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If I hide stats by removing

<?php echo dp_get_post_stats(); ?>

Will this mean stats stop accruing altogether or just hide them?

Cheers, Claire

Hi, I would like to know where to add addslashes() function to escape issues with double quote inside titles. When we set title in Hebrew with double quotes it cuts the title. And in the next saving of the Sections Settings page it will be cut also at the database.

While searching in the entire admin.php file under admin folder i couldn’t get the place.

Anyway, i will be glad to know the answer, thanks for the great theme!


On the Home Featured Player, how can I have the share button to share that particular video?

Thank you

Good Evening,

I am looking to build (5) individual video / audio subscription sites and am intrigued by this theme. I was just wondering if this theme supports audio as well as video in the sliders, grids, etc. I also wanted to see if there is any way with a plugin or in the theme to have some content be free content and other protected and requiring a subscription. I hope to hear from you soon and would love to purchase (5) licenses if this theme would be a good fit.


Hello, I have a problem with “Loop Bar actions”. When I select an item in the bar (date, comments, random, ...), instead of changing the order in the post of ’”Archive pages” change the order of the post bar “Category feautured.” There is a solution to that problem? Thank you.

Hi Dede. I searched in comments for some information about how to integrate an image gallery into Detube. You´ve tried to solve some problem with one of Detube users in the past, but I´ve not found an answer saying which Wordpress Gallery plugins are compatible. Sorry, I am new to Wordpress… could I modify your detube code and create an image gallery with sharing and rating options similar to those of the videos? Probably, it will be easier if you just give me an advice for how to adapt Detube for a video AND photo competition. Another way to put it, I need menu sections dedicated to photos only. For photos, I need the possibility to view them as thumb, but also fullscreen, and with the original ratio. An idea? Plugin? Modify code? I love your theme, but this is something I need to know before buy. Thank you!


I believe the Author has ceased supporting this theme.

Most of us are looking for alternatives….shame as this theme showed great promise.

Regards Mike

i tried to configure the home page like but any changes done in themeoption are not reflecting on home page

pls suggest how to configure

I want to have my video settings in my detube theme.

Hi, I recently purchased your deTube theme and installed it on my website However, for some reason none of the video views are showing up in the statistics. All of the videos say 0 views despite hundreds of visitors having already been to my site and clicked on the videos. Would you be able to help me with this? Thanks!

Hi, recently purchased the theme. Is there any tutorial available? Also I am not able to see any Video tab on my backend dashboard.

Check out our video blog at but already looks good. Optimally, the descriptions in detube with Visual Composer and playing are simple. Thank you for this theme.

Frank und Peter from Germany Hamburg

Hi, I’ve two questions about theme. 1. How can I hide wordpress toolbar, I mean: 2. How can I create menu sidebar for thim theme visible only for registered users. I mean: or add it here: because it will be send you here: Anyone can help? Author?

Did the author abandon the theme? I do not see him answering comments.

I have one issues…the ALL POSTS has the titles all scrunched up to the left in one big vertical area. Anyone else have that?


I have sent 3 emails to get support but I didn’t get any reply. I have followed your instruction on your page to make the grid view or small view title height bigger but it doesn’t work and doesn’t show the full title.

Here is my website :

How can I make the full title, please scroll down to the buttom

Hi, I purchased this theme yesterday for our travel video blog

However, on the iPad and iPhone.. the videos don’t show up when I select the full video view mode.. works great on a non-mobile device.

I have the latest version of Wordpress.. does anyone have a fix for this?

Also, the other problem is that on the front page I can’t get the full paged Home view.. it just pops up as thumbnails

Can I also set a default for the type of Thumbnail?

Seems disappointing that this theme is no longer supported as it’s otherwise a really good theme. Does anyone else have any ideas of another theme which works like this but is support? I may get this theme refunded and purchase another one which doesn’t have all these bugs


I have the same issue. My videos are not playing on mobile devices.

Hello, somebody knows if this theme is compatible with wpml multilingual plugin, have anybody tried to make work together?


Can i know which wordpress plugin to use so the theme works exactly like the demo…i am new to wordpress so not sure how this should work.

Thanks Parikshit