow, great comments, thanks!


I also agree with everyone here, a quality, high-end theme that most newspapers, tv news channels would be proud of as having it as their website…

I am sure you will do well


Thanks bigbambi, I appreciate your kind comments :)

Holy smokes! Speechless!!!!!! Beautiful design! All the best to you with sales. Your going to be rich soon :D


Haha, thanks for your comments, made me chuckle!

Lovely theme. Congrats for the UI structure :)

All the best, Alex


Thanks Alex, yours and the other comments so far mean a lot!

Hey, Look really good, I could take a punt into this however will gonna have a really stupid question… do you know any way of making site content to update automatically? what i mean is to get the news source from somewhere (like reuters) and then with the plugin re-post it..

if u could help me with advise would be much appreciated :)


What your asking is a little outside of the scope of theme support however what you wish to achieve is possible. I would suggest you take a look at a few auto-posting plugins such as http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-o-matic/.

danyno45 Purchased

Is there any ways to change the the custom ad widget to simple text instead of inserting url’s to be able to insert adsence scripts where the widget show on page?


For this I would suggest simply using a text widget :)

Awesome theme Orman :)


Thanks Dany, appreciated :)

Lovely theme – really super. Just wanted to check

1) whether the theme uses ‘featured image’ that auto resizes a image to where it appears – so you only have to upload an image once

2) that you can select which sharing tools you show on the post (the details say yes, but couldn’t see option in admin screenshot)



Thanks for the comments!

1) That is correct, you only need to set the featured image for each post once. Just ensure that your chosen image is 460×280 or larger – the theme will then resize the image multiple times for different scenarios. The theme will resize images on upload only not images that have been uploaded before the theme is activated.

Note: You must have WordPress version 2.9 or later to use this feature as the theme does not use custom fields.

2) Also correct, you can enable/disable the sharing list altogether and also select which network to show individually.

Hope that helps :)

Awesome theme Awesem! Very nice work! : )

Awesome theme! You did an excellent job on this!

this is a truly amazing theme!


@magicmermaid, @snagget, @jcavard – Thanks for all your comments :)

Hi Awesem,

First of all this theme ROCKS ! Nice Job Done!!

I have a question about some functionality;

1. Can I add in place of the large 300×250px banner 5 small ones of 50×250px?? and could you support me with that?

2. Can I add an separate picture between the thumbnail and post picture, I want that there will be 2 different pictures, one as thumb and one inside the post.

3. Can I make the image inside the post click-able?

3. Can I change the names of example Featured Posts in Featured …. ??

I would like to buy this theme but it will need some customization to fit my needs.

4. Could you assist me in to implement some extra features to the theme? I will fund you for the service!

Best Regards,


PS. Keep doing this kind of good stuff! ;)


Thanks for the comments David!

1. There is not a specific widget included for what you are after however I would suggest the use of a simple text widget which will allow you to insert the necessary HTML .

2. Right now the theme only supports a single post thumbnail. In order to have a different image inside the post you would need to remove the auto-insertion of the post thumbnail in single.php and simply insert a new image into your post body copy.

3. Yes, if you do the above you can make it a link.

3ii) I’m not sure I understand this question. All the homepage headings “Recent Posts”, “Featured Posts” etc are editable from the theme options.

4. Sorry, right now I’m unable to take on customisation work due to work commitments but I could point you in the right direction.

Hope all that helps and I certainly plan on doing more themes :)

Simply outstanding – and from the UK too – woooo!! Congrats.

Can you customise the widget areas per page or are they set in a main sidebar only across the theme.

I like to pick and choose my widgets per page as necessary. Even if not I’m sure there’s scope to get round it as this is just mindblowing.

If so should be purchasing pretty soon

Good luck with it.

;o0 XX


Yup, flying the UK flag :)

You make a good point, the theme has 4 widget areas for the footer, 1 main sidebar and 2 narrow sidebars that sit under the main sidebar as per the demo. So, unfortunately, you cannot change the widgets on a page-by-page basis. I will add this functionality to the next bug fix update.

Very clean and simple – great work and good luck with Sales!


Thanks :)

Hey, this looks a really nice theme. One question that will make or break for me: What colour scheme style sheets does it offer out of the box? I was hoping for something maybe blue or black.



The colour options are Orange (default), Red, Green, Purple and Blue. The live demo now has a simple style switcher in the top right corner.

Looks great. Before I purchase, just wanted to know where can I find screenshots of the other colour schemes included?

Many thanks.


The live demo now has a simple style switcher so you can preview the colour changes – thanks.