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Really nice template ! Description traduced for French community here Deneb on Joomladsgn

BR !

That’s great, thanks! Nice website you got there.

I have bought this item, and it does not seem to work with other language packs. I have contacted support, but no answer since purchase.

Looking forward to your fix and reply!

Hi, we did get your email and answered as soon as we could. Please check if it landed on the spam folder. There is an intricate problem as soon as you change the language but it is resolved if you set it up right in VirtueMart (every language gets a set of tables in the database). You can also disable the featured product in the menu while you do so to avoid the error. Sorry about this issue.

Hi, i want to change the toolbar footer background color, but in gantry console -> style -> toolbar / footer if i change the background color, my website do not update the color.

Please help.


Hello Larry,

This is something we didn’t make very intuitive and will have to fix. The default style (cyan) has a rule in less/style-cyan.less that overrides the color setting from the admin. You can edit or remove this directly, or use one of the other stylesheets, in which case the setting will take effect.

on my samsung galaxy, the template left cut the login form, and also the form after an add-to-card. Can you please update the template with correct size for login form and other form. That’s important.

Hi, you mean the lightbox isn’t centered or completely visible on the screen? We’ll look into it and submit an update as soon as possible.

On demo site: If you click on the login button on the tool bar and try to create an account , you will get a fatal error! I have the same issue on my site how do i remove this button or fix the problem?

Hi, thanks for letting us know. There are two solutions to this problem. One is to update the PHP version installed on the server to one greater than 5.3, where the lcfirst function was introduced. The other is to send us an email to get a newer version of the file in question. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Is it RTL? Is it possible to insert Hebrew language

Hi, unfortunately we haven’t tested it with RTL languages and there are no additional stylesheets for this. These would have to be added manually as custom stylesheets.

Hi, when purchasing something, fields aren’t required. Ineed them all to be required. Also the system is not verifying the accont through the email, it just lets the user go to paypal without confirming the account.

Hi, I think both Issues are independent of the template. What fields aren’t required? The properties of fields and new fields can be changed in the VM admin. Do yuo want the email to be confirmed after creating an account or before being directed to PayPal? In the former case you can force activation in the user manager settings. In the latter case I’m not sure if there’s a VM option.

Ok, maybe I didn’t explain myself clearly. Is there a way to mark the required fields with a color? Red? Is there a javascript or something that I can edit?

My cx is driving me crazy!

Thanx for the support

Oh ok. There is no dedicated plugin for it. As it stands the field are evaluated on submission and if required fields are missing it is shown in a message but the previously entered values are not lost.

To make the check before submission the simplest thing is to add the required attribute to the fields. Modern browsers will show a red border if the field is left empty. We’ll see that we add the attribute in an update.

Hi. Is possible to update theme to virtuemart 2.0.24?

Did you find incompatibilities? We’ll take a look.

Hi and thanks for the quick response. I intend to buy this theme and do not know if i can update VirtueMart to last version without problems. After i did the update (another acquired template) visual elements were not correctly displayed and and many functions work abnormal. What Joomla and VirtueMart version are installation package? Thanks in advance for answers and sorry for my english.

The quickstart has J2.5.11 and VM 2.0.20b. I just updated locally to 2.5.14 and 2.0.24 and everything looks fine. I’ll go through the changelog to see if any critical parts were changed but it there should be no problems between minor versions.

Hi I cannot get the Deneb template to work in a fesh Joomla install. Backend is fine, but the front end is completely blank. Checking HTML source, the only thing that is present is the styling in the head tags from the video plugin. There is no javascript and nothing between the body tags.

I am using php 5.3.1 and Joomla 5.2.16

The Quickstart works fine. It is when I install the template only and assets into a fresh Joolma install on my local server.

I have created one home page featured article, but this does not show either.

If I install the Gantry Demo template (from the Gantry) and switch to this template, then the front end works and I can see the home page article, so I know Gantry is working. When I switch back to Deneb and from end goes blank.

I have tried clearing all caches, etc, but no luck.

I can see that there are some extra and also changed files in the template folder in a normal installation compared to the Quickstart, and I am wondering if something has become “broken”?

Hi Stephen. Again, thanks for the complete answer. I believe you might be having a problem with the less compiler. If you haven’t done so, please go to the template manager, click on Deneb and either choose colors for all the options or load a preset. Save the settings and the website should be back. I’m not sure why but it seems the default values are not always loaded in the database after installation.

Thank you. Yes, that work around seems to have solved the problem. Thanks again for you quick response.

Glad to hear that. Sorry about the trouble you had to go through.