dedepress does not currently provide support for this item.

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Be aware… no support on this item … no updates…

Hi, the new version for compatible with latest WP version is released a few days ago, and I’m working on a 2.0 version of detube, you should be able to see it soon.

too late for me… i´m moving to another theme… i dont trust you… you abandoned the theme for more than 2 years and just come here two times… just because envato removed the theme… I´m not sure if you are going to put the theme up to the day.. but There are other themes that have more advantage… 2 years of advantage ..

Where’s the full Changelog? It looks like only functions.php and style.css were updated. I just want to be sure before I update.

Hi, just changed functions.php and style.css to fix bug to compatible latest WP.

WHats been updated, most of us have had to hack this theme to keep it going?

Hi, the new version 1.4.9 is released, I forgot to change the preview image.

Hope themeforest take down this theme,, there no support update!!!! only update after a year. dedepress only want a money..

Hey man, something happened to me, I can’t provide support before, and I describe this on support Page : ‘dedepress does not currently provide support for this item.’. However, I’m back and working on the Detube 2.0, after it’s released, I’ll provide better support. Thanks.

I am also very interested to know the full list of updates that you have done and are you planning on now keeping this theme regularly updated and adding more improvements?

The reason i ask is most of us have now moved onto newer themse to take advantage of better plugins and features. I recently moved over from DETUBE to TRUEMAG. Will you now think about adding features similar to TRUEMAG or are you only updating it enough so its compatible with latest version of WP?

Hi, I’m working on Detube 2.0, you should be able to see it soon.

Support was missing during few months. I moved to another better theme, Don’t buy this theme!


HazIssac Purchased

Better buy the Newspaper Theme from Tagdiv. This theme no longer support by Author. i already used the Newspaper and Newsmag. Way more better than this theme. Avoid this theme guys!

how can i change the color of top navigation Mean Menu

When installing the theme it breaks my site – just a white screen – Have to uninstall it from FTP to get my site back online

Author says that will release a new version… after 2 years of not updates… Should i stay on this theme or go to truemag?

too late for me.. i´m moving… be aware boys!


jasubal Purchased

Hi, I’ve been using this theme since 2012 for a client, with some customizations and different configurations and it has been working fine all the time. So I will be waiting for the next major update 2.0… I hope it brings many improvements! Do you know when it will be released?

Hi jasubal, give a look at announcement on Item Details page.


degrama Purchased

Any life in deTube or has it gone with the wind?

in answer to degrama… Detube has abandonned this theme.. he only comes back to envato when the envato team removes the theme… usually once a year….

Hello can I please get the dummy file sent to my email at, I just purchased this template.

You can get demo data from download package if you have purchased it.


Alex1811 Purchased

Hello, nice theme. Just a question, it’s possibile to add a “delete” button hook in the video? [profile page]

can you give me more details why we need it?

Ok author, yes I was like anybody else so hard on authors, then some familiar problem happened to me and dragged me down, but getting up again… so now I understand why some authors disappear for a while… Ok dont listen to the whining and keep focus on what you do… since money is always needed… now I know

Thank you, man. You really make me feel better.


MrTyree Purchased

Did the fucking update release yet for this theme??

Nice to know author is back. i can´t wait to see 2.0 to buy this poppy

This is nice. I also see the author made a post that he/she will be making the best theme + I see Playlist is being added—I’m all over this one! Sweet man, can’t wait until it’s ready. :)