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Add a drop down navigation menu and some color schemes and I’m sold! Nice work.

Yes, me too. A drop down menu would be nice and some other color schemes – a dark one and a transparent one – and I will buy it as well.

Hi, where do you insert the images (with slider) for the header? From the admin panel? I don’t see any function from your screenshot. it’s possible decrease the header images? (Example 729×90px) Thanks!

XML Slider: Edit the XML file in the template files. jQuery Fader: Edit the content of the ‘Home’ page through the admin panel.(

Yes, you can use smaller images.

Lovely :)

Are multiple portfolio pages possible? Any plans for drop-down navigation menu support?

Thanks. :)

Currently, no. I’ve mostly focused on the simplicity and the minimal aspect of this theme. A dropdown menu might be added in the future.

I am interested in purchasing, only thing stopping me is that when you get to the end of a slideshow, in the portfolio section, it basically keeps trying to load the next slide (which doesn’t exist) and the screen is white with the little spinny loading icon. Is there a solution for this ?

It does this because I made a typo in the URL which it linked to. I fixed it now.

Also can I insert a link, like “visit live website” in the title of a portfolio piece ? I am interesting in showing sites I have designed, but I want to give some way a user can link directly to the site shown to check it out.

Sure! If you purchase it, I can help you with the customization. :)


yes please add drop-down menu support and an easy way to change font colors. I will purchase also. Excellent job.

I am definitely interested in purchasing this theme. As others already mentioned… I also need a drop-down menu or better a way of using secondary links. I’ll also purchase it if you promise to carry out these requirements.

By the way, how many links (in this case primary!) does your theme allow?

Thank you in advance!

I’d say 7-8 primary links. Secondary links are displayed in the sidebar (see about us page).

Congrutaluations.. Nice Work! so simple and minimal.. I’ll buy it! :)

Thanks! :)


I managed to installl the theme properly.

My logo (jpg file) can be seen on every mainpage. 1 question: when creating a subpage (i.e. a page whose parent is a mainpage), my own logo is no more rendered. Can you maybe tell me what I’ve done wrong or forgot?

Thank you in advance!

It probably has something to do with your permalink settings. Are you using the full URL to your logo or just the path?

I am just using the path as suggested in your examples…

I now used the full URL and it works…


Yeah, sorry. Paths only works with the standard permalink settings. With custom permalinks you need to use the full URL .

Is there a way to easily delete the tagline below the navigation area?

No, other than deleting them out of the template files.

Nice theme, I am having one issue though. The services page keeps showing the portfolio content even though I have services selected as the category for the services page, see settings pic below:


my settings:


E-mail sent.

E-mail sent.


Do you have any other color available in this ?


No, but it’s very easy to change the font color. If you purchase it, I can help with the customization. :)

Thanks for quick reply. Also, I want to change some headings, like

home / services / portfolio / blog / about us / contact us

and I need as follows:

home / products / webmail / blog / about us /contact us

Can you help to make these changes ?


Buying it ! Hope to get your full support !

Ofcourse, email me through my user page if you need support. :)

Update in queue: Dropdown Menu Support!

Update available: dropdown menu support!

Is there a limit to how many images on the portfolio page? I would like no text too (just images) I’m a photographer.


Great looking theme!

No, there’s no limit. If you don’t want it to show text, then shoot me a mail after you’ve purchased it and I can customize it for you.

Thanks. :)


Is it okay to change the fonts and remove the footer-credit?


Sure! Once you’ve purchased it, you’re allowed to customize it as much as you want. :)