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Abadonned theme… DO NOT BUY


We have 1000 number of posts. How to find deleted youtube videos in our existing posts?


No reply from author… No support ??

Hello, It;s a great Theme but I have a question! The question is: Do we need to make a static homepage for this site to get desired demo front page? If so than will it change the site url like this: http://www.yourdomain.com/home Please clear this, I am about to buy this theme but I am confused.

Ho to translate “Novigate to…” on main page? Thanks…

My site is coming along very well. Thank you for this very good template.

BuddyPress Forum seems to be working well however when I set up the Blog, all the videos showed up on the BLOG page. I had to set up the actual writing Blog as a Category instead of a Page but the static image I used in the BLOG post showed up as a video image in the video display on the HOME page.

I went to the HOME page settings and for “categories” it was set to “all.” There is no option to select all the categories EXCEPT the Blog category. It will only allow me to select “all” or one category.

This is a serious issue since i need to display all the videos in all their categories on the HOme page. I need the Blog to be just the blog and not have the images in the blog show up on the HOme page as a video (I’m not using videos in the BLOG, only static images).

Is there a way to EXCLUDE my BLOG images from showing up in the video display on the HOme page? PLEASE answer this in a timely manner since I am trying to finish and go LIVE.

Thank you again or anyone else who might know how to hack an answer.

All Blessings—

We raised one simple support question. But still now we are not getting any response from author. New buyers… think…