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faqu1337 Purchased

Amazing! I was looking for a theme like this for ages!

Can you add these options in the Detube control panel update?

Option 1: To select to have the video selections which display at the end of each video be selections from videos available on Detube so that the user is not clicking away from the site.

Option 2: The current state where user is taken away to video authors vimeo or youtube page.

Very nice looking theme! I am seriously considering buy a couple licenses for two sites that have been waiting for something like this. I do have a couple concerns.

1. I would like to add another vote for a responsive or mobile version. Can you confirm that this is something that you will update in the future?

2. Could you add facebook and/or twitter login for subscribers?

3. I would like to add another vote for auto play on the next video.

I can live without numbers two and three, but the ability to use the site on a mobile device is very important.


Hi baker, there are too many people are responsive lover, so I promise I will make this theme to responsive. About two, I recommend using a social connect plugin. About 3, I think it’s easy for self hosted video page based on jPlayer, but it is quite difficult for the videos from other video sites, I need to learn more about the Youtube API and Vimeo API to make sure it’s possible?

Is this demo supposed to slowly scroll through the video thumbnails at the top of the homepage like a slider? If not, would this be difficult to do? It would be nice if the homepage automatically scrolled through each video thumbnail like a slideshow. If someone clicks on the preview, the slider would then stop and begin to play what ever video the viewer clicks on.

Also, it seems to me that the videos should not automatically start playing when you click the thumbnail below. Because the thumbnails are small, when someone clicks on one, it should open large in the viewer window for the visitor to see. If the person decides then to play the video, he can click on the larger window and begin the video. This keeps the videos from loading automatically and slowing the website down.


Yes, it is not difficult, there are so many jQuery plugin can make a slider. But I make it to an ajax video slider by myself, because it is more suitable for video. Whatever, I’m very grateful for your suggestions, but I still insist my way.


Oh, yes, I agree. I like that you are using Ajax. I was just wondering if it is supposed to be a slider because it doesn’t seem to be automatically sliding through the thumbnails in the demo. It is static on my Mac, until I manually click through the thumbnails. Is this correct? Or maybe it is a setting option? Just checking.


Yes, it is static and trigger by manually click. I understand your mean, “Display large video thumbnail with auto scroll slider by default”, right? it’s a good idea, but we must consider that “the large video thumbnail is too large”, the full width is 950px, so the problems is coming: 1. How many people are willing to make a large width thumbnail for each video. 2. This theme is support auto thumbnail, these thumbnails are auto generated from youtube or vimeo, they also can’t be 950px. if we zoom small thumbnail to large size, it will looks bad.

jdunns4 Purchased

Is there a way to have a blog / news version of this that could be mixed in with the current videos? I imagine it’d work by adding a new custom post type.


Being developed…

godaddy wont install it says

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.


Hi, the package included theme, plugins, documentation etc. you should unzip package and install theme and plugins, check the documentation first.

Hi, I´m interested in your theme too – is there only support for youtube, vimeo, .... or can I buil to an adult version with sites like, youporn, xhamster, .... – thanks for your answer!


There are three ways to embed video: 1. self hosted video file. 2. video url from popular site like Youtube, Vimeo etc. 3. any types of video code: embed, object or iframe. embed video by video url does not support any adult sites, but maybe you can embed videos by video code.

HOW TO : - CREATE login for ppls sub ? as community web site ? - Yes is will better can login use as facebook ? - Will the template come with Contact pages text box / about so on.. ? -If is community website, then hopw am i to create a forum pages ?



Sorry, my wrong, when I said “Video Community”, just mean multi-user site, there are no forum, I’m already removed the word “video community” from item description. the contact template will coming in the near-future version.

perfect theme :O bookmarked

blyerts Purchased

Hi! I got some issues with embed code from http://storify.com, it’s a feature I need in the details of some posts. Maybe something to do with the “Show more” – function? What to do?

I can just see the top part of the embedded object. If I put something under it, like a headline or a ruler, it’s a no show.

Otherwise it works like a charm! Good luck with sales! / ola


Hi blyerts, thanks for your feedback, I will make the “Less/More” function to optional in the next version. if you needing an immediate fix, please do following steps: 1. Open the file /detube/js/theme.js 2. Found the code in about line 93: “var infoToggle = new infoToggle();” and comment it like this ”//var infoToggle = new infoToggle();” 3. You are done, ‘Less/More’ function is disabled.

Great theme for video – purchased and trying it out on an upcoming site. Anyone looking for a video theme should consider it and I look forward to trying more of your themes.

One bug / question: The drop down menus do not work on iPad, is this something that could be fixed easily. I am glad that you are considering a responsive theme but it is actually fine on mobile except for that one small detail.

I am not sure if you have a support forum in some location.

I also have the same request as another poster for how to have a non-video blog. Just adding it here as a vote for a future theme update. In the meantime, I am considering either creating a custom category template for “blog” tagged posts or a custom post type. Not sure if anyone has any thoughts.


Thanks for your report, I will improve all drop down elements on iPad, iPhone and other touch devices. I’m making a new version, it will ready for News/Magazine site.

Sorry, no support forum now, my site dedepress.com is developing.

moviepa Purchased

How can i edit the jwplayer config file i need to add this line of code.

var params = { ... ignore_swfobject: ‘1’ ... };

then i need to add this to the video file


Hi, this theme come with jPlayer, not JW Player.

I will purchase immediately as soon as a blog section is added.

I am looking forward to see if it could be integrated with Buddypress as social video site. If anyone here can do it then I ll pay for the services.

I would like to know about the background patterns or solid colors. Could I disable the patterns and modify the color background into white only instead grey or any background image?

Thanks for the code to disable Less/More function.


I will make background color to optional in the next version, for now, please use custom css in “Theme Options > Hook Settings > Head Code”, just paste this code:

<style type=”text/css”>html, body{background:#FFF;}</style>


Much appreciated for it! Let us know about Buddypress :)


This theme sure can integrated with BuddyPress, But it is not in my near-plans, maybe I will do it in the future if a lot of people need it, for now, you should find a freelancer who provide custom services to do it.

buciotek Purchased

Great theme!!! Got 1 question: The default size of the video playback is on the large size… average videos seem to skip. Could the size of the playback screen be changed?



Sorry, currently you can’t change screen size, especially considering that make this theme to responsive in the future version, but the good news is a new version will be submitted to TF reviewer today, everyone will be able to download it soon. The new version will supports different single video page layout, if the full-width video screen is too large to you, you can choose another layout.

buciotek Purchased

Great! thanks. I think having different page layouts for single video playback is the way to go. I would normally have a video at about 50-60% of what you currently have, if the user want to play full screen obviously they can always choose playback on full screen. Wish you continued success and plenty of sales!!!

Great idea! ;)

Hello Dedepress,

really great theme that i think to buy in a very near future.

Can you give an approximative date for the blog/magazine support ? I really need this.

Best regards


Hi, hurraken, I will submit new version to TF reviewer today, it will support regular post, you’ll see it soon.

jcll Purchased

Looks awesome! it must be powerful also:)

Great theme. Several questions to clarify things pre purchase.

1-How does the admin backend work? Do you add the video link in normal WP posts? Any chance to see admin panel with a screenshot may be? 2-Can I add a post with a picture (without a video) and it still works like video pages? (View count, likes, comments…)? 3-Can you resize the video thumbnail sizes? 4-When does the magazine theme going to be available?

Great work and good luck with sales


Hi mangled, 1. please click “Screenshots” button on item details page to check admin panel. 2. video thumbnail will auto generated with proper size. 3. I have already submitted version 1.1 to TF and pending review. It will support the regular post, single video post layout, home featured content layout and much more, the version 1.1 is fully ready for everyone who want to build a news/magazine site.

mangled Purchased

I have managed to apply for Beta Testing @ www.elderscrollsonlinetr.com and the site looks very good.

Amazing news on the news/magazine option, now I will purchase it for sure :) How and when can we find out the new version is active?

Just to clarify again when you say “video will auto generated with proper size” what do you mean? What I would like to find out is, can I change the size of the thumbnail? For example I would like my thumbnail to be 250×300px can I do that? And 1 final question, how easy it is to translate this theme?


1. You can translate theme to your language via po/mo file, recommended tool is poedit. 2. Sorry, currently you can’t change thumbnail size manually, all thumbnails in 16:9 ratio.