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Cool theme! Awesome work!

wow, thanks!

would like to see real working demo and not the screenshots before buying…

hey @Svipic – it’s a PSD template – there is no “live preview” of a photoshop template.

very nice theme

yeah, this is just the .psd design. Depending on interest, would consider writing a html + css version but really think it would be best to create a CMS version, which I could do. Thanks for the compliments. My first submitted design, just wanted to get a feel for how this site works. Pretty cool.

The coded version would be very interesting indeed !! good work

I’m definitely interested in a coded version. I can immediately think of a use for it :). Keep up the good work!

I would buy it asap if you could code this to work with wordress

thanks all for the compliments… I think I will go ahead and code but in a CMS app called Order Portal. Its an open source eCommerce app.

Don’t’ let your sales of this psd keep you from moving forward. Most of us buyers are not “hard-core” coders and like the heavy lifting to already be done, before buying.

I would however, think hard on your choice of CMS platform. I’ve never even heard of “Order Portal”, until now. And, if I were doing this to make money, I would stick to what sells the most … by creating it in Wordpress … if that’s possible.

As well, you would definitely get “massive” sales, if you took the time to create step-by-step integration and implementation. Just look at what “Octofirst” did in Wordpress, if you want a prime example. Great docs and video were created. I didn’t have to think! And he actually walked me through adding all the plugins to make it “all” work.

Do not spend an over-the-top amount of time on graphics – leaving things clean is best and your large “book-like” picture box in the middle of the page is not good design, wastes desktop real estate, and will hurt sales. IMHO


I will move forward… thanks

I love the design in it’s entirety. I’m currently shopping around and considering a custom wordpress website designer. However, I would love to know if this will be Wordpress accessible anytime soon. Would like to get my estore up very soon, like yesterday. Please let me know. Also can a professionally designed logo be added in the header. Serious inquiry


Wow, totally worth coding!

While WordPress will certainly be the center point of gravity here, you should paint your picture as you see it.

Perhaps “Order Portal” has the right self contained flow that completes a nice package here that you could buy and get right down to business with and you can model your WP version from it.

(“You still have to eventually obey gravity for business of course – It’s a law) ;-)

I don’t see Paypal in Order Portal so that’s a little disappointing but perhaps you could finagle something around on that.

This look, feel and flow with a back end attached is and immediate x10 purchase for me I can tell you. (I’d run circles around this)

Clean – Smooth – Confident – Strong. This is a masterpiece of sensibility.



I would buy it asap if you could code this to work with xhtml and css

Just finished reading all the additional comments. Thanks for the thoughts … yeah, the reason I would use Order Portal is because I am a project developer for that application and am extremely familiar with it. It has all the functionality I would need to do this. Coding in HTML + CSS alone wouldnt work because of the use of dynamic content and searching ability. Even though wordpress seems VERY popular, I have never coded a wordpress theme and think my code would have some serious bugs on first release.

Oh, @pagespages, Order Portal does have Paypal integrated. Actually it has 2 options integrated: Website Payment Standard and Payflo Pro. Website Payments Standard is free to get started but charges you on a per sale basis. Payflo Pro has upfront costs as well as per sale cost.

When I get the time I will try to convert this over to something usable (taking all your comments and direction into consideration) and will post the address in the comments area.

Im glad I gave this a shot. Thanks again for all the kind compliments! Please check back to this comment area for updates as I am unable to contact anyone through this site for some reason (I may just be a newb).


gfunk an html or cms version should be a given i have many clients that look for stuff like this had there been one available i would have snatched it up. food for thought… :)

What format is this in?


This is an HTML template. Includes all HTML , CSS, Javascript, images and photoshop files.

is there a wordpress template to it yet? i really want to have this theme edited n make a basic portfolio for me on this =)