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growim Purchased


Thanks for great looking theme – I bought two weeks ago and since then you’ve updated to 1.4 but when I re-download it is still 1.3. Any ideas?

If this is something I should be taking up with Envato then just let me know!



Hi Growim,

Sorry about this, I didn’t update the version info in the stylesheet. I can confirm that the file you can download from ThemeForest at this moment in time is actually 1.4, not 1.3.


growim Purchased

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the heads up and the update.


darz82 Purchased


I actually purchased the theme a couple of days ago, and in Appearance Manage Themes it shows the theme as version 1.3.



As per reply to growim, it is actually 1.4. Will update soon to make sure there is no confusion.


Hi there,

great looking theme :-]

Ive got a question about the Home Page Welcome Banner.

ive set this up as idd welcome home banner.

The the first picture that shows in the slider.. the welcome tekst. and second line and button.

Is it possible to also set it up for the second picture.


Is this possible to set this up?

regards flex


Hi Flex,

To do this you would have to replicate the section in the home.php manually.

Thanks, Jason

cptlo306 Purchased

Hi, great theme (I purchased the HTML version a while back too). One question…is there a way to have the menu at the bottom of the page mirror the main menu? I’ve got some pages that I don’t have visible on the main menu but they show up on the bottom menu. Thanks.


Hi cptlo306,

This was setup for SEO purposes but will include the ability to replicate the WP3 Menu at the bottom in the next update.

Cheers, Jason

Hi Jason,

Ive made the update to 1.4. It supports menu’s now. Still if i select a menu.. it doenst work. iIt does not override the mainmenu as it is.

I need different pages in the footer menu. like links, sitemap, privacy policy etc.

How can i fix this?

hope you can help me out soon.

regards Flex

Hi there Jason,

Already fixed it. I didn’t updated the header! so i did and i can use menu’s now! :-]

thx Flex

did you get my message of my other question? About the Home Page Welcome Banner?

Regards Flex

daferub Purchased


Can you tell me how to show full post on home page including images without having to press read more.



Are you referring to the latest blog post section in the “three column lower section”? If so, it might look a bit odd if you have that column displaying a large amount of text but you can control the amount of characters displayed there on line 48 of footer.php…


Change 25 to as large a number to suit your requirements.

Hi there,

Hope you have some time to answer my quistion. Kinda on a deadline and i have 3 websiites that usses your template.. so i need to hurry up.

As i was asking to set up a code so i can maually set the home php.

Need the home page welcome tekst also on the second picture..

hope you can set me up with a code :-]

Second: the footer links..How do i set the footer links for olnlt showing the page i want? now i have evry page in the footer. Looks kinda strange.

Just want 3 a 4 pages there. Now all pages are showing?

Hope for a quick reply!


Regards jeff

RyanAll Purchased

Hi there,

Is there a shortcode available to make the buttons that are used for the newsletter signup link?

Just it would be good if I could these buttons throughout the website.





Hi Ryan – You should be able to achieve this by using the following in the HTML view:

<button class="formbutton" type="submit"> <span>Button Text Here</span> </button>


Nice looking theme. I really like the design :-) Is it translation ready with po/mo files?

Thanks, Achilles


No, sorry.


Is there support, Ive posted my issues 4 days ago. Still no answer.

Hope u get in touch soon! :)

Regards Flex


Pretty sure I have now replied to all of your emails Flex. Please get in touch if I’ve missed anything.

jgabel Purchased

flex -

what code did you use to get the background image behind your welcome banner?


Hi Jgabel

Map css --> slider.css Line 6 in slider.css.

slider-box .welcome-banner { background-image: url(../images/slider/bg-main.jpg); background-repeat: no-repeat; height:257px; overflow:hidden; position:relative; }

dont forget to upload your image file in images/slider then remove the bg-man.jpg in the same map. images/slider.

Regards Flex

Hayaain Purchased

I can’t get any uploaded imaged to appear. Also when I use the gallery shortcode in the editor all I get the the closing tag [/gallery]. Nothing else.


Hayaain – Please send me an email with further details with regard to your uploaded images problem. As for the gallery shortcode, this is a bug. The gallery shortcode should not be available in this theme, sorry.

luismc83 Purchased

Hi, I purchased your theme today and I was wondering if I can have more than 4 home page banner images? If so, please tell me how! =)


Sorry luismc83, 4 is the limit with this theme unless you want to modify the code in home.php and the theme-options.php

luismc83 Purchased

No problem. Should be an easy fix. Thanks!

rgustavo Purchased

Easy and lousy questions:

- How can I make the default paragraph font just a tad bigger?

- I need to translate this web in spanish, for example: Home Link, Follow Us, Search and Newsletter?

Thank you and great great theme.


Hi rgustavo – to make the paragraph font bigger you need to edit the style.css file. Try changing font-size for .body to 12px.

font-size: 12px;

I have 4 images set up in the home page banner images section, but none of the images show up. I’ve followed the directions provided in the zip, but no luck…. Any ideas? I sent a email with direct links a few days ago.



Hi jeffrey – I’m pretty sure I’ve replied to all emails to date so far. If you are still having problems please send another email and I’ll do what I can to help.

Hi there

Seems like I am having the same problem as jeffreylowy above. My client purchased the theme last week and I am trying to update his site. For the life of me, I cannot get the homepage image slider to show or get the text in the 3 columns below it to show either. Followed your documentation but didn’t help. Please advise asap.




Hi Karen – Could you please send me an email through my profile page if you haven’t done so already with some more details. Ideally I could do with a link to the site and a login to the wp-admin area.

Hi I have purchased your theme which is great I just need a little bit of direction. I wish to add another 3 footer widgets which files to I need at alter to add another row of three.



Hi Mike – If it is actually widgets you want to add then you should be able to drag a widget into each Footer Area. As many as you like in fact. Let me know if you have any problems.

neostead Purchased

Is there a way to create multiple portfolio pages/categories? For example: 1 for floor plans, 1 for construction photos, and 1 for seminar photos?


Hi neostead. Unfortunately this isn’t currently possible. It will however be included in the next update hopefully.