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Many Thanks!

Is there a way to do a drop down menu from the main menu?

I’ll update the theme with a drop down menu soon. :)

I’m trying to change the font and font weight for “tagline-center” and “tagline-right” but can’t get it to work. I looked throughout the css, but can’t find anything overriding it. Any ideas on where to change it?

If you’re still using the Cufon font, there’s no way to da that since the font doesn’t support any other font-weights. You can ofcourse remove the Font Replacement from those elements and style them using CSS .

Is there much involved with adding a dropdown menu to the main navigation links?

I’ll update the theme with a drop down menu soon. :)

Thanks for the quick reply. It is for a project I am working on this week. Might you know when the drop down might be available?

Thanks again!

I just uploaded it. If you need it sooner, mail me through my userpage and I’ll send you the files. ;)

Many Thanks – I will download it from my proile page.

Thanks for the speedy responce!

I also needed the drop down menu, and have downloaded the new version, but how do I get the menu to work within my current site? I didn’t see an example of it in the new pages…

thanks for such a great template!!!!

It’s still awaiting review. It should be available shortly. ;)

Great! I’ll be patient : )

Will there be a notification when it’s ready?

I’ll make a new comment when it’s reviewed. ;)

I can verify that the new version’s dropdown works great!

I have built a lot of my site structure as with hop2us above. Is it possible to “add” the dropdown effect to the older version so I don’t have to build the site from scracth with the new version?


I think you can just include the superfish.js and superfish.css files and then call the plugin like so:


The dropdown menu update is now available for download!

Thanks BC,

Can you just verify where this code is placed please:

jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#nav').superfish(); });


Place it in the in the header, within <script> tags. :)



This theme is awesome

But one problem

Why isn’t there a search bar for this? I saw one for the Wordpress but not this one?

Best Regards

Because Wordpress has a built-in search functionality.

Is it possible to add one regardless?

I can’t afford 27 dollars lol

Yeah, I can probably add the styling for a search box next week or so.

I sent you my site files via your email yesterday.

I am having a small glitch with the new dropdown menu. Can you review it please…

Yeah, sorry. I’ve been pretty busy lately. I’ve took a look at your problem but I can’t seem to find the cause. Did it do that from the start?

I added the new dropdown code with the cs and js code already written into the previous version without the dropdown.

Tha said, I copied tags open & close – so the close should be clean.

I have altered the cu3er height in some respects in the css, but the new dropdown appears ‘over’ the cu3er on the new verison.

I thought it might be a simple case that the cu3er’s code is placing it in from tof the navbar…

On the topic above, I suspect it may be the simple placement of the CSS & JS in the header possibly – I’m not that articluite with CSS , but it’s just a thought.

After investigating a little more, I feel its the style.css that is causing the navbar to tuck in behind the cu3er – But my CSS skills wont allow me to pin point the issue – have you had any luck?

I have no idea. It works fine on the demo so I don’t know what the problem may be.

I am having the same issue as sticker when I put it into my existing layout. Testing all kinds of things, but no solution yet. : (

Hey I think I figured it out.

The overflow property in the #header-wrap is cutting off the sub-menus. You need to take out the hidden property for the overflow. Now it’s working!

Ofcourse! Damn, that I didn’t see that. Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it. ;)


great theme, but I found two little irregularities or “errors” if you like.

First: I do not use he cu3er slider but the alternate version with the JavaScript Slideshow. There are three alternating images, and I observe the following behaviour: - When I first load the side, the first image appears in regular size - When it changes to the second image, the image appears in a very very small thumbnail version in the top left corner - from then on, all images including the first one only appear very small - as soon as I reaload the site once, all images appear in full size and the slideshow works as expected. Any ideas?

Second: When changing to the “Blog” Page from any other page, the left and right borders of the site are not fully aligned but “jump” some pixels to the left. Any ideas why this might be the case?

To double check, I tested this behavior both with my adapted site as well as with the original version of the template: You can check that here: my site: template:

I would be very grateful for any suggestions, especially with respect to the image problem which is a bit critical for production use of the site. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!