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@maxmurkel I think it’s because it takes time to load the images and when it’s too fast to load, it results in a small thumbnail in the top left corner

You can add it to be 5 seconds instead of the default 2. I think it’s the jquery.cycle.js itself not the theme….

Thanks for the suggestion, however I already have increased the timeout to 12 seconds. Furthermore, the first image initially shows at full size, only from the second image on the thumbnail versions appear. The strange thing is that when the cycle starts over, the first image also appears in thumbnail size, so I think it does not have anything to do with loading times.

Another thing I’ve found is that this behavior only exists when viewing the site from the webserver. When opening the HTML from the local directory, all seems OK.

To tiple check, I’ve just tested it with the “official” preview site http://bcproducties.com/delerion/alternate.html and I see the same bug with IE, Firefox and Opera.

Any suggestions? This really seems to be a bug that prevents me from launching my site! Thanks…

Or you could try s3Slider jQuery Plugin

Hi! I am trying to change the color of the “taglines”, top left on each page. The gradient does not work with the background I am going for. How do I change this property, and make it another gradient, or a solid color? Changing the style.css properties does not seem to do the trick. Plus, I’m curious as to how you put gradients in those fonts in the first place. Thanks a lot for enlightening me!

Actually, I found the solution to my issue. For whomever is interested: The colors defining the gradient of the cufon are not defined in cufon.js, but in the html of each page itself: line 30. Great theme, really great theme…

Hi again,

thanks for the hint to s3slider. I use that library now and it works just fine. Although it currently does not support a smooth cross-fade between the images, but I’ll live with that.

Yet I’ve discovered another bug in the template. The sub-menus do not seem to work in IE (tested with version 8.0). The drop-down menu shows, but the menu entries appear empty. Nevertheless, the navigation itself does work, i.e. there are clickable links areas in the menu. Also tested it with the live demo of the original template and it shows the same behaviour: http://bcproducties.com/delerion/index.html (check the “About us” Sub-menu).

Any idea? There is still a large number if IE users out there and I would not wand them to find my homepage buggy…


Try putting this in the header:

<!--[if gte IE 7]>
<script type="text/javascript">
// Fixes Dropdown menu bug in IE8

Thanks, that worked!

I’ve noticed on the Cu3er website, there are 3 types of licenses. The Pro features the Cu3er manager, which license is included in this template?

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Live preview is down…

Hi. I love this site you create, Here are a couple of questions to help me complete my project.

Q !.I was wandering if there's a way to add more images to the slide images on the index page?

Q 2 . Also on the portfolio page how can I add separate images in their sections and do I need to change it in another document? Larger images: 1 of 6, 2 of 6, 3 of 6…etc Can I change the size

Q 3 . Can I increase the images in the portfolio. How would you add that? tn_image1-? and larger images full_image 1-?

Thanks for your help.

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I have used this theme for a long time. Used it on my own website when I was on Wordpress, and this year I moved to Business Catalyst and bought the HTML version. The one thing I notice, with the HTML one, is that the drop down nav does not show properly on IE7 . It is hidden behind the slider, any thoughts?

I did try the assistance you offered above, with some code to place in the , but that didn’t work for me. Is there anything else I should be doing?

I have also heard from a friend that the slides show up tiny first time they visit, but if they refresh then everything comes up normal (again on IE). Any thoughts on that? I went with the alternative slider because I wanted to be iOS friendly. Go figure…

Thanks so much. I’m a designer, with absolutely NO time to design something wonderful for myself – and Delericon has helped me a lot.

Is it possible to advise me why my site is malfunctioning in theses areas of the site. I am not a coder and wanted something that I could publish right away. Please help

1. Slider on index page 2. Sub menus are not pointing to websites (blog page) 3. form is not sending (contact page)

check it out. Http://modesign-inc.com.

Thank you so much