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This is such a nice theme, but it lacks some things. For example, the documentation is scanty. A simple line or two about the slider (sliders????) would help. It appears the slider at top of pages has to be actively populated with the images you want to appear when it would be more fitting for a PORTFOLIO theme to allow you to select a category from Portfolio Categories.

Then there is this place on the “Featured and Sliders” part of Theme Options to set a Slider Category (Blog template), but no Portfolio categories are there. And which slider is which? What is the difference between the slider in the “Nivo Slider” Theme Options and the slider in “Featured and Sliders”?

I set up a Portfolio page and it uses the same page as the Home page with the slider at top when I want to have just a Portfolio showing, and no thumbnails are loaded into it. I used the custom fields, Featured Image, and insert image into post and still no thumbnail shows on the Portfolio “page”.

Then if you click the “Show Categories menu” option, the Pages disappear from the site menu, even when Pages are set using the Wordpress Appearance > Menus.

Sheesh. This could have been a really good theme. Maybe just documenting it would help. Now I have to go through the PHP files to get what I want (e.g., to have the slider on Home Page only).

Hi, and good job !

I ask myself if your theme is compatible with Wordpress 3.3.

Anyway, is it simple to edit page layout ? I mean, to have the slider on top of page, without the introduction sentence ? I’m a beginner in Wordpress…

Thank you & Happy New Year.


Hi, yes theme is 3.3 compatible. And yes, is easy to remove introduction

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My slider does not seem to be synching properly with the description. There are supposed to be 4 photo slides and 4 captions on the front page slider. Can you see if there’s a problem? aaronplaat.com

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I was wondering if there is a changelog for this theme? I think I have had the same version since I downloaded it about 6 months ago, but was wondering if changes have been made.

Also, is there any planto integrate Google+?


There is an issue with timthumb.php & wordpress getting hacked

Google “timthumb vulnerability”

I noticed your theme still has this file in it and need to know how to remove it without breaking the theme or losing functions.

I just purchased and am in the process of installing for a client now


I see now it looks like the timthumb.php has been fixed as long as you are using the latest version which I have just upgraded and can be found here:


However, I’m not sure how this will effect your theme and will be looking for your reply

Sorry for any trouble this may cause but security for clients and myself is top priority!


Just encase there is no more support for this theme it is imperative that you correct the issue with timthumb.php vulnerability!!

In my last post I thought I fixed it and was WRONG !!

I used the plugin from wordpress.org called Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner and it found I was still NOT safe and then fixed it:


However, this is most likely just temporary as hackers continue to find ways around it and if the developer of this plugin is late on an update or your late in updating it after the developer then… well… your at risk again!

I’m now looking into options for replacing this function completely and will not be buying anymore themes that use this for image resizing.

Chow 4 Now & Stay Up To Date, Chad M Carlton!;-)

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Having trouble with two Home’s showing across top navigation. Is there something I am missing, or did wrong? thanks in advance