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How do I set my own URL in the Edge animate menu?

First read through the basic instructions already provided in our help Documentation with your download.

1) Symbols Panel: Make sure to have your ‘Library’ panel open which contains the ‘Symbols’ panel inside of it. SCREENSHOT:

2) Open Actions Panel: Each menu item has been labeled ‘MenuItem_01’. Double click on these to open them separately to edit both the name and the URL its linking to. Highlight the text object (menu item name) once your inside the symbol as shown below and you’ll see the ‘Actions’ icon become full.. CLICK ON icon to Open Actions panel. SCREENSHOT:

3) Set URL: Each menu symbol (object) has 3 functions on them, one being click which has the url information you need to change to link to your personal site. If you want this to link to the site, make sure you keep the “_top” as the open method. If you are linking outside of the site, use “_blank” or other commands. SCREENSHOT:

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