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It’s a great theme and well worth the money, but standard image embeding in Wordpress is screwed. Can it be fixed ASAP , please?

It should look like this:

but looks like this:

I notice that responses are few and far between – I’d like to remind the vendors that we are paying customers.


Ditto to EranSegev, I am having the same problem with images and the text-wrapping not working. It’s really messing with some pages. Support ASAP please.

Same image/text wrapping issue for me too. Some help please!


Why doesn’t the

<li />


<ul />

tags work in posts? Any idea why?


Code: <ul> <li>Livet i Søndergade, Nedergade, Kirkegade, Nygade, Adelgade, Havnegade og på Nørrebakke.</li> <li>De sidste heste i byen.</li> <li>Avlsgårdene tæt på den gamle bykerne, blandt andet i Nedergade og Søndergade.</li> <li>Byens handlende, fx manufakturforretningen i Nygade og skibsprovianten i Havnegade.</li> <li>Industri og småindustri, fx skotøjsfabrikken ovenfor Nørrebakke på Strandgårdshøj og træskomageren i Adelgade.</li> </ul>
  1. Småhåndværkere, blandt andet smeden i Søndergade og byens sidste drejer i Nygade.
  2. En række embedsfolk, funktionærer og personligheder fx byens trommeslagere og i tilknytning til Borger- og realskolen.

Thanks in advance….


Author, categories and number of comments isn’t showing on posts that’s only in the category ‘blog’:


It’s only showing, when I add the category ‘nyheder’, which is my ‘Blog category’, that means the category that I selected to contain my blog entries.

Why is that?

Has there been a fix to this? I am getting the same problem (image alignment doesn’t work AND the list

  • items do not work).
  • Paying customers would like to see it working… Please advise?

    I just went to change out my image slider on my home page with some updated images and all of a sudden my links are all broken and it won’t hold the links when I try and reconnect. Help please?

    I’ve tried connecting to the page directly and pasting in the URL . Is there a fix?


    Hello, any information on how to fix blog problem with text not wrapping correctly? Also the thumbnail images are cropped in the blog post, any idea why?

    Will this theme allow me to upload my own custom background image?

    WARNING : No Support. No Front Slider working. Risky purchase.

    I don’t think there’s anymore theme support from FlashHeroes. Many months ago I inquired about the home page slider not working.

    This is the only bad experience I’ve had with themes on here. Would love an explanation.

    Since the wordpress v 3.1 this theme is not working… a lot of bug ! Please FlashHeroes help us !!!

    Image slider isn’t working anymore. Please help us!

    This is not the proper way to do business Flashsuperheroes!

    Image slider on the homepage doesn’t work either with permissions cache 777. I never get to use this theme because I was never the solution. Someone can answer that question please? Thakns S.

    Hello there :) I would like to know why “Picture Medium” appears in low resolution: http://www.cospladya.it/2011/2011/05/cosplay-contest/ (just an example – click on the photo for right resolution)

    Damn. you guys are having so much problems… infact I didn’t update my wordpress system and it works properly… So sad for you, hope they come back to help!


    I have the same problem with homepageslider… anyone solved?

    zero support, the theme is nice looking and works fairly well. but if you have any problems you are on your own. I have lost many hours trouble shooting problems.

    flashSuperheroes I need some help please. on a category page, I have over 50 posts (10 pages) but the “next” button only work for the first two pages then I get a 404 error message. for now I have increased the number of post per page to avoid the error, but i need to fix the bug as 25 post per page is ridiculous. please help.

    Has anyone gotten the home page slider to work without the flash version?

    My client’s website stopped working since upgrading to 3.8 . Is there any compliance solution for WP 3.8 and above of I’m on my own?