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I really like this theme! Very clean and simple. I’m considering purchasing this for my photography business portfolio site and had a couple questions:

-Is it possible on the portfolio page to have another image slider similar to the one on the home page? In a perfect world I would have a fade in and fade out slideshow with navigation arrows for people to scroll through the images. If that is not possible could I have strictly images on the portfolio page in some type of gallery?

-Also, would it be difficult to replace the solid background with a repeating pattern?

-One last question, if I wanted on the home page JUST to have the image slider I’m assuming I just leave the columns info shown in the options screenshot blank. Will that work?

Thanks! You’ve done a great job with this template and I look forward to purchasing it! :)


- Yep it is possible to have stricly images on there. Send me an email after you’ve purchased it and I’ll send you the instructions.

- Shouldn’t be too hard. Again, shoot me an email and I’ll send the instructions.

- That would require one minor change to the homepage file. Send me an email and I’ll send you the instructions.

Thanks. :)

Fantastic theme! Thanks!

PS. If you are reading this and thinking if buying it – do it!


Thanks a lot! :)

By the way, BCP , is there a way to show a static image in the slider if the visitor does not have Flash? (I am using the XML slider).

Trying to make it as accessible as poss.



Yes, search in the homepage.php file for the div with an ID of cu3er-container. You can put the static image in there. :)

Tremendous! (I’d guessed that was the case, but waiting for browsershots.org to test it for me.)

Thanks again for the speedy reply.


Great theme!

Is it possible to change the size of the slider? For example, could I change the size of the slider and put a static image of the same height on the left side? Or text?

Can I add an image under text for the tagline or above the three columns?


It is possible but I won’t be able to help you with it, due to the high number of customization requests I get.

An image can be added but it would need to be hardcoded into the homepage.php file.

Hi, very nice and clean theme.

Is there a way to create a .po file for translation? Thanks.


I honestly don’t know what a .po file is so I wouldn’t know. ;)

I’d like to buy today if you can answer my questions. I’m a new Wordpress user, if it’s not possible to do what I asked just let me know

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but a .po file is a file to translate the theme in another language. You can edit themes quick with poedit.


I don’t know how they work so I’m not sure whether or not the theme is compatible with it, sorry.

bassface Purchased

Dear BCProducties,

Is it possible to have your “blog” as your site entry page and how do I achieve this ?


Yes it is possible but it would require a huge customization of the theme.

bassface Purchased

I should’ve asked this before purchasing :( anyway nice theme though, I’ll see what I can do to make my site work around this

AaronSo Purchased

Is there anyway to change the homepage so that the pictures on the left middle and right column at the bottom are above the text? This way all the pictures are formatted the same.


tjdreyer Purchased

Does it take a while after upload for things to work correctly, it took about 15 minutes for the front images to load. And the service and portfolio pages keep appearing empty (after initially holding content), not sure if I am messing something up…?

(And do I need to download any updates)

Can’t wait to customize this, the template looks amazing!

Thanks ahead of time for the help. T.J.


Can you post a link to your site? Thanks.

tjdreyer Purchased

I had them designated incorrectly, I think I understand it a little better for now.

olmate Purchased

I’m having some problems when I try to use these plugins cformsII – contact form or contact form 7 it causes problems with the drop down menu ? is there anyway this can be fixed because I need to make customized forms for the client.

Soon as I enable either one of the plugins the >> arrows disappear from the Menu Items that have sub menu items and you can’t click the items.. When you disable either plugin the >> arrows return and sub menu items work.

How do I fix the drop down menu to work when I enable contact form 7 ?


Can you send me an email with the login details to your backend so I can take a look? Thanks.

tjdreyer Purchased

How do you add descriptions to each page and meta tags so they can be found and accessed by google… Don’t know how to SEO a wordpress site.


Try one of the wordpress SEO plugins. I’m not really into SEO either.

Great theme! I keep coming back to it. Is it possible for someone wordpress-challenged to change the neutral background along the sides to a light wood? How would I do that? Thanks!


Yes it is pretty easy. In the files is a png image that contains the main white background and shadows. Just open it in photoshop and paste it on a, for example, 2000px wide texture background. Save, upload and that’s it! ;)

jzenijr Purchased

Great theme – It is nice and clean. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a do it yourself business site!


If anyone has any info on the SEO plugins, their success and how easy they are to implement, let me know. Or if you have figured out how to embed the meta-tag in the positions that google looks for to verify the site, that would be helpful.

But all in all – no complaints. Great theme!

mpayne80 Purchased

When I make a new page I don’t get the “template” option over with the attributes. Just “parent” and “order”. Any ideas on what might be the reason?


Make sure that the theme is activated in the admin panel. ;)


I have bought and downloaded your theme but am only getting a very basic page coming up. Any ideas what I am doing wrong ?

The theme is unzipped to the control panel on wordpress. From the zip file in the ‘theme files’ folder in the downloaded file.

This is now it looks at the moment -


Please ignore the above post.

All sorted out.

Really like your design and am thinking of purchasing but I need to be able to post some video as part of my portfolio. Is it possible to embed video with this theme?


Yep that’s possible. Refer to this site for more info on how to do it: http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyPhoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/

How do I get sub-menu items to align left instead of right? Thanks!


Hmm, check out the services menu of:


I also found another site that looked aligned right using this template, just can’t find it now.



Hmm, try this fix:

- Open up superfish.css - Then on line 14 and 51 you’ll find 2 width properties that are set to 17em - Change these values to 23 (or 25 if 23 isn’t sufficient)


Thanks, that worked great.