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Just a question. I have one site made two years ago, before responsive became standard. There was an enormous amount of work that went into that site, leveraging shortcodes, custom sidebars, Disqus, Royalslider, and many other tweaks in typography, etc. I presume this theme, for mobile only, needs to be set up as if you were setting up a new WP site? Put otherwise, it wouldn’t necessarily render existing content seemlessly? I’ve never used a mobile only theme for mobile users, alongside a standard theme. I’m just trying to understand the concept. The theme has its own pages, posts, etc., that have to be set up at the start, right? So in effect, you really have two independent sites, in a sense?


You can use different pages for different templates that’s for sure. But this doesn’t work for posts. You can’t choose which post will be shown in which theme – there’s no desktop/mobile switcher by the post.


Right. Which means it’s okay if people visit your site via direct link, but if they search Google via mobile and find a post, they will go to the desktop post, but see it with all the shortcodes or other formatting that you didn’t necessarily code into the mobile theme.


Nope, this switcher plugin recognizes user’s device and automatically redirect him to a mobile theme.

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I need help. My blog address is (hellosideshow.com). When you type my address on desktop, I can see my latest post.

But, when you are on mobile device, I can’t see. How can I see my latest post in mobile??


Hello, you will have to make separate page like Blog for your latest posts.


Pre-Purchase Question – Does the theme support woocommerce? If I add woocommerce with this theme, will the cart pages be automatically optimized for mobile.


Hello, this theme is not optimized for eCommerce.


do you have any other theme that’s optimized for woocommerce and has tap to call and tap to email system.


Non of my themes were tested for WooCommerce. However all of my themes supports tap to action buttons.

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Hello. Thanks for this amazing theme. I am using this on my blog.: http://erasapp.co.uk/hepatobiliary/lapa-hemihepatectomy/

Three questions:

1. How do you change the title of the page displayed. On the above link it is supposed to say Laparoscopic Hemihepatectomy – but on the mobile site it comes up as just “LAPAROSCOPIC” – is there a way of changing this?

2. I am using TablePress plugin to display Responsive tables. It collapses when viewed in a mobile device… BUT the row heights don’t match… How can I fix this?

3. How do you make the “add to home screen” button on top right of the theme actually work?

I would be grateful if you could help.

Thank you




1. There is CSS line for header title, just increase it’s max-width. 2. This might be issue of the plugin itself 3. This can be changed in header.php file.