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emmedia3 Purchased

What the dimensions of a full-width video? I just upgraded and all of my old embed codes were set to 400×333. What should I change them to get the most real estate on the player?

So, I just purchased this and it appears home page featured and categories will not show up for some reason.

Running Wordpress 4.0.1 (current version, fresh install, nothing else installed at this point).

I’ve been working on this for many hours trying to get those featured to show up on the front page with no luck. The options are very simple and straight forward so I’m guessing there is a compatibility issues with the current version of Wordpress.

Is this theme still supported or do I need to request a refund?


I purchased this theme a while ago and I love it. But the scrolling feature bar is not working. Please provide help. My site is PCIN.TV. Thanks.

mmocilac Purchased

I tried to make some videos private and can only be viewed by registered users… what is the best practice for that?

thanks ahead of time for any support

mmocilac Purchased

this is a joke there is no support on this at all..

I purchased this theme, and found that the support is subpar. I switched over to “TrueMag”, which is the same structure with a million more features and wayyyy better customer support. I strongly recommending doing the same. They even have a DeTube to Truemag transfer so you won’t have to do your site all over.

common guys i got this theme before 1 year and visited to see if theres any new updates, but looks like none available :p.

but that aside this theme is good. if you know how to use it :).

just play around with it for some times and ull get used to its settings :D.

if any one needs any lil help tell me ill help you out, a member helped me when i was first starting up n now i can return that favor :p.

mail me @ newage143@gmail.com

I wont charge anything for help you out in ur probs in theme, but dont mail me if you want any modifications, i do that only for money :D.

Looking forward for next version of detube update, i hope developer wont disappoint me :).


We raised simple question before 2months… still no reply. VERY POOR SUPPORT…... DONT BUY THIS THEME

this theme can hide duplicate post on home ?

konigco Purchased

I have loved this theme but when Wordpress updated it stopped importing the YouTube Videos from my channels. Can you please help me resolve this? Without this working the theme is no longer useful :(

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How do i set “Home” page full width?

Does anyone know how to force mobiles open urls with youtube app? User contents loss monetization this way…

Hey guys… the theme will not be updated until themeforest retires it for being obsolete… so please ask themeforest for money backa

I need to know if there is a possibility to change the color black into another color?