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aleraker Purchased

Really was my mistake

I appreciate the help you gave me You have the best support of theme forest

The problem was solved

Thank you very much

Bought this them and regret it. Did not realize I have to create a post for each item on the menu. Thats beyond ridiculous. God forbid your menu is over 50 items. Then you must great SEO meta for each page. Well I got what I paid for. Nothing…


Hi, my theme use Wordpress 3 Custom Menu, please create the menu from Appearance -> Menus so you can customize the menu.


This is some good videos tutorial how to use Menu System in Wordpress 3 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKMpBggOKuE

Now I am trying to figure out how to get my money back

Looks nice, especially love the background slider and the menu slider. Wondering how you have made them? by plug-in or integrated jQuery?

Suggestions: 1. Add contact form 2. Add contact page widget area 3. For the nav slider, make all visible in gray scale and but the active one (and hover one) in colors.

If these are made, I am pretty sure you will sell many more and I would be the one of those. :)



Hi, Thanks, I’m using jquery to create the effect.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will think about it and make it available in the next update ;)

This is a really bad theme… I lost my money!


What’s wrong with this theme? Can you explain it? I will help you solved the problem

I like the overall look and feel of the theme, but my initial questions are:

Does this theme allow the ability to modify the colors within the WP dashboard?

How difficult would it be to modify the color scheme?



You can easily change it from Theme setting, here’s the screenshot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5063993/delicious_admin_color.jpg

aleraker Purchased

His theme is perfect, do not worry about the complaints. He is the most complete theme that i already bought

I need your help. I need a full blog without sidebar Can you help me in code?


Ok, if you want to make the blog without sidebar, you need to edit news-template.php, find this code in line 35-36:

<div id="content" &lt;?php if ( get_option('dl_sidebar') == 'Left') : echo "class=\"backleft\""; endif; ?&gt;>
    <div id="maincontent" &lt;?php if ( get_option('dl_sidebar') == 'Left') : echo "class=\"alignright\""; endif; ?&gt;>

And change it with:

<div class="full" id="content"><div id="fullwidth"> </div></div>

Edit: the code in the top without any closing div, not sure why the closing div automatic appears

And remove this code (the sidebar line 80-83):

<div id="nav" <?php if ( get_option('dl_sidebar') == 'Left') : echo "class=\"alignleft\""; endif; ?>>
    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

<div class="clear"></div>

Do the same with single.php

I must say with all the complaints I still bought the template. This was a mistake. The tutorial that comes with the template is a joke to say the least. The FOOD menu is very bad. Have no idea how to separate the food posts for each page i.e. Beverages, Vino, Salads Entree and so on. there is no options to assign the custom categories to each individual page. I am very unhappy with this and not only wasted my money but time as well.


Hello, I assume you already create the foods with category on it. Now you should go to Appearance -> Menu to create your custom navigation.

Just add the food category into your navigation and arrange it into the navigation -> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5063993/food_menus.jpg

Click Screen Option on the upper right if the Foods Category not appear in left bottom. If you still have a problem just contact me from my profile page and give me your wp-admin access and I will give some example to create the Foods menu

Ransdell Purchased

I am looking to put the list of “Food Category” in my “Food” page, in a way that when a person clicks on the category, it will then show a page with only those foods. How do I do this?

P.S. My food categories are not showing up under Appearance->Menus, btw; nor does the categories widget. :-(


Go to Appearance -> Menus and in the upper top click “Screen Option” you can display it from there, Somehow the Foods Category not appear by default.


every time i try to upload a slider image i get the following error message : failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /var/www/web1624/html/blabla/wp-content/themes/delicious/functions.php on line 2173

what does that mean ??

thx for your help inner


Hello, please make sure “allow url include” and “allow furl open” active in your php setting. Add this line in your php.ini:

allow_url_include = On allow_url_fopen = On


cool thx ! worked for me ! really nice template !

I am thinking of using this theme for an ice cream truck vendor who will be moving around the city throughout his day.

Is it possible for him to email himself his current location using Google maps (by copy/pasting the map link) and then have the map on the home page automatically update to show where he is?

If so, please explain how. I think he would like that feature. Thanks!


I’m sorry but that’s not possible

And can we change the colour scheme too?


Sure, there are 3 different color, you can check the HTML version: http://themeforest.net/item/green-delicious-restaurant-layout/170665 to see all the color variation

LTdesign Purchased

Is it possible to add an optional sidebar? I really need a different sidebar on the Menu pages than on the other pages. Or, since I’m not using the blog sidebar could that be changed to a menu sidebar?

PS…I love the way the site is looking so far, as does the owner. Thanks.http://themeforest.net/images/smileys/grin.png


Hi, actually the Foods Category page using same sidebar like blog ;) check my demo here:

blog post -> http://designeek.com/wp/delicious/blog/ Foods Category -> http://designeek.com/wp/delicious/menuscat/appetizer/

So you can use blog sidebar

LTdesign Purchased

Thanks, I see that I need to do some “adjusting” of page formats to make it work out….but the bottom line is the owner want 3 different sidebars, is there any way to add one via code? If not, he’ll live with it. Thanks


Sorry, but this theme only have 2 sidebar, you need to modify the code if you want to add another sidebar.

zenazone Purchased


I’ve purchase Delicious Template. When i go to admin settings and I try to upload images (logo, background, etc.) I select the file in my pc, I click to Upload, I see this write “delicious settings saved”, but in website nothing change and no one image is visible. Nothing at all. I try with IE9 and Chrome broswer. Can you help me? What’s wrong? Thanks

Kind Regards



Usually that’s CHMOD problem, try change CHMOD in wp-content folder into 777. If you still have the problem contact me from my profile page and give me wpadmin and ftp access, I will check and fix it.

zenazone Purchased

I’ve try, but nothing change. I contact you from your profile.


Hello! Congrats, nice template.

When i try to upload a new Background or logo, appears this message.

PHP Warning: Maximum number of allowable file uploads has been exceeded in Unknown on line 0

what i do to fix that?


Hi, I think it’s your server setting, can you edit your php.ini? try add max_file_uploads=500 or higher.

Let me know if you still have the problem, you can contact me from my profile page and give me wpadmin access and give me access to php.ini

Hi. I have troubles with images at background┬┤s slideshow. This is the error: “Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /homepages/15/d249660913/htdocs/wp-content/themes/delicious/functions.php on line 2173”. I have created a “php.ini” archive with instructions to change “allow_url_fopen” and “allow_url_include” to turned both to “on”. The problem persists. What can I do to resolve this? Any suggestions? Thanks.


Can you check the phpinfo() to make sure allow_url_fopen and allow_url_include already on? Or contact me from my profile page, give me wpadmin access and access to php.ini, I’ll check it. Thanks

was very skeptical about buying this because of some bad reviews; I love the theme because i have half a brain…... awesome work!


Thanks man :D

Hey Plentong,

Great job responding to everyone’s questions (even when being rude!). I know you can modify the colors using the 3 colors you created, but i was wondering, how difficult would it be for me to make a black theme? Are the .psd’s easy to use? I’ve seen a lot of very poorly designed .psd’s in my time and was just wondering. Are the layers labeled properly, or just numbered? Thanks for your help!


Hello, contact me from my profile page, I will give you sample of the psd. Thanks

Bug in Firefox 4 Mac OS 10 .6

Sometimes than reload the page the background disappear (back_content.png) Maybe is it z-index or something else.

I cant resolve this problem.




and also one question how you add pixel texture to home background? On menu picture i have but on the homepage background it doesnot appear.


I was check your site in firefox 4, using mac os 10.6.7 and the background looks normal, I also try refresh it few times. Maybe that’s internet connection problem or try clear your firefox history and cookies.

You need to create the pixel texture in the images. You can create the background with big_slideshow.psd, I’ve include the psd file with the pixel texture. Thanks