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In Mobile after clicking the navigation link the mobile navigation is not collapsing.. please check this issue.



Yes, you are right, please email me from my profile page and i will send you a fix for this.


Can you also add the scroll to top button as you did in the Apex Theme?, Then I will also buy this one :)


Yeah, why not, it’s a simple modification :)

Let me know if you decide to buy our theme and i’ll send you the modification.

colevr Purchased

Hi, the framework you used for responsive provide any class for menus with drop down, like bootstrap? Thanks, Cole

Hi! I would like to buy this theme today if you can help me to add content like prices / about us / our clients and so on … IN THE SAME STYLE! I like your style ! Is it posible ? I can pay extra money for this one. Please answer to me.

Hi there, Congrats it’s a very nice theme!! I’m very interested in buying this theme and I’ve accessed the preview on my Iphone and it colapsed. Sorry about that maybe it will be a stupid question but Can I use this theme only as a business website in all devices such as tablet/phone/pc? Regards, Anderson Moreira

Salehtz Purchased

Theme was working fine, and suddenly start giving this error once your try to send email through support.

“Server error, could not send email. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

I am also experiencing issues with the contact form. When a user submits the form I only receive what was typed in the message box and the name. The email does not come through on the email. Any ideas?

Hi, I “Delicious – Responsive App Landing HTML Theme” bought . I do not add external links to the menu. Please help.

Hi all,

Please I only have an issue with this theme, i want to upload another background image to have this one like headboard, it´s possible?

I really like the images by default ( cherry, ice etc.) but i need to change it to give to my theme personality…

Please help.

Thanks, Lola

Hi, I “Delicious – Responsive App Landing HTML Theme” bought . I do not add external links to the menu. Please help.


Hi, I’m the designer of theme, I’m trying to get hold of our developer on this theme and he’ll be able to assist you further, I think he is away on study leave at this time but I’ll try get hold of him.


I’m waiting for your reply…

Hi again,

I have problems with responsive in this theme, can you fix it? I need to optimize the web now and never receive your support. I´m not sure where to fix these problems by myself… I hope you help me this time because the previous two received no reply.

Thank you


Have you purchased this template? you don’t have a purchased badge – please send me a message through my profile so I can confirm purchase history, thank you.


Could you give me your email to send proof of purchase ?

Thank you


Send me a message through my profile page, Envato then will show me your purchase history.

Can you please contact form (SMTP) ?

Please make mobile navigation like this. “Apex Responsive HTML Theme”

Waiting for your reply and update :)

ednilson Purchased

Hello , how to put review with automaticaly transitions? Regards