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Im dissampointed with the envato support… they still advertise that this theme has support… and thats no real… they continue selling an outdated theme… just interest on cash….

Hi Dedepress,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the Detube theme. It is exactly what I need !!!!

Secondly, maybe you can help for 2 questions:

1) Where in the CSS I can write the code to center the Main Menu? 2) Despite the fact that I’ve enable the Ajaxload (Theme option>Home) and set an number (2500) for the autoscrolling, I do not have the carousel in the Home page. What should I have to do?

Thanks in advance for your help.

By the way, here is the url of the website that I am working on it:

Dear @nissatv, Nex time please read the comments before you buy any theme or plugin :)

about facebook/twitter urls. why it do not redirect me to this websites? just make my url like


how can i grab the video url? (i mean “” )

I need to remove the White Shadow under the Main Navigation.

I have searched the CSS File, but cannot find the item to remove. I have also searched the comments here, but cannot find an answer!

I love the theme, but this shadow is killing me! Thanks,


Would have been really nice if the developer actually gave support as listed. However, this developer seems intent on just ignoring all pleas for help here and doesn’t respond to email.

The reason a person buys a theme instead of using a free theme is the expected support.

Bottom line, I made a mistake buying from this developer!

are u not updating the theme? last update was 29 august 2013?

hahahah love to see the comments ….

pvptuber how did you managed to make that player on homepage with a carousel view on your videos left side?


Can you please contact me, there is some weird weird stuff going on with my detube site that even I can’t explain. Someething that has to do with the

Sort by “Sort: Date | Views | Likes | Random Sort Descending”

What files and parts database control these links? thanks

I really would like to speak with u about this and have a look at it yourself.

meka64_2005 at y a h o o dot c o m


Someone or something or keeps changing the link of “date | views | random to s=\”inflamedass%3A&orderby=rand\”minflamedass%3A&orderby=rand

its a bit creepy.. I’ve changed db tables, passwords, upgraded to latest wordpress + detube verison.. but it still changes to that.. from to\”minflamedass%3A&orderby=views

Please the section box in detube theme has an error. when i click the section box, i cannot edit it or even add a new section box. i have the latest version of wordpress and detube, and i am hosting at wpengine. help! this problem has been for a while now pls. pls help! pls.

Hi Dedepress,

Is it possible to also increase the views on my youtube channel automatically when a video is played through the Detube theme?

Thanks, -David.


Thanks for this theme.

When users register and lo-gin, they are seeing the notice about installing the recommend plugins and such.

How do I disable this?

Hello, How can I change the date on single post look under the title what look I have

“Added by El Mahdi on %A %B %e%q, %Y / Edit”

I have try to change all dtae format on Wordpress admin setting but nothing has changed. Regards

There are many problems that need to be addressed. You respond to the letter in the mail?

Nearly $200,000 has changed hands on Envato for this theme. The author is billed as an ‘Elite’ author… People are still buying it, yet it is full of bugs and there is zero support to help you fix them; and hasn’t been for more than six months.

If you are thinking of buying it, be warned, unless you are code proficient and not bothered about fixes or upgrades….if that’s you, then there are 3,800 or more, people on here that would probably be willing to pay a few bucks to a programmer to support this theme.

Hello, you have this template only html?

Could you recommend a compatible/ suitable video thumb slider (horizontal across the page) to use with this theme?