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  • Nice pattern for the header/slider
  • Not a lobster fan, but many are
  • I would recommend the following for threaded comments:

//run script for threaded comments if ( is_singular() && get_option( ‘thread_comments’ ) ) wp_enqueue_script( ‘comment-reply’ );

  • Chunk buttons are sweet
  • Nice CSS3 transitions
  • How did you set up the video for portfolio? Is this a custom post type or a check box+meta field?
  • Does the filter allow for posts to be in multiple categories?
  • Nice tables – wish they were custom post types though ;)

Overall nice theme, good luck with sales!

  • It’s not working for me…If you change the default naming of Comment containers the JS reply won’t work.
  • Cool. So how does it work in the single-portfolio page? With the URL as well? Or do u need to insert embed code?
  • Awesome. I thought u were using QuickSand which I didn’t think could support multiple tags for each item. – Masonry is a good idea ;)

Looks great! I’d rather have a non-WordPress version, though (we don’t use WP).

What is going on here ? Who ever is flaggin all the comments, you should stop mate.


Thanks for support.


Have you reported him already ?

This is wonderfully handcrafted and looking superb.

Looks a tad like Orman’s Redux theme (is it?).

But either way… Nice theme, lots of colour choices and other options.

Really nice theme. I especially like it when you change it to orange. Or, it would be cool in grey with orange accents, which I’m sure one could do in the css editor.

Very handy combination of the picture and video in the slide srction! Good job!!!

Designville may share the basic layout and utility of many themes, but the style makes it stand out.

Soft, sophisticated colors (wonderful pink!) give the home page a beautiful wash of color. Perfect light and pattern overlays. Even the dropcaps look great.

Best of luck with all your projects!

Can i custom design my own background?


Hi naamer1,
you must have basic CSS /HTML knowledge to design your own background. Tools like Firebug for Firefox ads an option Inspect Element (Chrome has it by default) which is very helpful in editing styles on pages.

GREAT theme! I’ve a project in a couple of weeks and will be buying it but I was hoping in next updates there might be the possibility of a few other short codes?? Like maybe a testimonal shortcode that could be used on the pages to highlight a customer opinion of a product or service? Maybe some lists?

also I was wondering can you put custom images in the slider? or can the images be linked to pages? The blog part of the project wil just an an aside, the main info will be on pages…


giggi Purchased

Hello, congrats for the beautiful theme! We’ve few issues here:

- Homepage > Row 1/2/3/4. Only the first icon is displayed before the title (even if all the category articles have their featured images/icons)

- Dynamic Row > Latest From: Images are not resized, big images are showed instead (and this breaks the layout)

- Contact Page: Only the intro-text and the Submit-Form button are displayed. No way to display the contact form fields.

Any help? Ty.


Hi giggi,
please email me via email form on our profile page, with your wp-admin URL , u/p and I’ll see what’s wrong ASAP .

Hi giggi (and others with same problems)
  • Thank you for noticing this. Please replace functions.php from theme folder with attached one http://brankic1979.com/UPLOADS/designville/functions1.0.fix.zip
  • If small image is used, it will be resized to 250px x 170px. Bigger images will be resized properly, so please use bigger images (or no image) for this section
  • Contact form is administer from Brankic Panel – > Contact section. By default no field is selected, this is why this page is empty.

Hey dude,

Great design and I love the detail of the theme.

I’d love to buy, but it’s essential I can have a Vimeo embed or video player on the home page, sitting where the sliders currently are.

Is that a possibility?

Thanks, J


Hi jeremycole,
As you can see (http://www.brankic1979.com/theme/DesignvilleWP/ ) in 2nd slide is video from Vimeo. You can also put video from YouTube. You can’t embed video player, you only need valid link to YouTube/Vimeo page with video.

ps: You can use video only in Simple slider.


And am I able to customize the fonts to the client’s company font for the menu and headings?

Thanks for the swift reply. J


By default, you can use only Google Web Fonts. I can make modification if you want to use Cufon instead.

dscouron Purchased

I purchased your theme and just activated it from the admin and now all i’m getting is a blank white page. Can’t access the website or the wp-admin section.

Any advice?

dscouron Purchased

Actually, scratch that. I needed to update from a previous Wordpress version. Seemed to be what was causing that problem.

However, now I’m getting this message upon trying to load the site:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class yg_recent_posts in /home2/blackdo8/public_html/wp-content/themes/designvillewp/includes/bra_advanced_most_recent_posts.php on line 149


Hi dscouron,
Try to unistall some of the plugins. If this doesn’t help, try to reinstall the theme, or send me via email form on our profile page your wp-admin URL , u/p and I’ll see what causes the conflict.

Does this theme come with a file to import the sample content?


Hi Sandy,

yes, this template (like the all other our themes) comes with XML export file with the same content like on Live preview. After importing xml file, you have to customize Brankic Admin Panel. I’m offering free support to make web site like Live preview.


GREAT ! I’ll be buying this theme.

When I (re)installed this theme today, because in the themes portion of WP, there was a message that said: New theme version available. Please visit ThemeForest for the download.

I re-downloaded and reinstalled and the message still shows. Should I ignore?


Hi meyerhaus,
Please ignore this message, I was testing this option, but obviously it doesn’t work as it should.

I love the look of this theme. At first I thought this would be easy to work with and I appreciate your help content. But I’m having difficulty with the Portfolio piece. I cannot get portfolio items to show on portfolio pages. Even when importing your data. See: http://meyerhaus.com/site/portfolio-2-columns-fullwidth/

I would appreciate some assistance so I can at least emulate the sample site, then go from there.

Thanks in advance!


I guess you’ve imported XML from the package. On portfolio style page, you have to select Custom Field Category. This category must have subcategories (for filtering) and post in these subcategories. Select category Portfolio if you’ve imported XML content and Portfolio items will appear on this page.

Ah, that was the one piece I was missing. Thanks much Brankic!

Hi, Loving your theme! Just have a little question that I hope you can help with…

On the Blog Page on your demo site you have a sidebar which contails: Categories, Search, Latest Posts, Recemt Comments and Popular Tags.

I would like to enable this on my theme but can’t see anywhere to activate it… Can you point me in the right direction.

Thank you xx


Hi bimbodesign,
first you have to enable sidebar on blog pages. Go to Brankic Panel -> Blog and select Yes for 1st option.

After that you have to populate “default” sidebar.