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Nice Theme. Few questions before I buy: 1. The demo seems very slow moving from project to project hitting next and my speedtest is 13 Mbps. The loader comes up every time. Is this your server or basically the load time will come into play each time someone hits next? 2. Can we turn off the rollover ajax animation with the title over each project or at least just turn it into a basic brightening of the image or dimming? Even if css? Thanks.


1. Humm, It’s pretty fast for me (2-3 seconds). What you need to realize is that it loads the post via AJAX so it has to get the images/content before it can transition. So depending on the image sizes and what not it could be faster/slower. Of course you can speed up the animation of the javascript (up and down movement) or even change how it works via the file at js/ajax.js – any edits would of course have to be done by you.

2. The hover overs are a simple CSS hover – simply reset by setting hover opacity to 1 or delete the hover styling from style.css.


Hi WPExplorer, I love your theme. One question. I don’t need the slider at the top of the home page. So if I don’t load any images, then it won’t appear. Would that be correct? Thanks in advance.


Correct. As long as you leave the slider options empty in the theme settings it won’t show up.


Thank you for your prompt reply. T


Sure, no problem.

MNyfors Purchased

Hey! I am looking forward to installing your site but got this error message when I tried to install it…

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Help!! m:-)


You need to make sure to extract the zip you get from ThemeForest because it contains several folders besides the theme, so you can locate and upload just the theme folder.

Please have a look here: http://www.wpthemehelp.com/knowledgebase/installing-your-premium-themeforest-wordpress-theme/

Thank you for the purchase!

This theme is just what i’ve been looking for. Just one quick question before I go ahead and purchase… is it possible for the top item to be a video preview (i make my own mp4’s) instead of a image slideshow?


By default no. Here is how the slider works:


If you leave the slider options empty nothing will show up. So if you know how to edit the template-home.php file you could add your video manually?


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Hi WPExplorer – Is it possible to make the homepage slider automatically transition? Thanks.


If you open js/slider_init.js you can change the slideshow value from false to true.

The reason I have it disabled is if you have different slider heights the animation looks bad when you’re browsing the portfolio items below.

thanks for the purchase, AJ

Hi wpExplorer, is it possible in portfolio page to remove “show all” button ?



The easiest would be to simply hide via CSS rather then hacking away at the theme files:

#portfolio-cats li:first-child{ display: none; }

The CSS above hides the first li element in the filter nav, which by default is the show all button.

Thanks for the purchase!

This theme is exactly what we are looking for. I was wondering if you use a specific theme manager for settings and such?


There is a theme panel build-in using a theme panel called “SMOF” you can see all the options on the screenshots:


Hi – I have 2 problems

1) Changing the Accent Color (Custom Color Skin) has no effect 2) When I enter anything into the custom css box the front end of the site returns this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /home/smartsoh/public_html/wp-content/themes/Delta/functions/custom_css.php on line 32

please advise



Sorry, I see a couple bugs in the custom_css.php file. If you contact me via my profile page I will send it immediately. Also will update the theme on ThemeForest right now.

I like the very clean look of this design. One question: Can I add blog posts to the home page with the same look as the portfolio items? I want to have a featured square photo and text excerpt for blog posts instead of portfolio items (or possibly some of both). Thank in advance for your reply.



Will be a bit difficult and require several edits to include them into the AJAX style, because the AJAX works by pulling a specific section from the single-portfolio.php template file.

If you aren’t using the AJAX (http://www.wpexplorer.com/premium/delta/home-no-ajax/), you can easily add the regular post type to the array in template-home.php (I could show you how). So that it loads portfolio items and blog posts.

Hi There,

I want to have two separate portfolios that can be linked to from the main menu. I guess this needs an additional template or am I missing something?



For a normal portfolio (no filter) you can do so by simply creating categories and linking to the category. Example:


In the dashboard under the Portfolio post type you should see the ability to add categories just like regular posts.

Then in the menu editor on the top right under “screen options” make sure the portfolio categories section is enabled so you can easily add them to your menu.


Hi, I purchased but am having trouble installing on one of my sites. I activate the theme sitewide at the network admin level, and go to install it on a particular site and get a blank screen (PHP error, I’m assuming). After that the wp-admin area does not function until I rename the Delta theme, refresh, and let Wordpress reload the default theme again. File and group permission settings seem correct. Live preview is also a blank screen. Other themes are working fine. I’m running 3.4.2 WP and using several plugins. Could really use some help to get this up & running. It really is a great-looking theme, just what I’m looking for. Thanks!


Have you made sure to install the main theme and that you aren’t uploading the full zip downloaded from TF?


The live demo is currently running on WP 3 .4.2 on an MS install as well, so you shouldn’t be having any issues.

If you are getting a blank screen, you might want to enable wp-debug (via wp-config.php) to see what kind of warning you might be getting. This would really help troubleshoot the problem, it could be a conflict with a plugin, but there really shouldn’t be.

Thank you for the purchase, AJ

thanks for the speedy reply. Yes, I did indeed upload the theme properly, and the procedure is not new to me. I manually unzipped the download and uploaded only the items in the upload folder. The Delta theme and thumbnail show up as expected in the thumbnail gallery.

The issue in fact seems to involve the options framework plugin.

Here’s what I get when I turn error reporting on:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare of_admin_head() (previously declared in /var/www/[myserver].com/wp-content/plugins/options-framework/options-framework.php:287) in /var/www/[myserver].com/wp-content/themes/Delta/admin/functions/functions.interface.php on line 140

The plugin in question is updated to the latest version. What do you think?


You would be amazed though how many people have issues just installing the theme. I don’t mean to offend you.

Thanks for letting me know about the error. The theme actually has an Options Framework built-in so it’s conflicting with the plugin. You should de-activate the “Options Framework” plugin on this site as it isn’t needed. No need to de-activate it site-wide, but yes for the site using the Delta theme.


Ok – I’ll give that a shot first thing tomorrow. Thanks again for responding so quickly. Sorry if I sounded gruff before – no ill will intended! Very much looking forward to using the theme. Thanks AJ.


Great. Just let me know if you encounter any further issues and I will help you out. I’ll make sure everything is running smooth for you!

Hi WPExplorer, Some people comment my portfolio content: http://www.8-movie.com/?page_id=86

I’m able to see that in Wordpress as admin. I have approved the comment, checked the “Allow comment”, but on the website is not visible the comment and is not visible the form. Can you suppose the reason?

Looks like deactivating the Options Framework plugin works, but I did have to do it sitewide; it wasn’t active by default on the individual site I was using Delta for, but something was still getting picked up. It’s not a problem for me to keep it fully deactivated so that does solve my problem, and the theme looks great.

Thanks for your help!


That is strange…I’ll make sure to update the Options Framework name in future themes to avoid these conflicts – or leave a message to the Framework developer on Github so it gets updated and other devs don’t have this issue. Thanks for letting me know of the issue!

Thanks for the purchase, glad you like it! AJ

Hi WPExplorer, Some people comment my portfolio content: http://www.8-movie.com/?page_id=86

I’m able to see that in Wordpress as admin. I have approved the comment, checked the “Allow comment”, but on the website is not visible the comment and is not visible the form. Can you suppose the reason?

Do you have an idea?


Due to the way the theme works I didn’t add support for portfolio comments.

You can show them on the front end by editing single-portfolio.php and adding:

<?php comments_template(); ?>

Where you want them to appear.

Note, that if you want them in the AJAX content they will need to be inside the “portfolio-ajax-content” div.


I’m not finding a demo xml file I can import. Is there one? That might help me get our newly purchased theme up and running faster. Thanks!


I didn’t include one with this theme because it’s so simple to setup. However, if you want to contact me via my profile page I would be glad to send you one as soon as I get back to the office.

Thank you for the purchase, AJ

Hi WPExplorer… first off, great theme, really like the design, dead simple to configure – working very well so far. But, and perhaps I’m just blind this morning, but how do I turn off commenting altogether on the site… I’m not a newb to Wordpress, most every theme it’s as simple as disabling commenting Settings > Discussion Settings. How do I disable it at the page level with Delta?


and yes, I’m using a legit copy… it’s my client that has purchased the theme and provided me with the files


You can do it by going to the page listing admin screen, selecting all the pages, under “bulk actions” click “edit”, hit the apply button, then on the right you see a drop-down for comments, so you can set it to “not allow”.

That’s probably the easiest way to do it in WP.

Basically the way WordPress works is when you disable comments under “discussion settings”, it only disables it for future posts/pages. So you’ll need to edit the pages/posts that are already published.



Thanks AJ – I knew that but completely forgot it. Cheers!


Hey AJ, I have a client who’s needs seem to be in line with the Delta theme. I’m hoping you can answer some quick questions.

1) On the Delta’s main page with AJAX content. Can we split that lower area (AJAX content) into two columns and have widgets pulled into the right hand column? Client needs newsletter signup widget above the fold.

2) Are any shortcodes included in the theme for blog posts?

3) Is the AJAX content a specific category or group defined in the dashboard? Does it have to be three across, could the column number be adjusted?

4) If these requests can’t be done with Delta, could you recommend another one of your themes (looked at Share but that seems to have the same limitations).

Thanks for the help on this.


1. Of course it’s possible, but will take customization on your part. You’ll need to add the sidebar and alter the css to float the portfolio wrap and add custom widths for the portfolio items so they can fit in a smaller area.

2. No. I don’t included shortcodes in my themes anymore. Too many plugins out there that do that – http://www.wpexplorer.com/wordpress-shortcodes-page-builders

3. On the homepage it shows all portfolio items, but I’m working on an update to select a specific category. The default CSS is for 3 columns. But it’s easy to make it 4 or w/e by changing the CSS . I helped someone earlier in the comments with that.

4. Really depends on whether you want to make any css/template changes or not.