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After uploading the theme to wordpress, it says stylesheetmissing. Broken Theme. How can I upload and use this theme properly for wordPress


I think the person who placed a comment 2 months ago he is right


I have wrote this hundreds of times and will once again here – it is not a WordPress theme.

Hello prowseed, I saw a wordpress website with this theme. Where can we baught the theme ? (here is just an html version and a have a wordpress website). Thank You

KONGDDS Purchased

I am having trouble with the slider on the main page. After the first image displays, the second and third are blank, and then the first one does not return.

Cool item, nicely done!;

hi! is there a wordpress version of this particular theme?


Hello, there is no such at the moment

Your hero image text is insulting and derogatory. I am a female developer, and they do not PLEASE MY EYE AS I DEVELOP. I hate pigs like you…

Do you want to know what ACTUALLY grabs users’ attention and pleases ALL developers’ eyes, regardless of sex? PUPPIES. PUPPIES grab attention and boost sales. DUH.


I have purchased your theme. Can you tell me where to make changes for contact form so that I receive emails? Also, what to change for fixing appointment? That seems to be not in the documentation.

Thanks, Praveen

you have the most awful and degrading banner ever! women are not object!

I Have a problem. When I install this theme on WordPress, it is written : stylesheetmissing !! What can i do if i want that it works ? Thanks


I’m willing to buy this website and I have a question.

Can you text me on mip535@gmail.com? for me to ask you directly…