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I have been having a problem with the theme using all my “Physical Memory Usage” is there something in the theme that would be causing this that i can turn off or change. I currently have disabled all plugins/downloads to track the problem but am only left with the Theme causing the issuse do you know of any known issuses or can you point me in the right direction to fixing this thank you for you time.

Dede, you have to update this theme to wordpress 3.8.1. Wordpress updated automaticly 3.8.1 all wordpresses. So its so necessary for us.

3825 times sold and continues…. is funny to see how people doesnt read the comments .. this theme has no support since agoust 2013

is there a way to report non functioning items? :/

New features for future: It would be awesome if there were better header options like a full size header 960×180 Etc.

Ecommerce this theme would be great for ecommerce.

Over 600 video added so far and very smooth operation. Awesome theme very plugin friendly, everything works, Great Job

@sambora i asked a Css editor to get a free theme (video theme) thats the name and edit it heavily to give me options superior to this.

Has anyone figured out yet how to do RTMP streaming with the player?

An example would be appreciated.

Well, suddenly my functions.php file quit working and my site wouldn’t show. I re-uploaded that particular file, but still nothing. Now, after checking the database, there’s a list of errors a mile long! It took me many months to list thousands of videos and it’s all gone. Even after loading up a back up file, it won’t work.

Last year when it broke, I got no help here either and at that time, lost close to 18,000 videos.


Hi , my name is Maximiliano Boccagni . I bought a Detube Videos template ( here and I am needing assistance . I dont know what happend with my template but I can´t fix the homepage and for that reason my visitors can´t watch the videos. I tried to fix it but I couldnt. Which solution can you give me ?

Thank you.

I am waiting for your answer

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Regards, because when I want to share a video with AddThis from wordpress to facebook page makes me see the video, only what I see is a picture … I’m wandering ho something I have to install any plugin?

Hello, this theme is sweet! One question though, for the layout, can I have the sidebar to the right of the video player? I want to use that area for ad space/sub navigation.

Could you send me the demo xml please?

Could you send me the demo xml please?

May I ask what was changed in the 2.1 update, your change log is way out of date.


Hi, i bought the theme and it runs well. But there is one problem. The mediaElement player doesn’t show the poster-image. I think the problem is here: ... div class=”mejs-poster mejs-layer” style=”display: none; width: 100%; height: 100%;”>.... Thanks so much for help. Best regards roland

Okay guys, this author is NOT responding to questions and some of the site functions are NOT working. The last update for this theme was August 2013.

My site crashed the other day and I ended up having to re-download the theme and doing a complete reinstall. (Backup file didn’t work due to an error in the ‘functions.php’ file.)

Trying to make it look like the demo version of this theme, but even after following the steps, it is NOT changing. Made the ‘Home’ page, changed the Theme settings, Home, to ‘Full Width’ but still nothing.

Any ideas? How to make it look like the demo version?

Would appreciate your help as it looks like we’re going to have to help each other with this theme now.

If you you contact Envato Support, and let them know that this theme is not functioning properly, they may issue a refund.

how can we obtain the demo content import file?

Thank you

regular users can upload?

I love this theme I have over 600 videos added and the site is working like a clock.

There is only one thing I would add and that is the ability to have a full size header banner 960×180 Etc.

I will pay extra anyone who can add the addition of custom header controls for this theme.

If you create plugins I think you could sell a lot of custom header plugin’s for this theme

I have tried a few custom header plugins but could not find one that was up to date and works with this theme.

I am a beginner with code and this is a very technical theme and I don’t want to screw things up.

I 100% recommend this theme and I think it is the best theme I have seen for video * Great Job

I have had no problems with support and I recommend WP optimize and Wordfence to keep your site working like a clock.

I also use advanced automatic updates plugin and it works so far and saves me time.

“ecoinven PURCHASED 5 hours ago Flag I have had no problems with support “

Sorry, but that’s complete baloney! There is NO LONGER ANY SUPPORT for this theme.