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Does this theme work on WordPress 3.0?

nard416 Purchased

Yes. Here is the message from the author:

Hey guys,

Support Requests From now on, support request will only be answered on our dedicated support website at http://bcproducties.ticksy.com/. The reason I chose for this method is because it’s quite unconvenient for me to check support request in different places like the theme’s comments, Twitter, email, etc..

When posting a new support ticket on there, make sure to always include a link to your site!

That’s all for now.


tface7 Purchased

Hi Everyone, I cant seem to get a hold of the author of this theme using his http://bcproducties.ticksy.com/. I have purchased the theme and have figured everything out except for the image fader on the homepage.

I am interested in using the simple fader rather than the xml slider.

Can anyone tell me where to add my images or how to do it? Do I edit the css in the homepage.php template in my dashboard editor? Ive tried adding my image code just about everywhere where I thought it might go in there with no results.

If someone could tell me exactly where to add my image code I would be so grateful because I am extremely frustrated.

Please & Thank you!


Author doesn’t respond on http://bcproducties.ticksy.com/ either…

tface7 Purchased

Hello again! Still no response from the author on here or his bcproducties.ticksy.com page.

If anyone knows how to get the image fader on the front page to work I would be happy to give my admin info.

Please please please….I am so incredibly frustrated.

Thanks guys,



Does anyone know how to make 4 columns on the bottom of the main page? Is it possible by editing the code? Would greatly appreciate it any help.



I’ve tried contact support without getting any response.

Does anyone have an idea how I can get the Meta Description to show up? No matter what plugin….the Meta Description does not appear….and that is really hampering how my site is being presented in Google’s results.

Thanks in advance.

tface7 Purchased

I finally figured my problems out. Sooo happy!!

Note to new buyers: the author does not respond to the bproducties.ticksy support page or here if you have any problems. Be ready to figure out with the help of the documentation or on your own.

I know there has been some ongoing discussion regarding the js issues in IE8 and I have tried numerous fixes to resolve this and nothing in the previous posts has resolved the issue for us.

We’re very close to going live and I really need to resolve this and am wondering why a code fix has not been made available via the theme updates as this is clearly an issue on IE8 that more than a couple people are experiencing.

In the mean time I have 48 hours before we go live before I have to change to another theme. Can you advise on a fix for the menu redraw issues so I can avoid moving to another theme?

Test server: www.veritefeatures.com/cyc/



antlear Purchased

Hi i was wondering how i change the cufon font. i have put another font into the js folder and then deletd the geosans but it does not work can u help please

We’ve tried EVERY possible option for contacting the developer to resolve the IE8 issue and gotten absolutely nowhere. HIGHLY , HIGHLY unprofessional.

We’ve decided to scrap the theme altogether and go with another. This involves a whole new round of client review and a ton of extra UNPAID dev time.

I would NEVER consider buying a theme from this developer again given our experience. Seems they have stopped all community support and we’re going to complain directly to the Themeforest folks and see about getting them to deal with the developer directly.

We are NOT happy.

I’m trying to use the Wordpress gallery with this template. After adding the gallery to the home page, a message like this:

gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; }

.....shows up on the top left hand shoulder, then all three photos side by side show up, then nothing. And there’s suppose to have three photos in the gallery.

Does this theme not allow us to use anything other than cu3er?

Please help me.

jeanroux Purchased

chimerefaulk I had the same problem. Do not insert the gallery. Instead size the images you want in the Jquery Fader, then simply add the correct size images into the post one after another. Then hit the update page and it should work as advertised. So no not click on the insert gallery button when adding images.

ajla Purchased

“We’ve tried EVERY possible option for contacting the developer to resolve the IE8 issue and gotten absolutely nowhere. HIGHLY , HIGHLY unprofessional.”

same here.. DO NOT BUY THIS THEME !!!

Is there an instruction sheet on how to run this theme?

msaadw Purchased

Hi, I had been using this theme for long time now. Just wanted to start the blog for my site and start adding the post in that, how it can be done ? The post I am adding, is being added as product.

Please help !

I just downloaded this and don’t seem to have the custom admin area from version 1.2. Can someone explain where I can access teh Delericon settings this way? Tx.

Can someone assist me please? The developer has not responded. Its a simple and stupid question but I cannot figure it out! How do I align the three images and columns on the main page? Mine are higgledy piggledy :( Its driving me nuts!

Sorry sorted it now. Happy :)

Does anybody got a solution for the IE9 problem (menu not shown)? Of course the compatible modus of IE9 works but it should run with IE9 without that (most people will even not know what that is).

Second problem is the wrong spacing of posts in Mozilla Firefox 5 in fullscreen. Any idea?