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nice… really like it ,,,

just think there is a bug… when i click on contact – it skips to the middle of the potfolio..

btw is the contact form workin – so with script ?

@g3niuz : No it’s not a Bug, this happens because the form is at the bottom of the page and the scroller has nowhere to scroll anymore. Yes Contact form with PHP , working.

is a reason to fix… to add another image unter the contact form… that there is more to scroll at.. . think so its a bit weird..

Yep, that’s the option.

ok nice…

wanna do ? :)

Hi, I was wondering what font have you used ? – we are trying to set something up in the theme, but I can’t really figure out which one you hav been using =)

body font is Arial and headings are in Meta Cond Bold.

btw. You have an really big help file over there, just scroll down Your help PDF and You’ll see the fonts used in this template.


Nice looking plate with helpful pdf.but there is just one thing that puzzles me you are selling a 10.00 template and a $42.00 heading font Meta Cond Bold you would think that you would have used a common Font..