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Is it possible to make the
.modal-blocker.visible {...
Blur the background?? I tired this but i am not sure why its not working:
        .modal-blocker.visible {
            background: url('../../img/old-browsers/black45.png');
            background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.45);
            -webkit-filter: blur(2px);
            -moz-filter: blur(2px);
            -o-filter: blur(2px);
            -ms-filter: blur(2px);
            filter: blur(2px);


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hi, i’m using theme version 1.7 and I’m using the modal heavily thought the applications and i found our today that ( chrome +safari ) are having some issue with the modal.

im generating the modal using javascipt and as you know the modal will disable every all button in the back ground ( buttons on the actual page ) and i’m using this $.modal.current.closeModal(); to close the modal, but today for a reason i don’t know every time i close the modal (manual or javascript) the buttons all over the page is still disabled. what seems to be the problem, and i had to refresh the page to to enable page buttons. any ideas on what is happining

nhayder Purchased

i was reading the document and the layer name is “blocker” after closing the modal the blocker layer is still there and its blocking all buttons on the page, any ideas how to correct this.

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I have the same problem as nhayder. I found a solution (temporary?) in the file styles / modal.css : - move line 18 in #modals : z-index: 999300; - to #modals.with-blocker

Solution to Modal close blocking rest of screen:

open js/developr.modal.js

Line 510 or so add:


Seems to solve the problem for latest Chrome and probably any other browser suddenly having this problem.


Is there anyway - even hackish - to put a class scrollable on a tbody; in other words, fix the header on a table and only scroll the body?


@Bagart and @expert_software Thanks so much for posting that fix. Since Developr has been abandoned, we have to now rely on each other for help.

Bagart’s change is preferable as it makes the most sense. The blocking behavior should only occur when the modal should actually be blocking. The latest update to Chrome (v41) caused the behavior to change and I’m not sure why but moving the z-index declaration to the #modals.with-blocker class fixes the issue. I think that, prior to Chrome’s update, the modal plugin was simply working in spite of itself.

Hi, since the new Chrome version 41.0.2272.89 m we have problems with the modals.

After calling closeModal() the div #modals overlays the whole page and nothing is clickable anymore.

This only happens in Chrome. Do you have an idea how to fix that?

Thank you, MVB


Oh Sorry, didn’t see that the community already posted solutions. I used @Bagarts fix to. Works fine. Thanks

Thanks everyone – I also had the Chrome v41 modal error – and the fixes above solved it for me!

Is anyone here having trouble with iPhones + modals? It seems the modal ‘scrolls’ on an iPhone, rather than remaining fixed on the screen?

Hi, we are using v1.3 and now facing one blocking issue in production. This is happening in chrome v41 only.

If we open modal window, after closing the same the overlay div is not getting removed completely. The following section is still there in page hence user is not able to do anything.

<div id="modals" class="" />

Oh! ... there is a solution. Great. Thanks @Bagart and @expert_software

couldn’t add a comment to a previous post…but this really saved us. Links in Chrome stopped working after closing the modal…and in other situations. The following recent post was beautiul:

Solution to Modal close blocking rest of screen:

open js/developr.modal.js

Line 510 or so add:


(right after root.removeClass(‘with-blocker’);)

Seems to solve the problem for latest Chrome and probably any other browser suddenly having this problem.

Hi, Great work. Awesome! Before buying, I would ask if I can put on a page some “switch-tiny” (ten for example) and each time i set one on “ON” status all the others are set to “OFF” with jQuery. Thank you

Found a bug

closing a modal window makes the page unclickable – happens on your demo too – using google chrome – haven’t tested in others.

—found solution in comments – sad that this has been abandoned.

Hi, Your Theme has problem with RTL version
  • Main menu (green menu) doesn’t work very well
  • index page have vertical scroll

I checked in Google chrome and firefox

Has anyone heard anything about the status of this template or the developer displayinline? I’ve contacted Envato Support and no response from them either : (

Hello, thank you for this greate template. I really appreiciate your effort. I just want to ask about RTL page in the documentation, what steps should I follow to use it in RTL. Thanks.

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Hello, when apply same-height class with standard-tabs, I got all tabs contents displayed in a way that seems to be in the first tab, but changing tabs doesn’t get contents changed although tab is changed!? I don’t know if this is useful but firefox console reports “datas[i] is undefined”. Thanks.