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Love this theme! Emailed you a question before I purchase.



Replied :)

Hayaain Purchased

Is it possible to change the background image?


Yes although not through the Debonair admin section. You can edit the style.php through the Appearance Editor or any editor of your choice and change the background-image url in the .body style.

Hayaain Purchased

Is there any support for this theme?


Yes. To anyone reading these comments who is thinking of purchasing I would just like to clarify that I’ve been unable to provide support for a month or so due to health issues that cropped up. All sorted now so support is back to normal.

neostead Purchased

I am still awaiting answers to my questions…. Is there somewhere else we need to turn for support?


Await no longer… nice pic ;)

Is anyone answering my question?


Replied to all comments and emails.

Try sending a direct MSG from their profile page. As for me I wanted to know if any advancements have been made on the front of selecting which blog post shows up in the footer. No rush, just curious.


Hi jsonline – On the basis you are on v1.5 then it’s line 40 of the footer.php file you want to edit as follows:


$args = array( ‘numberposts’ => 1, ‘orderby’ => ‘post_date’, ‘order’ => ‘DESC’ );

Update to:

$args = array( ‘numberposts’ => 1, ‘orderby’ => ‘post_date’, ‘order’ => ‘DESC’, ‘p’ => 58 );

Change 58 to the post ID of the blog post you want. I will now make sure this is without doubt put into the next update so you can specify the post in the wp-admin area if you don’t want the latest to appear.

NOTE : Make sure you use normal hyphens from your keyboard. ThemeForest automatically converts them in the comments. Pathetic, I know.


Thanks … I am on 1.3 because I customized so much but I think I am going to start the move to 1.5 this weekend unless 1.6 is close to release.

really this support sucks!

Is there a money back garantee?


All comments and emails of yours replied to. Again, sorry for the delay.

Hi Great theme, having one problem, the pop-up images are displaying at 800×257, even though I have created them as 800×450, any suggestions as to what can be causing this?

I can’t find the colorbox settings?

Many Thanks



Hi Kris – Pretty sure I’ve spoken to you via email about this. If not, please update to v1.5. For some reason people were resizing their images to 800px wide before uploading. This has a negative impact on WordPress’ incredibly poor image resizing algorithm depending on aspect ratio set in the functions.php.

Is there a way to customize the color? I need to change the color to FF0000 for the menus and stuff. Is changing the color as easy as editing the CSS file? I need to know before buying..


That is one VERY bright red! To do so you’d need to edit the PSDs and replace all the image elements. Unfortunately not something you can do ‘out of the box’.

I guess the dude’s gone awol!

Anyone know how to change the popup image size in the portfolio?

It seems to default to 257px height. It uses colorbox but I can’t find the settings.


Ta Kris


Again, fixed in v1.5.

Looks like the author is MIA . Can someone please tell me if the color scheme for the menu’s can be changed?


This theme is set to use pre-configured colour schemes which can be tested in the preview. Otherwise you’ll need to edit the PSD and export the elements.

Hi everyone. Due to some unforeseen health issues I’ve not been able to get to a computer recently. Extremely sorry for not being able to answer questions. I will be going through my emails and the questions on here later today.

I am hosting the theme on a server in-house that is also an smtp server. What file do I need to edit so that I can specify my internal smtp server to send the contact and newsletter for results?


Hi parallaxsolutions2 – You can specify the email address for both contact form and newsletter in the “Debonair -> General Theme Options” section of wp-admin.


Thanks. I did that from the beginning, but the forms never send anything. I downloaded a plugin to test smtp and it sends mail just fine from the tester. So, whatever function is called to send e-mail doesn’t appear to be working or is not configured. I do have the php.ini file configured correctly and all tests work fine. Is there some file within your theme that specifies different e-mail form handling?


If you’re hosting it on an SMTP server then there’s a good chance you have relaying disabled which is required for the basic php send mail. SMTP servers aren’t a speciality of mine but if you have any further queries on this then please email me through my profile page.


I’ve been waiting for days on a response!! I’m going to start looking at other themes.

If you’re interested in purchasing this theme, DON ’T!

If the author can’t answer a simple question before the sell, he sure as hell won’t be available when you really need him! I’m outta here!


With that attitude I’d prefer you didn’t purchase. As stated very clearly in a previous comment, I’ve not been able to get to a computer for a period of time. Now all is well again I am more than happy supporting anyone who purchases the theme whenever they need my help.

If I Purchase Debonair Wordpress Theme will it includes the HTML files and PSD also.


Hi hostmacro – As stated in a previous email, you don’t get the HTML template with this. You do however get all of the PSDs necessary to modify/create whatever you need.

Thanks for the help, all sorted.

cheers Kris


Good stuff – thanks Kris.

Whats new in the 1.5 update?


- Footer menu now based on top level entries of the WP3 Menu system if used which falls back to standard top level pages if no menu has been set up.

- Image size issue for those compelled to resize images to 800px wide before uploading which was causing issues.

It sure would be nice to get some instruction on configuring the contact and newsletter forms to send the results to an smtp server!

azmi Purchased

How do i get the content area top to have the same curve as below ? Cause currently the top is rectangle and below is curve edge .


(Double post)


Hi Azmi – Could you please send me an email through my profile page including a link to the site in question so I can see what you mean?

Hi Artivity,

I’m wondering where I can make a change to slow down the slider image changes?




Hi Peter,

There is a file called slider-settings.js in the “js” folder. Open that and you should see “timeout: 6000” (6 seconds). Adjust to whatever suits your needs, save the file and overwrite the original.