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when I add new pages they don’t always appear on the homepage & sub-pages aren’t showing up either. Also I need to figure out how the slider works, it just pulls up random pictures, I don’t understand the rhyme & reason behind it. I want to have pics in the slider as well as text to prevent the “stretching” of the pictures in the slider.

Sorry, but we’re not offering support any more on this theme :(

I can’t seem to find the portfolio items tab to set up my individual portfolio projects. How do I do so? I feel like this is so simple and I’m over thinking this.

Sorry, but we’re not providing support anymore for this theme…

Hi there,

All of a sudden the tabs and toggles started to act weird on my site, although I haven’t changed anything. I just checked now, all the codes seem to be in order, still, the toggled content don’t start up closed but opened. Something similar is wrong with the tabs.

Can you check please and let me know how to fix it:



We’re not offering support on this theme anymore. Maybe you’ve updated WP and it’s in conflict with our theme :(


That’s horrible news man, I’m really disappointed.


This template is almost 2 years old. We can’t check old themes with every version of WP. You can downgrade WP in order to work with our theme…

hello, Is there a way i can import the demo version of the website that i can work off of? Thank you,

Hi, Twitter widget need a update, it don’t work fine.


I’m getting the following error message …

Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description DesignvilleWP Main 1.0 Stylesheet is missing.

Please help!

Hi, If I enable gzip compression in my php, it does not work for designville theme. If I switch to any other theme the gzip compression works.

<?php ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); ?>

That’s what I use in the header.php. I did try to put it in the index.php or functions.php but doesnt work either. Gzip with .htaccess doesnt work for my server.

Any idea why the designville theme is blocking the gzip compression?

Link Preview points to Supernova theme!