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@uberjuice Which other theme would you recommend for this matter?

It is outrageous to reappear obsolete theme that works very badly.

Detube many users have been tricked.

There ’s no longer any support for over a year.

This is a scam.

It is scandalous Theme Forest has not stopped permanently.

This is not serious.

Especially do not trust this theme.

Hi there is there anyway to display media via categories or tags – client wants to be able to upload media files and then have it displayed without have to go through the manual way of posting


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the home page not compitable with dailymotion video , i dont know what is wrong , if i pay daily motion on it its not showing the play/pause control button

I switched to WP Tube 5, the theme is actively developed and well supported.

I got so happy when i saw a notification, update of detube… but no words from the author and it seems that there still are problems according to comments from users…

what is the situation currently?


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I need to do two relatively simple things, and I am hoping you can help save me the time of digging around.

1. Theme Options – Footer Area – I need to add YouTube and Instagram icons (or change RSS Link and Newsletter Link to these). I have gone ahead and put the YouTube and Instagram links in those spots.

2. I need to change the text formatting in main body and sidebar areas, so it shows up better on the dark background.

Thank you.


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Update – for the social icons in the footer area – I found the social.png file, in the images folder. A quick edit in Photoshop did the trick. The YouTube icon was actually in the social.png graphic already. I just added an Instagram icon, and moved them around. Then, replaced the file via FTP. Bingo!

Still working on the text color. I think I have figured out where to change the color of the main paragraph and h2 text.


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Question: When using the custom.css file, do I need to copy the entire contents of the style.css file into it, and then make edits? Or do I just copy the parts I want to make edits to?


mwtada Purchased

Nevermind. Apparently, I just put the edited parts in the custom.css file.


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I need some help for a very simple issue. I need to embed facebook videos using the DeTube post page. HOW and WHERE do I paste the Facebook Video URL?

Please if someone could assist it would be much appreicated.

Thank You.

How I can post banner in top Header… please let me know

Ok…. one time again… no updates since a year…. so themeforest retired the theme…. “someone” do a minor update and left again the theme alone…


yeah! raised the money for a obsolete and full of bugs theme

yeah! raised the money for a obsolete and full of bugs theme

Hi guys, if you need help using/editing themes contact me. it’s pretty easy to work with themes if you just follow the theme documentation. if something doesn’t work properly then that might be the problem of your host or maybe you don’t have some knowledge working with themes. so don’t blame the author…

Sorry but the author makes a lot of money with his theme.

And the author is not correct and does not meet the buyers ..

I confirm that this looks like a nice scam …


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There was a notice that the theme has been updated. Please advise as to the changes that were made. Just saw this in the log notes: * Fixed notice bugs in WP 3.9 when WP_DEBUG is true. Were there any other changes?

Theme works for me – check out my website: I am skeptical of updating – can’t risk any mess ups. Had anyone updated to the new version successfully?

Hi, my home page slider do not slide anymore. Can you help, please ?


I’m curious:

1. Can I post an embedded-code video here?

2. Which field to be posted for the code?

3. How about auto video thumbnails?

4. What player-plugin should I installed? How about HTML5 and JWPlayer?

5. Did you ever play/test the embedded-code trough iOS? somehow those 2 players are error in iOS

6. May I know the home page – file size (exclude the photo), I want to make sure my visitor get a faster file load.

Kindly need your advise


Can we embed youtube,dailymotion and vimeo videos in it , If yes then plz reply me I really like this and want to buy it . I want to launch my website as soon as possible so please reply me hurry. People other than author can also reply me :)

Reply my question so I buy it

I am really interested in your theme. I have a couple of questions: 1. Can users upload videos? 2. If so, do users upload from the front end or the back end?

Reply my question so I buy it