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dead theme…. no support and the creator only backs to put the theme up if envato removes it….

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I must . . .. . .do Thanks admin

sivam Purchased

single video post shows only player no others details working

Is it Compatible with WordPress version 4.1 ?

I want to add my information security tutorials (video) on my site


single video post shows only player no others details working try it http://www.lovey8.net/play_y8games_ben-10-omniverse-adventure/

yescoms Purchased

Hello Dedepress, I have bought a detube theme. but I have some problem. Can i change the English Text of the detube theme to korean? How can I change the Text (DATE,TITLE,VIEWS,LIKES,COMMENTS….)

i want add file swf?

is the author really back?


nope.. gone again it seems.

this theme can hide duplicate post on home ?

Came across this product cause hak5.org uses it. :P I wonder how secure it is.

hello When I access my site from my mobile, I need to change where it says: “Navigate to …” with another word. How is it done? thank you very much

magdiel4 Purchased

Hi, how can I move the logo and the search bar to the menu nav bar? Thank you!

@magdiel4: go to general setting, uncheck box Check this to enable search box in header area in header box! Please visit my website for more… http://www.lovey8.net/Play_y8games/mario/

In trial is not showing the multi user and no login or upload links as showing in the photos?