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Hi, im having this problem when i try to save changes on the theme settings -> General, page it redirects me to “403 Forbidden” page and do not save the changes.

Hi there! Pre-Sale Question! Can I integrate Youtube Channels in the theme? My final point is to, when I upload a new Video on my Channel, it automatically appears somewhere on my site DeTube. Thanks in advance. RC

Hi there, I just buy this theme and I’m wondering how can I activate the “Infinite Scroll” of Jetpack plugin on my new home page.

Does this template have a ads section ? Like banner etc, or at the end of the post . .

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Hello, I like your detube theme, but I have a problem with the counter of views on videos of the category “Témoignages” : it stays on 0 view. Whereas the counter of views of videos on other categories work well. I do not understand what is going wrong with this category. Thanks for your answer. Thomas

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How to disable Show More / Show Less in Single Video page ? i want to show full discription..

GUYS… DONT BUY THIS THEME… IS ABANDONED FOR MORE THAN A YEAR…. no updates… just minimal to have it here selling… but it has a lots of bugs.. no updated… very slowly… be smart and read the comentaries…

How do I remove the Wordpress Login from the head.php , which code am I deleting. Can’t seem to isolate it.

Can you set this theme so that only logged in users can actually watch the videos? I want the pages visible to everyone but when they click to watch a video it makes them log in first.

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@Stevederbin http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/is_user_logged_in

You can do this via PHP. I would edit single-video.php and wrap your code in an if else statment checking if they are logged in. If they are not logged in I would display some login forms using some php code (or you can even do this via shortcode)

@runawaymedia This is in fact in the header.php (not head.php) search for #login-nav

Hello. I want t buy with some customization.

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Hi, anybody have updated to WP 4.0 with this theme? Had problems or just works?

Jasubal – I’ve updated my site, lonevideo.com and no problems with the update.


and @dedepress – I purchased this template from you early last year but it doesn’t say ‘purchased’ on my account. ???

I was gonna buy this theme but then I saw the author hasn’t replied to any comments for a year. Wtf?

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Hi! is possible to disable the like and view icon on the posts?

Thank you!