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Excellent use of cufon.

Hi, I love this template. Great job.

Is it possible to have it developed for Wordpress? I would DEFINITELY buy it if you did.



I’m working on a Wordpress Version. :-)

@kenop: Thanks!


A theme like this with SEO plugins and SEO friendly URLs etc all ready to go would be perfect for me.

Grateful if you could let me know when you’ve got it done so I don’t miss it :)

Very nice and clean! I might be interested on a Wordpress version! ;)

Thanks guys!

Quick question..

Can you link from the slider images?

Yes you can. With the jquery slider, just wrap the image in an anchor tag. With the XML slider, refer to the Cu3er docs here: It’s under XML reference > Slides > slide

I love your template. I have a little issue though. The text size for the portfolio and contact pages seems to render smaller and blurry in Safari and Firefox. IE8 does this briefly but then corrects it. Chrome renders everything properly right off the bat.

I’m testing the site here:

Can you give me some insight on why this may be happening?

Just to give you some more info, the most recent updates I’ve made are here: however the problem is apparent at both locations.

Thanks. Nathan

Sorry to keep bugging you. I wanted to let you know that I’ve added some php to the template to make it easier to update. As a result, the extensions of my web pages have been changed. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but I thought I would bring it up.

Sorry again for the barrage of comments.

Does your server support the php mail function?

The site is hosted by Yahoo! webhosting. I threw it up at Host Gator and it worked fine. I know you can’t know the ins and outs of the way every host handles mail.php but do you have any idea what might make this work?

On their site, Yahoo! states that when sending email with PHP you need to reference the path to the Yahoo! mail program, Sendmail, explicitly which is /usr/sbin/sendmail

I’ve spent hours googling and I can’t seem to find a solution besides replacing the form. My php skills are very limited though so I thought maybe if I gave you the above info a light bulb would come on.

I’ll look into it.

Lovely template. I’m interested in buying this However because I’m not keen on the 3D XML Slider: Cu3er

I took a look at the Alternate jQuery Slider: Alternate.html

but the first picture fades into a tiny thumbnail in the top left of the screen. Shouldn’t it fade into a picture that’s the same size as the first one?


It probably didn’t load properly. Try reloading the page. :)

I seem to be having a bit of a problem with some of the pages. In general, all the pages are centered and look very nice. But on one or two pages the overall layout jumps about 5 px to the right. So when someone would navigate the site it would be a “small disturbance” when moving from one page to another. Any ideas? Here is a link to help:

Thanks for your help.

Sorry, to fast on the keys. Solved it. Thanks for a good template.

I’m glad it’s sorted. ;)

Hi! I sent you a direct email but will also post here :) Amazing template, incredibly easy to use. Is there a way to replace the slideshow on the home page by a short video that I already have? (format could be anything, from flv to mov). Let me know if this is doable or if you’d agree to help me do it, it would be really awesome. Thanks, and again, great work!

How does the blog work for this template?

The blog is not fully functional, unless you convert it to wordpress or another blog platform. This is just a html version.

That’s frustrating.

This ?s very nice template. But I am having trouble with the Turkish characters. ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? while using on nav. How can i fix the trouble? Thank you.

Responded to email.


I’m having an issue with the contact form. I followed all of the instructions included with the template, but the email arrives in my inbox without any of the contact form information filled in. Any thoughts? I have the form on the homepage as well as the contact page

On the form tags, try changing:




Worked perfectly. Thanks!

Bought – Many Thanks!

Thanks a lot! :)


I’m having an issue with the index cu3er, I am familair with changing the images names or even extensions via the “config.xml” file. I wish to use high res png files as apposed to jpegs.

I have changed the file name in the xml to “slide_1.png” and obviosuly left a png named the same in the “slider_images” folder. My cu3er is just reverting to the jpg extension!

I have changed the jpegs to png’s as I mentioned above on other cu3er’s – Am I missing something?


Disregard – got it working!

Although One more issue.

Is there any way to change the grey background (behind the main site) and the white of the main site loading area?

When I change the background colour, the entire site changes to that colour.


To change the background, open up style.css and add this code to the bottom:

#wrap {
 background:url(style/img/BG_wrap.png) repeat-y center;

Then search the body styling near the top:

body {
    font-family:"Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans Unicode", sans-serif;
    background:#FFFFFF url(style/img/BG_wrap.png) repeat-y center;

Then change the background property to whatever you want. Like so:

You can only change the white ‘wrapper’ background if you edit the BG_wrap.png image.