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Hi, what’s the font used on logo ? & congratz for this nice template !

Droid Sans Bold.

Thanks a lot for the purchase, I am glad you liked my template. If you still have any queries please feel free to post on the contact page.

Hi, This template looks great. I am testing it in several browsers but in internet explorer 8 not all functionality works fine. Does it have a limitation with internet explorer?


Sorry we do not support IE8 really. It really limits our design. Right now IE8 is optional in TF too. Sorry if you are expecting it to work on IE8.

By the way, thanks for your interest on our theme :) , we are happy for that

Hi Bootstrapguru,

I bought your Dashboard! Awesome dude… Do you have the clean HTML files (without scripts or PHP file calls)? I don’t use PHP.



Thanks for your word :)

We did not use php in this template except for the image crop. If you need any help or have questions please feel to contact us on our support page.

Hi Vj why ajax twice occured, one in core.js in loadPage function and the other one in the success function by container.load? would you please help me on this? i think you had a mistake there … thanks

in loadPage function , it is handled in two ways. One success where it finds the file in the url mentioned, if it is not found it goes to error and then loads a 404 page. It is not wrong , it is the right logic. But thanks for clarifying. If you still have any issues please let us know, we are happy to help you

Hi. Further to my e-mail on Friday, I think I’m a little closer. Would you mind reviewing my code to see what I’m doing wrong? I’d like to work as closely with the theme as I can to ensure responsiveness.

Thank you for your time. Ryan.

Thanks. I received confirmations 107 and 112. Failing that, you might be able to help here if you’d like. You mentioned I could use other charts – just trying to get the chart to work well. I think I’ve just made a stupid mistake and can’t spot it.

Yes, definitely stuck here. Can’t get it to work. Hope you can help. Thank you in advance.

I have replied on the ticket

Bought your Dashboard, very nice! How can I load Google Charts into it.. I can’t get it to work and make the charts resizable.. The page keeps refreshing..

can you please send a screenshot , we dont have any problem with the same version of FireFox,

please send the screenshot using the following link, once you send a mail using the following link then you will get a ticket number and then using that you can send files

This piece of code isn’t working in Firefox (loadPage function in core.js)

success: function () { container.mask(‘


‘); container.load(urlExt, null, function (responseText) { window.location.hash =url; $(’.breadcrumb .active’).html(url); init(); sortablePortlets(); }).fadeIn(‘slow’);

The “container.mask” is only visible for a milisecond..

everything tested double times bro, can you please send us a screenshot of the error ? we might help you . are you loading the files through server?

This is an awesome template, very attractive and functional. Already purchased it. Having trouble with some missing documentation though. Easy-pie-charts document is missing. The sample file is missing the JS call. Please help me make the Top left corner “Month Sales” exactly as it is on the demo website. Thank you so much, keep up the good work. Hope u reply soon.. need it urgently.

Hey, Could you please send your website link? So that I can check the issue and solve it for you. Thanks.

I am sorry, but I do not have my website hosted yet… maybe if u point me to the js or classes used to create the portlet on the top left corner. of the demo link u sent me.

This is for displaying the canvas and also info to the right of it.

 <div class="col-md-3">
            <div class="web-stats fadeInUp info">
                    <div class="chart easyPieChart" data-percent="73" style="width: 110px; height: 110px; line-height: 110px;">73%<canvas width="110" height="110"></canvas></div>    
                <div class="pull-left graph-summary">
                    <h5 class="timer" id="lollipop" data-to="5634" data-speed="5000">5634</h5>
                    <span class="description">Month Sales</span>
                <li class="icon ion-ios7-cart-outline fa-watermark"></li>
This should be initialized in jquery //easy pie chart initialization $('.chart').easyPieChart({ animate: 6000, lineWidth : 8, barColor: '#a0d269' }); // increment number $('.timer').each(count); //function to increment number function count(options) { var $this = $(this); options = $.extend({}, options || {}, $'countToOptions') || {}); $this.countTo(options); }

the plugins used are

1) easypiechart 2) jquery.countTo.js

I want a full customizations , because I see you did a fine work , so you have enough time ?

yes can you please contact me on the below link with your skype id ?


Is it possible to use this theme using AngularJS? If yes, then it will great if u can guide me, what changes I need to make for the theme to use AngularJS instead of JQuery as I do not want my app to be depending on both.

Thank you,

nope, sorry for the disappointment.

Can you fix the error on MAC, Chrome, 13”? If you fix it, I’ll buy it! :) Your template is awesome ;)

what is the error?


I love your work have a project i would like to get started on! are you available for hire?

Please email me at

Regards, Alex

yeah, please contact me on profile page or contact on this page

Hello i just did!

excellent, good luck;

Thanks bro :)

Hi, who can I use variebles in top links? Exemplo #client ?id=1 or &id=1 Thanks

Usually the link is that it uses ’#dashboard’, ’#portlets’, ’#tasks’ and even search ‘dashboard.html’, ‘portlets.html’, ‘tasks.html’. But if I want to pass a variable by GET for what he did not recognize. How could I pass a variable by GET, for example ’#tasks?id=1&pd=2’?

yeah I did try this with php in the past it should work that way. for eg

if we consider the above url , the in php the below code should work

echo $_GET[‘id’];

Ok I’ll take the test, thanks.

Looks like your css doesn’t load on demo sites: prifile, tasks etc. Can you fix it?

What did you use for the animated svg weather icons?


We have a support forum for our customers, Please place a ticket here

Ich purchased your template – but all the jpgs are grey. Where can i find the real images?

Sorry images are not provided with the download files. They are not provided with any files on the themeforest

hi bootstrapguru dropzone link page dont refresh when clicked a second time Browser going to upload.php.

Hi Bootstrapguru, We are using your delighted themeforest template. Application is built using Angularjs. I need to redirect to different page on clicking the Donut Chart. Is it possible?

Dear support,i did not see any CSS for right to left. can you tell me please from where i can see the RTL

Hello Mjawwad,

We din’t provide RTL version for Delighted Admin template, if you would like to have an RTL version, we suggest you to take a look at one of our admin templates “Cascade Bootstrap Admin Template”. Please check it here:

Thanks for your time.

Hello, I have purchased Delighted Flat Responsive Bootstrap 3 Dashboard, in that i want to get draggable component. I took portlet component, but i am un able add draggable function.

Please can u help me.


Could you please host it online and send me the link, so that I check it

Thanks, BSG.