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hauntbee Purchased

how to display shop by manufacture or shop by categories?


This is a property of the category “Is Anchor” set to Yes. If so – “Shop By” section would be displayed

Wyzzy Purchased

Hi! I have the same problem of hauntbee with the advanced slider version (in firefox, safari is ok for me) http://img717.imageshack.us/i/42169122.png/

I have also this problem with the columns in cart: http://img543.imageshack.us/i/voilacapture6.png/



Please contact us via email or send us a private message.

This template is ready to take visa payment or I need to add more files? I am very interested on getting this template as soon as possible. Thanks if so, how I set the visa payments please.


You would need payment gateway account to receive VISA payments, magent has already modules for implementation of Authorize.net or Paypal gateways for example.

hauntbee Purchased

helooo any body


I’m awake, I’m awake :)

Hey, I am interested in your product I was wondering if you guys could do a few custom work. can you email me?



Yes, custom is fine. We are not taking small tasks though.

Did you guys offer or include documentation to activate a payment gateway account to receive VISA payments such as visa and paypal? or recommend any videos online.

Thanks I’ll like to buy your theme very soon


I just purchased the theme and have it installed. My only frustration is I’m not able to get the layout to show up in 3 columns. I’ve done everything like you stated in the help files but my homepage always only displays 2 columns.

Here is my website: http://mypsstyles.com/magento/


2 columns – is a setting of the home page. It is set in the Design tab when you edit the home page in the backend.

hate to bug you like this. Perhaps I can email you next time.

Couple of more quick questions.

1.) I’ve gone through your tutorial and done everything to a t. I have products uploaded and they are displayed under “new products” section on the right sidebar just fine. But I can’t any products to display on the homepage. I’ve created a category “Homepage Products” made it hidden and also put in the correct category ID and still no products.

2.) I’ve create categories but nothing is showing up in the main menu. Any idea?

Thanks, I hope you will be able to give me some guidance.




We might make some communications if you send me a private message via email.

I would recommend few articles concerning your questions.

I went you an email. Hopefully you can look into the bug and give me insight on why the checkout process isn’t formatted correctly.


Is this theme working with magento ver


We didn’t test it, but according to other themes – it is compatible.


Do you have a plan for implementing the MEGA Menu for DeepBlue, just like what you have done in the Health and Beauty theme?

Nice theme, will certainly grab them all if it is to be implemented.


MM, we think about it, but can not predict the release date.

Let me ask here since no one has returned my email from several days ago.

Can someone take a look at my theme install and tell me what is wrong. It will be easy for you to figure out. We plan to purchase more of your themes if we can get this one set up right as we are new to Magento and need to figure it out like yesterday. Once this one is done we will never need your help again I promise. Thanks in advance for your help! :)



Where is the link to look? Please email us again with details.


Just emailed you the info. Had to do a fresh Magento install though. Can you provide step by step theme install documentation “for dummies”? LOL or can you set up like demo for a fee? Thanks for quick response!!

jdrakos Purchased

hi there,

I downloaded the theme, upload it to find out that the theme is incomplete. it tells me that: “Stylesheet is missing”. can someone help with this one.



Which stylesheet? any link?

You could email us the details

compropc Purchased

how do i get the menu bar to show up i cant get anything to show up in the menu bar


Please try to create categories correctly try to check this article http://web-experiment.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=46

when i click additional images they don’t pop up like you have on your demo. They pop up in a new window for some odd reason.

Also, the image slider / zoom function isn’t working with the template.

Did you change any of the template files where it disables this feature?



What about the image slider / zoom function?

Also, you don’t specify the layout doesn’t come with lightbox. You are basically advertising a purchase of a product that doesn’t come with everything on your demo. It’s false advertisement.


Thanks for your feedback! We would add an archive with demo magento installation which would look like our demo.

Is there any way to make that red line at the top line up with the rest of the template?

It looks goofy how it stretches across the entire screen.

Other than that, it is one of the best templates I can find in this category! :)

That red line is the only thing stopping me from buying.

Is there any way to get that top red line to line up properly like the bottom red line is?

wolmah Purchased

Just sent u pm, its about margin of the slideshow.

soming Purchased

Hi there, Please let me know how to put some words to the front page. Just what you did on the gray color theme:

“Grey background

Download and unpack grey_images.zip into /YourMagentoDir/skin/frontend/default/YourSkin/images/

Open /YourMagentoDir/skin/frontend/default/YourSkin/css/skin.css. Add following code to the end of skin.css file. “

Thank you !




This is the content of the home page, navigate to the backnend-> CMS ->Pages edit home page.

Is this product listing just for the DeepBlue theme? How do I go about ordering the FireSoul theme that is shown among the available themes when demoing the DeepBlue theme?


We have already talked about firesoul, right?