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holy beep, elvis is back in the building, welcome back! :D would love a small changelog etc to know what the new update is all about prior to updating

no changes…. just back to get some bucks again….

@Sambora5150 let’s just wait and see

Well now we know he isn’t dead – and was possibly stiffing everyone. Let’s see if this ever updates or if people rally to have it closed again

Well there are some changes, although minor, but changes. I compared 1.4.7 and 1.4.8 versions:

Why does the thumbnail say 1.4.6 if the most recent version was 1.4.7?

are you doing? I’ve been using this theme for a quite awhile, but its been a month now that my home video screen is not working. every time i click on it instead of play directly the home page, it brings me to the single post. please i need help!!! thank you!!!

Good News !


I want to add a banner under the video,

What file do I need to change?




Any idea on where to add code on the video page?


after updating to 1.4.8 the theme is not responsibe….

ok… works..

Alright looks like it was updated :) thank you


On my website, the video does not want to put full width, while yet I chose this mode in the settings and in each article.

What should I do to display the full-width player in the articles?


Hello dedepress,

I just purchased deTube today and installed it on my WordPress site. I want to ask how can I register my domain with you? so that you would recognize my domain (for legality reason). Thank you.

Very interested in this, but I also have a live even stream element. I have Flash media servers on AWS, and use the VideoWhisper component for streams. Some themes doesn’t seem to be compatible with this plugin. Can you confirm this will work on this theme?

If not, anyone know of an alternative to VideoWhisper? I need both the chat and viewer, as well as the informal Flash based broascast, also allowing external apps like FMS to stream.

Why the theme is not working on IOS? any tips to resolve this problem?

Hi Everybody, I really want to purchase this theme but I’ve read thru the comments and I’m terrified that it’ll be a waste of money. Is there an offsite support center where the author answers questions or does support come only via Themeforest? Has anyone heard from the author, other than when he updated the files a few days ago?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

Rita Lorraine


Actually I am sure most of us assumed the author was dead – but after the recent update it looks like he completely abandoned all support for almost a year, and until recently abandoned the updates.

For awhile this theme was removed from TF, only recently after an update did it get reinstated – not sure if this was to bleed the theme for more money, or what is going on in his life.

I had to jump ship and rebuild my site using another theme – It is a great code, but unless you wish to keep it updated yourself, or need support, I would not recommend buying this. There are some better themes, with great support.

@Uberjuice, Thanks for your answer. I really appreciate it. Would you mind if I ask what theme you used once you left this one? I can give you my pm if you prefer. Have a great evening!

What a waste of money and time !.

Do not buy this theme.

It is a real scam…