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zalzy Purchased

Hi! Will you plan to make some upgrades and add responsiveness to your theme? Soon it will be almost useless on mobile equipment :(


Best regards!

Sorry, I don’t have any plan with this theme.

Manuel :-)


I uses your Delight theme for many years. I’ve just updated to Wp 4.1 and contactForm 7, v4., And now it seems to have some jquery problem when validating/submiting the forms

look here : www.jardinier-bio.be/contact/

of course, I’m not a js / jquery professional. Would you like to take a look?

thanks Laurent Dabomprez Belgium

Awesome, thank you :-)

thanks. By the way, when I set a link on an image thumb (with no alignement param), I still have a right black frame, larger than the picture… Any ideas? See here, end of page : http://www.jardinier-bio.be/smartpots/

hi how are i buy the template how to chance the logo please help me thank you www.chefroger.com


Ivan_k Purchased

Hi Manuel, Delight do not support Wordpress 4.1 ? And there is no plan for another Delight theme with responsive? Best regards!

Hi, no plans for adding responsiveness to the theme, sorry. The demo is running WP 4.1.1 without problems so far.

Manuel :-)


I cannot find the documentation.html in the zip file. Has the location changed?

I am trying to allow for a larger logo. Http://new.nwmr.us I’d like it to be about 2.5x larger that it is showing up by default. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi, the documentation is in the main zip file you download from ThemeForest (I just check, there is). However: the size of the logo is the original one: http://new.nwmr.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/NWMR_Logo_Thumb.jpg

If you enlarge it you will see it pixelated. So you can upload a larger logo (and see it fine) or see it pixelated by enlarge it via CSS:

header #logo {
    height: 110px;
header a {
    background-size: 250px;

Let me know. Manuel :-)


One of my client use delight, this site is really slow in both frontend and backend. I try checking the theme, and the first thing I found some wrong here: It is all about qtip, Can you check it?

Question - with 2.0 version is the theme responsive? I just looked at the demo site and it does not seem to be working on ipad and iphone.


so what do you mean that 2.0 works with ipad and iphone?

I only improved it since its first release and made it as more compatible as possible: provided an alternative for the flash video, an alternative for the hover effect etc, but it hasn’t been built for mobile devices, I’m sorry and, as the description says, it isn’t responsive.

Manuel :-)


I was hoping to just do an image where the header is, how would I do that? Thanks.

Hi, you must upload an image into “Delight a.p. -> Colors & images -> Header -> Header background image” and then follow the documentation. Open the documentation included in the theme, read on “Admin panel -> Colors & images -> Header colors & images”.

Let me know

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

I have some difficulties with my gallary/portfolio. When I click the Thumbnail in the three clolumn gallery, as you explain in the tutorial, unfortunately no picture viewer (or image gallery carousel) opens but the fullsize picture in the browser (with an Url beginning with: http://i1.wp.com/(...)). How can I set up a gallery with an “image gallery carousel” exactly like your example and it would appear as if I follow your instructions from the tutorial which I did.

thx flo

Very strange in this case, there is something the blocks it. Have you tried to disable the other plugins? Maybe there is a plugin that inits ColorBox in a different way. Please, try and let me know if you can find a “culprit” so I can make some tests on my end.

Manuel :-)

There you go! Seems like Jetpack was the tiny little bastard in that case! Nobodey else reported some conflicts with Jetpack? It is one of the most popular wp-plugins so far.

Thank you very much Manuel!

Not at the moment… but very strange. Maybe it is a particular module only… have you tried?

Manuel :-)


Zinzif Purchased

Hi, I’ve been using your template for about a year now and I really like it. Last week I found out that my portfolio doesn’t show my pictures anymore. Instead it just shows dots. Can you help me? This is my website: http://zinzifrohwein.com/gallery/gallerij01/ Ciao! Zinzi

Hi… very strange… the width of the image container is set to 2 and so is the height. The two values depend on your settings. Could you provide your WP login details via email and let me check please: manu[at]pixedelic.com (remind me this thread in the email).

Manuel :-)

Hi, videobackground in this theme don’t work under MAC OS in Safari and Firefox and on many mobile devices, how can i fix this?