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Hello, I have a question. No that does not work autoplay on home video, I controlled everything and is active in the home but the autoplay does not work, I hope some help.

Greetings, I hope to have an answer. I still have the problem that does not work the automatic reproduction “autoplay” in the home, I have all but controlodado not work. I hope some news and apologies for insisting.

Have the template installed and working great except for differnet video files setting.

Under Video file I am entering 3 different types Using JWPlayer PRO

http://myip:1935/streamname/mxride/playlist.m3u8 rtmp://myip/streamname/mxride rtsp://myip/streamname/mxride

Only the 1st listed video file plays. If I rearrange they will will play on the devices that play that file format. Example as listed about the video will play on iphone but not browser or android. If I move the rtmp to the first line then it will play in browsers.

The directions in admin state “QUOTE” About Cross-platform and Cross-browser Support If you want your video works in all platforms and browsers(HTML5 and Flash), you should provide various video formats for same video, if the video files are ready, enter one url per line. For Example: “QUOTE”

I tried separating with comma not luck.. Made sure there is no white space still not luck..

Any help greatly appreciated mxride

I have a question about the area next to the slider. Can any widget go into that area? Is the area next the slider be on either side?

Hi there, I have Checked this to enable background pattern. yet still no pattern is shown can you please tell me what is wrong I am doing.

Kind regards Adenino

Hi Someone have the traslation to spanish the default.po and any websites translated into Spanish, any help? Thanks

Hola alguien tiene las traduciones al español de los archivos y default.po alguien conoce algun sitio web en español con la plantilla traducida? Gracias


How can I have the header redirect to a different webpage instead of the hompepage?

Hi Guys,

Is it easy to add a mega menu to this theme?


Hi Guys,

Is it easy to add a mega menu to this theme?


hello dedepress, how are you my friend? The work is amazing! Thanks to everyone and especially for his contribution to the realization of this fantastic theme. See you soon Nobodyridesforfree

DeTube is not supported. It is a great video theme and V 1.4.3 works ok on WP 3.8. We have run this theme for over a year, with no problems.. However, those that have upgraded beyond 1.4.3 are having issues with WP 3.8…and support stopped on this theme a few months ago. ...

is there a “report” (or possible to get) button as the “like” one allready clicable on the live preview ?

great job anyways !


I want to buy a Youtube Video Posts Premium plugin. I dont want to use that free integrated “Youtube Video Posts ” . Can I use another and what is your suggestion ?

I am waiting your suggestion about Premium Plugin about Youtube Video Post !


Hi nice theme but a few questions. I understand users can upload their videos in the wordpress dashboard after signing up.

My goal is this, a user signs up and they can upload a video to one designated you tube account setup within the dashboard. They add the title, description and tags of the video and upload to the you tube account. The user cannot change the setting to the you tube upload function for this account. The user only has access perhaps as an author to create and edit their own posts but not that of anyone else. They should be able to change any other settings including other plugins, the theme and so on.

I’m struggling to find a process to do this so if your theme does I am good to go.



i have DETube installed for my client, and i am unable to set video limits under each category, can you please let me know where i can set video showing limit like now just 10 videos showing under category page, and i want to increase limit

I see lack of support on this theme. so I will not buy it. and you should do the same until support is back.

how do i activate pagination using home page template page?


@charssay we have been looking at media servers and Wowza has been recommended. While we have that installed and working, the next step is to get the code of DeTube to connect to the media server. We were wondering if you had any suggestions after looking at this URL: Thanks for your feedback.

I have a question regarding this theme that i would like clarified before I decide to purchase. I have noticed on several sites using this theme that on mobile devices if you use embedded youtube videos for your video posts they only show a black screen and the video is unplayable.

Does anybody else have this problem? Is it something the author is working on fixing? Perhaps there is already an easy fix to implement right after you buy and setup the theme?

I appreciate any input on this matter, thanks!

Hello I have a pre-purchase question :

Is it possible to integrate streaming links like the one below ?
<iframe name="footstreaming canal+" src="" style="width:660px; height:540px;" scrolling="no" valign="top" align="center" frameborder="0"></iframe>