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Live preview link is broken

How about turning it into HTML /CSS, would be a good seller :) ?

Thanks for the comments, will soon be working on developing the XHTML /CSS of the same

Yeah but then You should remove the PSD one I think…

Oops! I didn’t think of that.. Fine I’ll keep in mind this thing from next time.. Anyways thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Very nice… Pitty it’s not a ‘Site Template’. I would buy it for sure, don’t have the time the code it.

Good work!

i can slice and code it Cicco

Ya! I’ll be happy to code this theme…

Please let me know how I can help you.

looks really fresh ;D

Pretty Cool !! Goood Work bro !!!


Thanks Abhijeet

thanks a lot for the coments..

Absolutely love the colors coming out of the box, very fun and calming, great work!


Thanks a lot for that!

@segen : Why should he remove it? Maybe someone wants to pay less and only buy the PSD ….

I think having a PSD , a HTML template and possibly a Wordpress theme only gives flexibility to the customers, everyone spends how much they can/ afford…

Great work rjoshicool ;)