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Great Theme. I would like to know is there an option for an image slide as well?

Hi, sorry, no image slide, If you need an image slide, I suggest you use a WP slide plugin like “Nivo Slider for WordPress”.

This theme is designed for professional video site, I don’t think the image slide is necessary for most video sites. Perhaps my guess is wrong, if most guys need an image slide, I will consider adding it as a built-in theme feature in a future version.

wow this is nice… good luck on your sales!

Very well done. Did you build the switchable layout feature or are you using an available script?

Hi, I build it by myself with jQuery cookie plugin and PHP cookie.

Looks really great! Can we mix video and regular posts or even mainly publish regular posts with some video posts mixed in…?

Also I’m wondering if YouTube ratings could be displayed for each post.

Cheers, Thomas

Hi Thomas, thank you for your idea about YouTube rating, maybe in the furture version.

but NOTE : This theme is designed for Professional Video Site. It can’t works as a traditional blog, even though there are many ways to achieve the coexistence of video and blog posts, such as custom post types or custom post format. But it will bring some of the conflicts to make your video site does not look professional.

In fact, if you really want to run a professional video site, you should create a subsite as your blog, just like all popular and professional video site!

Thanks for the reply! You’re completely right regarding the professional video site and I will probably buy and use it that way. But having the possibility to display both video and regular posts would make this theme pretty much perfect for magazine websites. Just add a post type “news” where you can choose between a video or a thumbnail gallery and you’re good to go! With both features you would actually offer one of the best magazine themes around in my opinion…

Thank you, Thomas, actually, when I developing this theme, I have the idea of ??creating a more powerful magazine theme, so I decided to make this theme for niche video site. but who know, may be I will modify it to can works as a news/magazine theme.

Very nice!!! :D would it be possible to search YT from it? I currently use a plug in for that.

No, you can’t, but this is another good idea, please tell me what plugin you used if it is a free plugin, I will consider integrate it or build this feature by myself in the future.

I bought it on codecanyon, I couldnt find anything free at the time.

I’m grabbing this anyway, its the best I’ve seen by far! Thanks

Great theme! modern and fresh. Do you have a video wordpress plugin similar to the your wordpress video theme that can be added to another wordpress theme?

Sorry, no this plugin now.

Very good! I have a question, the trumbmail are generated with the frame of the video? or is necessary to insert an image of prominence?

Hi, 1. For the videos from online video sites, the thumbnail is auto generated, but you can still use a custom feature image if you don’t want to use auto thumbnail.

Auto thumbnail currently supports these video services: YouTube Vimeo,,, Dailymotion and Metacafe.

2. For the self hosted video, you must specify a feature image or video poster.

Hi, GREAT THEME !!! Can I have users sign up and create an account where they can rate and comment but I want control in being able to have only certain users be granted the ability to upload videos. If so, I would definitely purchase!


Would you consider “auto-play next video” in the UPDATE ? It would really make a big difference to create even more of a professional feel.


No, I can’t make a promise about this feature, it is quite difficult.

Okay cool, well please keep it in mind because when the video ends it gives people the option to click on other videos from the author which automatically takes them away from the site. That is my concern. :)

I vote for responsive also.

This is the best video-centric WP theme I have seen in a while. If the author gets to implementing a few (not all!) ideas above and more in the future, this could be a top seller in no time. Clean, well thought out and full of detail. I don’t need to wish you luck with the sales, Dawg!

It’d be awesome if when a user tries to “like”, the poppup is a login prompt with facebook login included. That will make it easy to build a community around your video. Possible?

Yeah, it would be awesome, but I think the best way is use the Social Connect plugin, we shouldn’t include all possible features that make a theme too bloated.

Wonderful job, looks great. Congrats :)

Would love this in a normal magazine / blog theme without all the video options! Otherwise great theme!!!

Wow. Very good)

Video File: Embed Self Hosted Video only need paste your video file url

What file type i’m have vdo file in MP4 if I upload to my host it support or not

Hi udorn, Supported Video Formats: mp4(H.264), m4v, webmv, webm, ogv and flv. For Cross-platform and Cross-browser Support, best format Solution is webmv + m4v + ogv. For Example, if you only provide flv file, it is only works on the browsers that support Flash, it will not work on iOS devices. You need to convert your video to multiple formats by some video converter and encoder software.

For Vimeo and Youtube are the thumbnails and featured images auto generated?

Original theme. Any chance to have a responsive version someday ? Thanks

I’m planned to make it responsive to the tablets. But for the mobile, I’m considering between the “Responsive” and “Special Mobile theme”, because I always suspected, make a magazine style theme to responsive for mobile is really smart?

Great theme. I’ve seen there’s a “Like” functionality, but it depends if you’re logged in. It’s ok, but you didn’t put a Login button or register button on the Header, so users will get lost. I know how to do it myself, but it’s my only recommendation for the theme right now. Good luck with sales.

Hi, demstudio, 1. the sign up button, register button with dropdown login form is ready. You can’t see it because my demo site is not allowed to register. 2. “Like” feature can also works even the users is not logged in, on Theme Options page, you can decide whether the post like is “Login Required”.

Ok perfect! nice to know it, =)

Very cool! Really unique!

Good luck with sales :)

Great theme – thanks.

But how do I make the YouTube videos default to HD if it’s available? Also the generated screenshots aren’t great quality either. :(

I’m not sure if there is a way to make YouTube default to HD. I will try if it is possible. Auto generate HD thumbnail is possible, I will implement it in the next version.

The only thing missing for me is an embed code line where people can take videos you post and embed them on their own site. It’d be nice to have that with some sort of skin that implements the default logo so when users do embed your videos it’s promotional to the original site.

I think this feature would be awesome and willing to pay extra for it or have it custom made if you don’t plan on implementing it.

This is a really great theme btw!

Thank you for your advice.